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You're not even trying to deny it!
~ Chrissie before she slaps her sister Rebecca for sleeping with her estranged ex-husband Robert Sugden and ruining her revenge on Robert's brother Andy.

Chrissie White was a fictional character and anti-hero of the British soap opera Emmerdale. She first appeared in 2014 and started out as a major character throughout 2015, before later becoming an anti-villain in 2016 and 2017 up until she was killed-off in January 2018.

Her storylines included the breakdown of her marriage to established character Robert Sugden; seeking revenge on Robert over his affair with Aaron Livesy; incidentally caused "The Helicopter Crash" storyline which killed Val Pollard and Ruby Haswell; became a prime suspect in Robert's whodunit shooting; discovered that her father Lawrence White isn't biologically related to her; covered-up Lawrence's shooting caused by her son Lachlan White by framing Robert's brother Andy Sugden in revenge for his one-night stand with Lawrence's wife Bernice Blackstock; feuded with Robert's stepmother Diane Sugden and her family over Andy's wrongful incrimination; and formed a rivalry with her sister Rebecca White. In the end, Chrissie was killed alongside Lawrence by Lachlan in a road accident caused by him.

She was portrayed by Louise Marwood.


Chrissie White first came to Emmerdale in October 2014 with her adoptive father Lawrence and teenage son Lachlan; they became the new owners of Home Farm after its previous proprietor, Declan Macey, was forced to go on the run from the police for being involved in an insurance fraud with his ex-wife Charity Dingle and also killing his nephew Robbie Lawrson by accident. Upon her arrival, Chrissie realized that her fiancé Robert Sugden previously had a life in Emmerdale and has unfinished business with his brother Andy and their family.

As the family settled themselves in the village, Chrissie urged Lawrence and Robert to get along when they see the pair constantly bickering with each other. Her wishes came true after Lawrence suffered an angina attack when Home Farm was robbed, in which Chrissie and Robert were also caught up in. Chrissie begins making wedding plans and becomes unhappy when her sister Rebecca was unable to book a flight in time for the wedding.

Chrissie makes friends with David Metcalfe and Alicia Metcalfe, grateful that Alicia is taking an interest in Lachlan as he has made friends with her son, Jacob Gallagher. She even suggests that they invest in David's shop, which David agrees to. Sadly, Lachlan's interest in Alicia is not what it should be and leads to Lachlan sexually assaulting Alicia. Chrissie initially believes Lachlan's version of events but, on finding a video on his laptop and his past history, later realizes that Alicia is telling the truth. She then calls the police herself, insisting to Lachlan and her father that Lachlan must take responsibility for his actions.

Chrissie later discovers that Robert organized the robbery at Home Farm, so locks him in a barn and threatens to set fire to it. After pouring petrol everywhere, it is revealed only to be water as she wanted to scare him like he frightened her and Lawrence. Chrissie shares a passionate kiss with Charity's cousin Cain Dingle at the garage, which Harriet Finch photographs after being hired by Robert to spy on Cain. Robert continually blackmails Cain with the photographs, and expresses his disgust towards Chrissie, revealing to Lawrence what she has done with Cain. Eventually, Cain kidnaps Robert and tortures him until he agrees to get rid of the photographs. However, Cain's wife, Moira Dingle, finds out and slaps Chrissie in front of Cain and Robert for kissing her husband.

She soon discovers that Robert has been having an affair with Cain's nephew Aaron Livesy and throws him out. Chrissie repeatedly attempts to get Robert to sign the divorce papers, but he refuses. Chrissie commits arson by pouring petrol over Robert's car and sets fire to it, unaware that drunk Adam Barton hade fell asleep in another car. Robert puts the fire out, but him and Chrissie don't notice that another fire has set near some gas canisters. The gas canisters heat up real quick and causes an explosion, one gas canister hit a helicopter. It flew uncontrollably over the village and crashes into the town hall where Debbie Dingle and Pete Barton's wedding reception was being held. Debbie was knocked unconscious and not breathing. Everyone else hade minor injuries. Ruby Haswell unexpectedly dies in the crash, but Kyle Winchester is nowhere to be found. Cain gets trapped under some rubble that falls on top of him. Kyle appears in the town hall out of the blue, and is able to pull Cain from the rubble he is trapped under. Cain manages to get Kyle out, moments before the helicopter falls into the village hall and explodes. The explosion leaves two people trapped in the mirror maze. Diane Sugden is pulled from the mirror maze, leaving her sister Val Pollard in the maze who dies by large pieces of mirror falls on her, stabbing her in the stomach.

