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Christine Mayfield is the main villainess from "Courtship," episode 7.06 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

She was portrayed by Paula Devicq.


Christine Mayfield is an actress and the estranged wife of movie director Clay Darren, Sr., who she was battling in court over custody of their son, Clay Jr. In a devious plan to make sure she won her cases, Christine began sleeping with the judge, Harvey Frye. Despite her sexual manipulation, Frye switched sides and was planning to rule in Clay's favor. Christine learned this from private investigator (and another of her lovers) Ron Hawk, and was enraged over the news. After having sex with Ron, Christine stole one of his guns, went to Frye's home, and killed Frye's wife, Monica, by firing shots through the window.

All the while, the evil Christine boasted to Ron that she could easily frame Clay for the murder, and after killing Monica, she began her scheme by releasing a video online that had Clay angrily confronting Frye, making it seem like the judge was the real target, and also paying a call girl to pose as a fan and sleep with him so he wouldn't have a proper alibi. Following Clay's arrest, Christine then turned against Ron and painted him as the killer, and even coached Clay Jr. to shed fake tears and paint Ron as a dangerous man.

Christine's coaching was revealed when it was shown that Clay Jr's method was the same one that Christine herself used in one of her early films. Logan and Falacci caught Christine when they brought her and Clay to listen in on Ron's interrogation, where Ron revealed (among other things) Christine's true role. The villainess attempted to convince Clay that Ron was lying, but after the truth came out, Clay became enraged. Christine boasted about how she could make men do what she wanted, and even boasted about manipulating Clay Jr., who she claimed loves her. She also revealed her trysts with Frye after they left the interrogation room and that she intentionally killed Monica.

Christine was arrested by Falacci for Monica's murder; all the while, Christine arrogantly stated that Clay couldn't testify against her because they were still married. To her shock, Clay (as well as Ron) decided to testify against his estranged wife, who later stated that Clay would "come crawling back to her" as she was led away in cuffs.


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