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Christian Naylor, also calling himself the "Sandman", is the main villain of the 1990 action crime mystery thriller movie Death Warrant.

He is portrayed by Patrick Kilpatrick.


Detective Burke manages to capture Christian " The Sandman" Naylor, after he had killed one of his companions.

16 months later he is charged with infiltrating himself as a prisoner inside a prison where a mysterious series of murders took place. Burke with the help of Amanda Beckett finds that the murders were committed in the laboratory with organ trafficking. Inside the prison he knows Hawkins color prisoners and the picturesque man named Priest who warn him not to be awake if they do not knock at the door and open it and kidnap. More Burke uses this succeeded there but one of the prisoners were killed, and Burke was taken to the isolation cell.

After the term of isolation, Christian Naylor arrives in prison for the man of dreams; When he is aware that Burke is a bribe, he attacks and tortures under the showers, and passes the voice that is an infiltrate. Meanwhile, Amanda finds that the head of everything is Tom Vogler, who had killed a prisoner in the past to allow his wife to make a liver transplant, and after having succeeded, he seized the opportunity to make money by transplanting organs of detainees.

Burke tackles him and kicks later, Burke throws his final shot, kicking in the face, killing him.