The following day at The Woolpack, Chrissie reveals that she caused the helicopter to crash. Robert is there with her. Her admission enrages Val's widow Eric Pollard, who promptly demands that she turn herself into the police for what she did. Chrissie leaves the village for a while to spend time with Rebbeca. When she comes back weeks later, she pleads guilty to arson but also pleads not guilty to reckless arson. Eric is desperate for justice and holds Chrissie hostage in Home Farm with a cricket bat. Robert later arrives and convinces Eric to leave. Chrissie is later arrested for the attempted murder of Robert after he is shot, however she is not charged and Lawrence tells the police it was him who shot Robert to protect Chrissie. She later develops feelings for her solicitor Rakesh Kotecha as he helps her when she and Lawrence are arrested for shooting Robert. Chrissie makes a pass at him, but he rejects her advances due to his engagement to Priya Sharma.

Chrissie is happy to hear that Lawrence and Bernice are engaged. However, on the night before the wedding, Chrissie sees Bernice kissing Andy - her ex-boyfriend. This prompts Chrissie to inform Lawrence of this, but he marries Bernice anyway much to Chrissie's disgust. Bernice is devastated upon finding out that her mother Diane has been stabbed. Chrissie supports her and puts their differences behind them. Chrissie stands trial for the helicopter crash. She is convinced that Robert is going to testify against her and is surprised when he testifies for her. She finds out that he did this because Lachlan made him realize that it was the right thing to do. She is grateful and thanks Robert. Chrissie is relieved to be found not guilty and she receives a suspended sentence. Eric is appalled at this and throws a paintball at her in the court room, leading to his arrest. After Priya ends her relationship with Rakesh, he gets drunk and tries to kiss Chrissie. However, she rejects his advances.

In March 2016, Chrissie sees Aaron, Robert and Victoria together at the pub. After the couple has left, Chrissie reassures Victoria that Robert's relationship with Aaron is none of her business. She also supports Robert as he can finally accept his sexuality and realize who he is. It was then Chrissie begins a relationship with Andy, which later becomes threatened when Chrissie learns that Andy was involved in Robert's shooting and also discovers that the culprit was their enemy Ross Barton; it soon transpired to Chrissie that Andy and Ross made a deal with each other to eliminate their own brothers - with Ross shooting Robert to kill him for Andy's favor, whereas Andy was unable to go through with hunting down Ross' brother Pete.

Soon enough, Chrissie learns that Andy and Bernice had slept together. She goes home to clear her head. When she arrives, though, a gunshot is heard and Chrissie rushes in to find that Lachlan has shot Lawrence during an argument between them. Chrissie then decides to cover-up her son's involvement and frame Andy for the crime in retribution for cheating on her with Bernice. Thereafter she blackmails Rakesh into collaborating with her plan. In the end, Andy is forced to go on the run and tells Robert about what Chrissie had done. Months later Rebecca arrives and feuds with Chrissie after the latter finds out that her sister is conspiring with Robert against her. Rebecca soon exposes Chrissie's actions in the village, which triggers an all-out conflict between the Sugdens and White families respectively. This lasts until Lachlan turns himself into the police and is remanded in custody for months.

In January 2018, after Robert kidnaps her nephew Seb, the family go into a high speed pursuit. During the pursuit, Lachlan confronts Chrissie after learning that she caused his girlfriend Belle to break up with him. An argument ensues and Lachlan ends up grabbing the wheel from Chrissie, which unwittingly steers them into an oncoming lorry. Both the lorry and Chrissie's vehicle smash into each other and the vehicle ends up rolling down a hill; the crash kills Lawrence, fatally injures Chrissie, and leaves both Lachlan and Rebecca hurt as well. Robert stops the vehicle to help Lachlan and the pair see that Rebecca has suffered a brain damage and that Lawrence is dead. They soon find that Chrissie is dying and she is informed about Lawrence's death as both Robert and Lachlan try to save her. However, Chrissie ultimately succumbs to her injuries and dies in front a grief-stricken Lachlan.


  • She appeared in a total of 459 appearances throughout her time on the show.