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Christian Bateman was a supporting antagonist of Season 5 of the Criminal Case franchise.


Prior to the events of the storyline, he went to college at Grimsborough University, and joined Ad Astra, a secret society dedicated to the concept of superhumans.

Christian became a venture capitalist living in Money Mile, the city's financial district. He was involved in the murder of lawyer Stella Ziarati after Bateman found Ziarati decomposing and walled up in his penthouse. An earthquake centred on Money Mile revealed the body. He was found innocent after the player arrested socialite Guadalupe del Prado for the murder.

Later, Christian became a suspect in the murder of male stripper Voodoo Vince after it was revealed that Bateman owned a VIP pass to the strip club. Bateman was found innocent again after strip club client Nicolette Butler was arrested for the murder.

Finally, Christian became a suspect yet again, this time for the murder of artist Meera Kat. In the end, he was found guilty of the murder. He admitted he fell in love with Meera, but Meera rejected him. So, Christian knocked Meera out with a wrench, locked her in a cage, and lowered the cage into a lava-filled crevasse, taking pleasure in Meera's pain when she woke up. Bateman was sentenced to life imprisonment, pending psychiatric evaluation.

In prison, Christian's psychiatrists claimed he was "under psychological duress" and was not truly responsible for the murder. He was promptly released from prison, and moved to Spring Fields, the agricultural district of the city.

He was involved in the murder of his own mother, Cora Bateman. After socialite Jacinta Linares was found guilty of the murder, car mechanic Maylin Park came to the police to file a restraining order against Bateman. It was discovered that Bateman tried to hit on Park when he was drunk at a bar, and he mentioned a certain "Plan Supernova."

He was then involved in the murder of Mia Loukas, but was found innocent following the arrest of hitman Brock Perry.

Later, after talking with the mayor's assistant, Mandy Pregodich, the player discovered that mayor Joe Warren was meeting with Bateman in Bateman's vineyard. The player spied on their conversation and discovered that they were discussing a plan called "Plan Supernova."

Finally, after fellow Ad Astra member Louis Leroux was murdered, Bateman broke out Ad Astra members Rozetta Pierre and Julia Brine, both of which have been arrested for their involvement in Plan Supernova. During the breakout, he attacked prisoner Willie Redfern and locked him in a storage cabinet. Willie revealed that Bateman had cyrokinesis powers and used those powers to attack Redfern.

The members of Ad Astra were finally found in a cave in a forest. However, before the player could capture the members, the Ad Astrans used their superpowers against them and escaped, kidnapping Jake Hayes and his son, Carter.

It was revealed that Christian had bought and owned the getaway van used to kidnap Jake and Carter Hayes. Then, Bateman bribed microbrewer Troy Cassidy to act as an accomplice in the kidnapping. Cassidy was arrested for accepting the bribe.

He was then recorded by botany student Summer Klein, attacking iPear CEO Eoin Cafferey with his superpowers. It was then revealed that Bateman bought a helicopter to escape Grimsborough with the rest of Ad Astra.

It was revealed that the superhuman serum was slowly killing the members of Ad Astra. They started fainting and having fits. The members of Ad Astra refrained from using their powers, but Christian continued using his powers frequently. He started convulsing and becoming incoherent. Still, he insisted on buying the helicopter and making an escape. Mayor Joe Warren and Rozetta Pierre met Bateman at the helipad, only to find Bateman in excruciating pain. Wanting to put Bateman out of his misery, Warren euthanized Bateman by shooting him in the heart with an M99 animal tranquilizer. As euthanasia was not an acceptable defence for murder under US law, Warren was sentenced to life imprisonment.