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"I'll never forgive you for as long as I live, and I'll hate you even longer! I'll despise you for eternity. So... I propose a toast, to the death of our marriage!".
~ Chris Tate moments before he kills himself to frame his third ex-wife Charity Dingle for mariticide as revenge for her affair with her cousin and his love rival Cain Dingle.

Chris Tate is a fictional character of the British soap opera Emmerdale.

He first appeared in 1989 and started out as one of the show's major protagonists throughout 1990-1993. Following the infamous Emmerdale plane crash scenario in between 1993-1994, Chris developed a villainous streak and became the show's central antagonist for the rest of his duration up until his eventual departure in September 2003.

Chris Tate was portrayed by Peter Amory.


Chris Tate first appeared in 1989 as the son of businessman Frank Tate, brother of Zoe, and stepson of Kim.

Initially, Chris was a good man who ran his business fairly, but was left permanently resentful of his life when he was maimed in a plane crash in 1993, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

The character then became much more jaded and bitter, often using his intelligence and assets to exact revenge on those he perceived to have hurt him. The resulting disabilities he was left with made him realize that his wife Kathy only remained with him to fulfill the role of his career, leading to their divorce. He went on to marry Rachel Hughes in 1995, but his growing lust for money and indifference for everyone else's feelings lead to marital breakdown and divorce.

Chris then married former prostitute Charity Dingle in 2001, despite a 12-year age gap and the disapproval of Zoe. However, their relationship deteriorated due to Charity's selfishness and it wasn't until her affair with cousin Cain Dingle and the revelation that the duo conceived a daughter - Debbie Dingle - became the final straw. In addition, Chris had meanwhile learned he had an inoperable brain tumor following his past confrontation with Kim. Rather than wait to die, Chris decided to use this opportunity to exact revenge on Charity.

Chris was horrified when his lesbian sister Zoe fell pregnant. Scott Windsor was revealed to be the father and his ignited a feud between Scott and Chris, as Chris believed Scott had raped Zoe. Chris paid to have Scott's garage torched and hired a prostitute to set Scott up and make a rape allegation against him. Zoe got the charges dropped when Scott signed over his rights to their daughter.

After ensuring Charity would be left with nothing, he manipulated her into seeing him at Home Farm under a false belief that the duo could have hope of restarting their marriage. In his last words, Chris insultingly disowned Charity before drinking a toast to "the death of their marriage". Taking the drink, it turned out to be poison when Chris suddenly collapsed and died in front of his treacherous wife. As he dies, Chris calls Charity a "whore" before succumbing to the poison.

It became clear that Chris had intentionally committed suicide and had sought to frame Charity for his murder, which appeared successful when she was arrested and later found guilty of the crime.



  • Peter Amory (the actor who played Chris Tate) was nominated for several awards over his character performance and it's contribution to some of the show's high-profiled storylines.
  • Chris Tate is considered the first major "bad boy" of Emmerdale.