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Christ. Gimme a half hour with her I'll be up to me nuts in guts.
~ Chris Finch

Chris "Finchy" Finch is a supporting character in the BBC series The Office. He is a traveling sales representative and a massive jerk.

He was portrayed by Ralph Ineson, who also played Dagmer from Game of Thrones, Connor Perkins in The Hurricane Heist, and SkekMal from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.


Whilst he doesn't physically appear in the first episode, he still manages to deliver some outrageous and offensive insults via a phone call to David Brent, the main character and lackey of Finch.

He doesn't appear or speak in the second episode either, yet it was revealed that the pornographic photo that has Brent's face on it was a prank of his making. Brent, who was initially furious that he was being humiliated in this fashion, immediately backflips on his opinion and says that it was actually hilarious. When Jennifer, their boss, tells Brent to sack Finch, he cowers at the last minute.

Finchy makes his first real appearance in episode 3, as David Brent's teammate for Triva Night. Finch makes lewd and indelicate comments towards female employees, insults the temp worker for being a university graduate and generally makes a nuisance of himself. All the while, David Brent and his assistant Gareth laugh at everything he says. Come Trivia Night, when the temp manages to beat the undefeated Finch-Brent team, he loses his temper, says extremely deleterious and hurtful things towards Brent, and then demands a rematch.

In the second series, Finch is revealed to be a close friend of Neil, David Brent's new boss and arch-rival. The two seem to have a mutual respect of each other that doesn't involve insults, much to Brents chagrin. Despite his provocative, salacious, and sexist personality, Finch manages to sleep with numerous women, including a female employee that he did doggy-style in the carpark.

In the Christmas Special, David brings a blind date to the Christmas party with whom he develops a budding romance. Neil and Finch seem taken aback that Brent would turn up with an actual date. After she leaves, the following scene happens:

Neil: No dog with you today, Brent?

Finch: Oh, did you not see her? She just left!

(They both laugh)

David Brent: Chris, why don't you fuck off?

Finch and Neil are then left stunned at Brent's sudden sense of self-respect.


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