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Christmas Spirit is the alternate/true form of the Nostalgia Critic and he debuted in Channel Awesome's Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer review.


During the review, the Critic appeared as his normal, sane self, and he asked why everyone wondered why he was not going mad with Christmas spirit (hence the name) and going insane with glee like he always did. Well, he says Malcolm Ray came to his senses and taped a Chill Pill tape on his neck, so that he would relax this year, and take Christmas calmly, without going mad with glee. Tamara then came in and said things weren't right, that one should express themselves at Christmas. However, the Critic was chilling, and ushered them out. Malcolm pleaded with Tamara not to remove the tape because "she wasn't here last time".

So, the Critic went through his review, seemingly a nice, sane person. However, at the end, Tamara just had to come in and remove the tape, pleading that Christmas is about rejoicing rather than suppression. Unfortunately, Malcolm got angry with her and ordered her to replace the tape, but suddenly the Nostalgia Critic jumped down, and screamed at them, now in a mental costume with festive face paint. Malcolm said he knew this would happen, but him and Tamara were still scared out of their wits as the Critic became the Christmas Spirit and roared and screamed at them and sped round the room and began causing chaos. He even did his own song about why he "fu-fu-fu-fucking loved Christmas" and ordered everyone else to enjoy it or die! To prove his point, he even summoned Jesus himself, saying "He died for your sins, applaud Goddamnit!" (ironically using blasphemy in the presence of Jesus) and the entire Universe went nuts as the Christmas Spirit rampaged round the room, destroying alternate realities and slaughtering innocent beings. He also terrorized both Tamara and Malcolm, and he sped up and teleported in front of them, sending demonic minions to block their path, and saying "There's no escape!" The Christmas Spirit was scaring Tamara, who proclaimed "He's a madman!" Eventually, after much chaos and destruction, the Christmas Spirit finally quit and reverted into the Nostalgia Critic, who sighed in relief, and said he felt better now.

Nostalgia Critic F**king Love Christmas Music Video

Nostalgia Critic F**king Love Christmas Music Video

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