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If you try to come between us. I'll carve you a smile so wide your head falls of.
~ Christina to commissioner Gordon.
Now boys, just because Batsy's gonna beat you into a sort of vaguely sentient paste doesn't mean you shouldn't put up a fight. I want him all bloodstained when he rescues me. Your blood, I mean. It'll look great on the suit.
~ Christina Bell.

Christina Bell is a minor antagonist in the 2015 video-game Batman: Arkham Knight. She is one of five people who got infected by Joker's blood. Possibly the third longest infected.

She was voiced by Jules De Jongh.


Prior to the game

Christina Bell went on to become the Executive Director at Queen Industries after a career in finance. She tragically suffered a miscarriage and needed a blood transfusion. Unlucky for her, Joker had sent out his infected blood to hospitals over the state. Christina alongside with four others got infected with his blood. She didn't receive a cure and thus the blood gestate too long and made her look and act like Joker. Three weeks later Christina returned to Queen Industries because of a meeting. She saw that her seat was taken which made her snap and she brutally murdered and mutilated 11 board members even carving smiles on their faces. When she was confronted about it she just laughed. Batman eventually incarcerated her and Christina developed Stockholm Syndrome. Evidently Christina took on Joker's obsession with Batman and hatred for his allies. Batman had Robin working on a cure for Christina and the other infected. 

In the game

During the incidents of Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn and her henchmen raided Panessa Studios to free Christina Bell, Johnny Charisma, Albert King and Henry Adams. She released all of the infected and let them roam freely around the studios. Christina went to the horror movie set, together with a squad of Harley's thugs protecting her. Batman and Robin went after the escapees. They first one they went after was Christina Bell. Bell sadistically shot one of the henchmen and gave orders to the goons to kill Robin and stop Batman. Batman and Robin took out all the guards and defeated Christina Bell. They brought her back to her cell and when they came back after defeating either Charisma or King they saw that Henry had murdered her.


Christina before Joker's infection was the executive director of Queen Industries. She was obviously very intelligent, sophisticated and hard-working.  When she got infected by Joker's blood Christina brutally murdered and mutilated 11 board members of Queen Industries. She just laughed when those charges were presented against her. The aspect of Joker's personality that Christina took on most was his obsession with Batman. That obsession only got worse when she developed Stockholm Syndrome and didn't want to leave. Batman and Robin fighted Harley's henchmen in the horror film set and it was clearly obvious that she wanted Batman to win and even described herself as part of 'Team Bats'.


  • She is possibly the third longest infected out of the five.
  • If the player countered Christina before she managed to attack Robin, when carrying her back to her cell, Robin joked about having her act as a substitute Robin for times where he needed to take days off due to her abilities and asked Batman if she could act as another Robin. If Robin was scratched, he would ask how bad it looked, and remained silent for the duration of the walk.
  • The aspect of Joker's personality that Christina took on mostly was Joker's obssession with Batman and his bossy nature.
  • Christina apparently severely hated Robin, which possibly showed that, along with the obsession with Batman and her bossy nature, she had also taken on Joker's hatred for Batman's allies.
  • When Christina got captured by Batman she developed Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Christina was always the first infected that the Dynamic Duo went after. The routes to the other infected were blocked until Robin took Christina back to the quarantine cells. Consequently, she's also the only infected who dies in a pre-determined order (first, in her case).


Batman, Batman? Is that you? These idiots want to break us apart. I tried to explain all the painful things you're gonna do to them but, well, I think they're masochists! Enjoy!
~ Christina Bell.
Anyway, when he's done with you chumps, me and Bats'll have this all to ourselves! So get out there and make him show you how much he wants me!
~ Christina Bell to Harley's thugs.
Is that Robin! IS ROBIN HERE? Boys, KILL that interfering little gooseberry third wheel brat!
~ Christina raging about Robin's presence.


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