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Christian Higginson is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the ITV British Soap Opera Coronation Street. He appeared as a minor antagonist in 2021.

The character was portrayed by Ronan Holdsworth.


Christian Higginson had lived in Weatherfield for some time with his wayward son Eli Higginson. He was known to be friends with Stefan Brent, a corrupt businessman and the father of Eli's friend Corey Brent.

In 2021, both fathers found themselves having to defend his sons from going to prison; Corey and Eli were involved in the attack of Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin that resulted in the latter's death. Corey, who killed Seb, later framed fellow teenager Kelly Neelan as the murderer and she was wrongfully convicted for the crime whereas Corey got off scot-free. Later on when Stefan and Corey learned that new evidence had came to light, they enlisted Christian's help to flee the country. This went to plan until Christian was confronted by local resident Gary Windass and was forced by the latter to help him bring Stefan and Corey to the police station; Corey was consequently arrested and eventually jailed for Seb's murder.


  • He appeared in a total of 3 appearences during his time on the show.