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Chris Pitts

Hey, Stoker, I'm talkin' to you... Or do you go by "Stroker" now, because I hear that's what your mom been doing... to your uncle! Have you been getting in on that?
~ Pitts harassing India, as he makes sarcastic remarks about her home life.

Chris Pitts, better known by his nickname "Pitts", is the secondary antagonist in Park Chan-Wook's 2013 film Stoker. He has a reputation for bullying India and either he has often threatening to abuse her or he is harassing her in perverted ways of his own due to his uninhibited lust for her. Eventually, he gets what coming to him when he makes sexually derogatory remarks about Evelyn that cause India to aggressively stab him in the hand with a sharped pencil.

He was portrayed by Lucas Till.


Pitts is first seen in the film taking an art class with the rest of his peers. Then he turns his attention to India, saying how his eyes are penetrating the inside of her and shows her himself though the nude drawing he made of India, much to the amusement of the other students. Unfazed, India draws nipples in where the buttocks are drawn and ruins Pitt's drawing. Annoyed, Pitts takes his drawing away from her and jokingly threatens a surprise punch on her hoping she would flinch in front of the rest of the students. India doesn't flinch, showing great ignorance and courage against Pitt's harassment. This alerts the art teacher, who tells Pitts to leave India alone and then dismisses class. When the art teacher asks if anybody had anything to share with anyone else, Pitts bragged that he had "something big" to share with India.

Later in the film, when Charlie goes to pick up India from school, Pitts and his group of friends corner India when she takes a shortcut through the school grounds. Pitts calls India by her last name, then changes it to "Stroker", lying about how he heard that's what her mother's been doing to her uncle. India hears this and in disbelief, asks Pitts what did he say to her. Pitts and his friends take amusement to India speaking up, one of then saying "Oh, it speaks!". Pitts tells her that he said "Stroker" and approaches her in a perverted stance. India asks him to say it again, preferably a warning of what could happen next. Pitts laughs then as he lands a surprise punch to her head, India takes out her sharpened pencil and stabs him directly in the hand he was going to punch her with, exacting revenge on his harassment. Pitts clutches him hand in pain, alerting some of his friends to rush to his aid. The stabbing catches Whip's attention and comes to India's defense, telling Pitts to leave India alone for she in not interested in someone like him. Defeated, Pitts calls India a "bitch" and walks away with his friends, still clutching his hand.

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