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"Oh right, this is how its going to be is it? All for one and one for all. You didn't make Cheryl fall back in love with me, you look at me!".
~ Chris' last words as he attempts to attack Lloyd in revenge for exposing his lies and ruining his relationship with Cheryl - but fails when everyone else comes to Lloyd's aid and Chris is forced to leave Weatherfield upon being told that there is nothing left for him.

Chris Gray is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He was a major antagonist in 2010 and the secondary antagonist in 2011.

Following his arrival, Chris was a builder from Weatherfield who domestically abused his wife Cheryl for a period of time. She soon left him in favor of his sworn enemy Lloyd Mullaney, but then Chris attempted to win her back by fabricating that he was dying of cancer in order to jeopardize her relationship with Lloyd as well. However, his lies were eventually exposed and Chris left Weatherfield in disgrace after losing everything around him.

He was played by Will Thorp.


Chris Gray first appeared in Weatherfield as a builder and the estranged husband of stripper Cheryl Gray, as well as the father of their young son Russ.

Earlier on, it became clear that Chris was a wife beater who domestically abused Cheryl for a period of time. She soon confined her ordeal with local resident Lloyd Mullaney, who had been falling in love with her around the same time. Lloyd thereupon helped Cheryl escape her abusive marriage as well as taking along Russ, despite the fact that Chris never mistreated his son; the pair later moved in with Lloyd.

By, Chris took up a job working for Owen Armstrong at the Builder's Yard in Victoria Street and started a relationship with hairdresser Maria Connor. Thereafter Lloyd attempted to warn Maria away from the relationship and she briefly dumped Chris, however he won her back round. Despite being abusive towards Cheryl in the past, he was kind to Maria and protective of her. When he learned that factory boss Frank Foster attempted to rape her, Chris stormed into Frank's office and threatened him with violence before warning him to stay away. Sometime later the pair got into a fight in the Rovers Return when Maria attempted to warn her sister-in-law Carla away from Frank, which promptly broke out into one large brawl between customers.

Soon enough, Chris was later diagnosed with cancer and started receiving treatment. He decided to use it as the opportunity to get sympathy from Cheryl and win her back, and he left Maria and moved in with Cheryl and Lloyd. Despite being told by doctors that he was cured, Chris continued to fake he had cancer and later shared a kiss with Cheryl. It was then Cheryl decided to take care of Chris in his "final" months and left Lloyd to return to Chris. This caused Lloyd to have a breakdown and he burned a sofa that Cheryl had picked out. When Chris tried to stop him, Lloyd knocked him to the ground, but felt guilty for hitting an "ill" man. However in hospital it became apparent Chris had faked he still had cancer and a disgusted Cheryl left him and departed from the street for good - feeling awful for ruining her relationship with Lloyd. Before leaving though, Cheryl told both their son and her best friend Leanne Battersby about Chris' deception; the pair were disgusted with Chris' actions as Russ told his father that he hated him.

At first Chris remained in the street on the day after Cheryl and Russ left him, but then the residents soon learned about his deception after Leanne reveals the truth to them on Lloyd's behalf; she also kicks Chris out of the bookies when he attempts to seek help from her husband Peter Barlow, the father of Leanne's son Simon, about the situation - only for Peter to reject Chris' request before telling him to get out. Later on that night, Chris sought for a drink in The Rovers Return Inn. However, Leanne's mother Stella Price and her romantic partner Karl Munro both told Chris that he was not welcome in the pub. Chris saw that Owen and their colleague Jason Grimshaw were there and asked when he could come back to work, but they dismissed him due to finding out about his lies as well.

When Lloyd enters the pub moments later, Chris bitterly blames him for ruining his life and taking Cheryl away from him. Chris then attempts to provoke Lloyd in another fight, but is instead slammed to the door by Owen before he then angrily tells Chris that there is nothing left for him in Weatherfield. It is then everyone makes sure that Chris has nothing left in Weatherfield - with Owen firing him from his job, and Jason kicking him out of the flat before Stella then tells Chris that he is barred from the pub for life.

Realizing that he has lost everything around him, Chris decides to leave Weatherfield; he calls for a taxi and leaves the street in disgrace, watched on by Lloyd and Maria as they appear relived to see that Chris has left their lives for good.



  • He made a total of 108 appearances throughout his time on the show.