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You know one time, I was doing a show called To Catch a Predator. We almost caught a pedophile but then he ran from us because he didn't wanna be on Dateline. So we tracked him down to his house... and you know what he did? He shot himself. It'd be a shame if you didn't wanna go on Dateline. It'd be a shame if we had to track you down and you "shot yourself".
~ Hansen threatens to kill Cartman

Chris Hansen is an American television journalist who is known for his work on Dateline NBC. A fictionalized version of him appears as the main antagonist in the eighth episode of the eleventh season of the animated television series South Park, "Le Petit Tourette".

He was voiced by Trey Parker.


Cartman pretends to have Tourette Syndrome as it allows him to cuss whenever he wants without people finding it repulsive. He quickly learns to use it to his advantage, and only Kyle and a few kids actually suffering from the syndrome realize that he's faking it, which naturally offends them.

Later in the episode Cartman is introduced to Chris Hansen who's famous for catching potential child predators. Chris Hansen is intrigued by Cartman's supposed courage, and plans on interviewing him in front of a large audience. Even though Cartman is excited to talk hatefully about the crowd (specifically jews) while seeming like a hero, he quickly realized that he's developing an actual sort of TS that causes him to reveal embarassing secrets about himself.

Cartman confronts Chris Hansen while he's preparing for his introduction and proposes that the show is cancelled. However, Hansen grows suspicious and tells him to take a seat. Despite Eric's best efforts, he sits on the chair in front of Chris. The NBC host eerily tells him that he is in fact doing the show, and when Cartman refuses, Chris reveals his true colors and tells him about a predator that ended up killing himself after running from Dateline. Hansen then indirectly threatens to have Cartman murdered by staging another suicide, forcing him to do the show.

While Hansen prepares to do the show, Cartman prays for a miracle. Shortly after, Kyle and Thomas (a kid with Tourette's) form a plan to stop Eric from faking TS by luring a bunch of predators into the set with a promise of sex, similar to Hansen's show To Catch a Predator. Just as Hansen proudly introduces himself, the predators step in and ironically shoot themselves out of pure fear. Chris Hansen is frustrated by this and panicks when everyone starts to leave. On the way out, Chris encounters Thomas and wants to interrogate him, but Thomas bafflingly ignores Chris' orders and cusses at him, causing the otherwise relaxed host to snap. He trembles as he vows to tell Thomas' parents about this before running away.


  • The real Chris Hansen stated that he first knew he was really famous when he saw himself on South Park.
  • Unlike the real Chris Hansen, this version of Chris Hansen uses the word "pedophile" to describe the predators on his show. In reality, he avoids using this word.



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