Christine "Chris" Hargensen is one of the central antagonists of "Carrie" - she is one of several teenage girls who torment Carrie due to her being a social outcast, however while the other girls eventually begin to feel bad about abusing Carrie (or at the least opt to let her be) Christine becomes increasingly more fixated on causing harm to her out of a geniune hatred of Carrie.

Ultimately Christine accomplishes this by playing a cruel prank on Carrie during the school prom, dropping a bucket of pig's blood over her - Christine took delight in the scene but many other characters were horrified: however Carrie, in a maddened state, could no longer function and went insane - killing many students in her now infamous massacre.

Christine is ultimately killed when she tried to run Carrie over with her car, only to have it thrown aside by Carrie's telekinetic power - which then blew the car apart with Christine still trapped inside it.

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