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"I may not be the first woman in your life Den, but I am defiantly going to be the last".
~ Chrissie's most famous quote before she kills her husband Den Watts in self-defense, moments after she gets revenge on him for his deceit.

Chrissie Watts is a fictional character of the British soap opera EastEnders. She started out as a major character in 2004 before eventually becoming the show's secondary antagonist in 2005 after killing her husband Den Watts in the serial 20th anniversary episode shortly after getting revenge on him for his villainous and cheating ways.

The build-up and aftermath of Den's murder saw Chrissie establishing a close friendship with Den's adopted daughter Sharon Watts, bonded with Den's two biological children Dennis Rickman and Vicki Fowler, formed a relationship with gangster Jake Moon, feuded with main character Sam Mitchell, and clashed with both the iconic Mitchell and Slater families respectively before eventually getting arrested and jailed for Den's murder.

She was portrayed by Tracy-Ann Oberman.


Chrissie Watts first came to Walford in 2004, looking for her estranged husband Den Watts. She demanded financial compensation over a deal between them that broke apart in Spain years ago, only for her to learn that Den was in dire financial straits himself. He convinced Chrissie to give him a chance and she stayed in the square for a while. She quickly makes friends with Den's old friends and most of the square. Among them is Pat Butcher, whose stepdaughter Janine Butcher ends up getting wrongfully arrested for the murder of Laura Beale as moral justice for killing her husband and Pat's stepson Barry Evans.

Soon enough, Chrissie meets Den's adopted daughter Sharon Watts and his two biological children Dennis Rickman and Vicki Fowler. They gradually all get along well together, and Chrissie is shocked to learn from Den that he had once faked his death when his associates from local organized-crime family known as "The Firm" sought to kill him under the orders of their gangland boss Jack Dalton. Nonetheless, Chrissie helps Sharon manage the Angie's Den nightclub and later works together with Dennis to help Vicki realize that her boyfriend Tommy Grant, who is several decades older than her, is untrustworthy.

It quickly emerges that Chrissie, though Den's wife, is much different than his late wife Angie Watts - as back in the past Angie was regularly submissive to Den's lothario antics, whereas Chrissie occasionally tends to be just as ruthless and scheming as her husband. This is first proven when Chrissie learns that Den has been two-timing with her friend Kate Morton. She confronts Kate and they fight before Den breaks it up. Chrissie then exposes this to Kate's boyfriend Ian Beale and initially considers leaving Den. He eventually manages to convince her to give him another chance, but she promises to kill him if he cheats on her again. This does happen just a month after Chrissie helps Den reclaim the Queen Victoria public house from the Mitchell family. Chrissie learns that Den has been cheating on her with Dennis' girlfriend Zoe Slater and got her pregnant. Teaming up with her nemesis Sam Mitchell, who also seeks revenge on Den for ruining the Mitchell empire, Chrissie gets Zoe to have an abortion and the trio plan to get revenge on Den. It seems at first that Chrissie attempts to intimidate Den in signing over the Queen Vic to her. After Den initially reacts unfazed by this, Sharon emerges and it transpires that Chrissie's real plan was to turn Sharon against Den - as Sharon is the only person who Den really loved beyond anyone or anything else. After Sharon disowns Den and leaves the square, Den attacks Chrissie and is only stopped when Zoe hits him with a doorstop. Then while Zoe and Sam shut the doors and turn off the lights in The Vic, Chrissie taunts Den until he regains consciousness and tries to kill her. But she grabs the doorstop and hits Den on the head with it, killing him once and for all.

After Den's murder, Chrissie attempts to move on with her life and even tries to make Zoe believe that she was the one who killed Den. But this backfires when Sam confronts Chrissie and reveals she saw her killing Den that night. A feud breaks out between Chrissie and Sam, which escalates when Zoe learns the truth about Den's murder and leaves the country before Chrissie can implicate her in Den's murder. Zoe's mother Kat Slater and cousin Stacey Slater also learn the truth and try to rebel against Chrissie to avenge Zoe's absence. But by then Chrissie has gained Sharon's trust and Sharon stands by Chrissie against everyone around her who believes she killed Den. Sometime later, Sam unearths Den's corpse to expose Chrissie as the murderer. But this fails when Chrissie frames Sam for killing Den and in the end Sam is charged for the crime while Chrissie is released. She reconciles with her boyfriend Jake Moon after it had appeared that he and his brother Danny Moon were killed by their crime boss Johnny Allen a few months ago.

When Den's funeral occurs, Chrissie prepares to say a prayer when Sam's mother Peggy Mitchell returns to liberate her daughter by bringing Chrissie to justice. Chrissie continues to clash with Peggy and it soon leads Jake to learn the truth about Den. Nonetheless, he takes Chrissie's side because he loves her and even confesses that he unwittingly helped Johnny murder fellow mob boss Andy Hunter on the same night of Den's death. Chrissie attempts to use this to her advantage when she plans to sell the Queen Vic to prepare her intent on escaping the country, and Johnny outbids Peggy in an offer to buy the pub; it later turns out that Johnny is actually acting for Ian, the real buyer for the pub. Just as it seems that Sharon will stand by Chrissie forever, Peggy's two hardman sons Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell return to help Sharon learn the truth; Sharon eventually does learn the truth after visiting Sam to learn Chrissie's last words, to which Chrissie would later repeat to Sharon in an apparent moment of kind gesture to her for their friendship. When Chrissie learns the situation, she and Jake plan to leave after Sam's cousin Billy Mitchell helps her brothers obtain Chrissie's confession at Johnny's nightclub on CCTV footage. Jake also convinces his cousin Alfie Moon and their grandmother Nana Moon to help even though they are still missing Alfie's younger brother Spencer Moon following his earlier departure. Despite the efforts from both the Mitchells and everyone else to stop Chrissie from going to the airport, she succeeds in reaching the airport - only to end up running into Sharon and the police. Chrissie is arrested for Den's murder after Sharon punches her to avenge his death.

A few weeks later, Chrissie plans to get revenge on Sharon by fabricating a story that would portray Den as an abusive figure. But she later abandons it and tells Jake to not visit her again. Chrissie then goes to prison after pleading guilty to Den's murder and is sentenced to life imprisonment.



  • The episode where Chrissie kills Den, the same event of EastEnders' 20th anniversary, was watched by over 1/3 million of viewers in the UK.
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman (the actress who played Chrissie Watts) was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2005 British Soap Awards and later nominated for "Villain of the Year" at the 2006 British Soap Awards; in the latter case, she lost to Billy Murray who played EastEnders' 2005 primary antagonist Johnny Allen.
  • There is an 30 minutes EastEnders special documentary called "Chrissie Watts: Revealed" that further narrates the character's arc and her storylines.