Christopher Armalite

Christopher Armalite

Christopher Armalite is a recurring antagonist, later turned to supporting character in the anime the Scrapped Princess. He was raised in the military as a soldier and became an expert fighter. He is also the leader of a military unit, Obstinate Arrow.

He is voiced by Steve Staley.


In the first episode, while Pacifica's guardians, Shannon and Raquel, were protecting her from a group of assassins with ease, Christopher Armalite appeared before her, telling her that all she can do is stand around and watch. As Pacifica's guardians defeated the assassins, they noticed Christopher before he leaves. He was seen later, watching them leave on their wagon. While Shannon and Raquel were looking for Pacifica in the village, Raquel ran into Chris and asked him if he's seen her. Chris replied no. Before Raquel left him, she asked him to try the town's soy sauce dumplings. After a priest of Mauser was defeated by Raquel, after attempting to kill Pacifica, Chris appeared before him, disappointed as he said he'll kill the Scrapped Princess himself. Later that night, he appeared before Pacifica and Shannon at their camp ground and asked Pacifica to die, before wielding his battle axe. As he was fighting Shannon, he introduced himself to him. Before they could continue fight, Raquel appeared and asked Chris again if he tried the soy sauce dumplings. Chris begins to leave, but not before asking Shannon why he protects Pacifica. Shannon tells him Pacifica is part of his family that he vows to protect.


As a soldier in the military, he wields a battle axe that aids him in combat.


He has long brown hair and brown eyes, wears brown boots, brown gloves, a blue tunic, white pants, and a black cloak.