Chris Gray was a villain in Coronation Street and archenemy of Lloyd Mullaney. He was an antagonist upon his arrival in 2010 when he beat his wife Cheryl, however developed more into an anti-hero role throughout late 2010 and most of 2011, but resumed his antagonistic role when faking he had cancer to win Cheryl back and destroy her relationship with Lloyd.

He was played by Will Thorp.


Chris Gray was introduced as the abusive husband of stripper Cheryl Gray, whom character Lloyd Mullaney had taken a fancy to. He helped her escape the abusive relationship along with her son Russ (although Chris wasn't abusive towards him) and the pair moved in with Lloyd.

Despite this, Chris took up a job working for Owen Armstrong at the Builder's Yard in Victoria Street and started a relationship with hairdresser Maria Connor. Lloyd attempted to warn Maria away from the relationship and she briefly dumped Chris, however he won her back round. Despite being abusive towards Cheryl in the past, he was kind to Maria and protective of her. When he learned that factory boss Frank Foster attempted to rape her, Chris stormed into Frank's office and threatened him with violence and warned him to stay away. Sometime later the pair got into a fight in the Rovers Return, which broke out into one large brawl between customers.

Chris was later diagnosed with cancer and started receiving treatment. He decided to use it as the opportunity to get sympathy from Cheryl and win her back, and he left Maria and moved in with Cheryl and Lloyd. Despite being told by doctors that he was cured, Chris continued to fake he had cancer and later shared a kiss with Cheryl. Cheryl decided to take care of Chris in his "final" months and left Lloyd to return to Chris. This caused Lloyd to have a breakdown and he burned a sofa that Cheryl had picked out. When Chris tried to stop him, Lloyd knocked him to the ground, but felt guilty for hitting an "ill" man. However in hospital it became apparent Chris had faked he still had cancer and a disgusted Cheryl left him and departed from the street for good, feeling awful for ruining her relationship with Lloyd.

Chris remained in the street but the residents (and friends) of Lloyd were hostile towards him. Chris attempted to start a fight with Lloyd in the pub, but was barred and informed by Owen he no longer had a job. Chris simply smirked and later left in a cab, being watched on by Maria.

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