Christopher Richard Pike was an officer of the Terran Empire's Starfleet. He was most noted for commanding the ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701) immediately prior to the Captaincy of James T. Kirk.

Like his prime universe counterpart, Pike was born in the early 23rd century. Upon adulthood Pike entered Starfleet. His acceptance in to the fleet's command track was as much for his looks as it was for any command ability. This was because Starfleet felt Pike could give a positive face to the fleet for the public.

In 2251 Pike assassinated ISS Enterprise Captain Karl Franz and took command of the Constitution-class vessel for himself. He would retain command for another 13 years.

Pike attacked the Kaylar on Rigel VII with a planetary bombardment after they attacked him and his landing party. Many Kaylar were killed in the bombardment, and many of their religious sites were destroyed.

Lured to Talos IV by the Talosians, Pike was captured by them, with the intent of using Pike and the mirror universe version of Vina to repopulate their world. Their efforts failed when Pike refused to mate with the "insipid human female" Vina, or his shipmates Colt and Number One. Learning how much Terrans feared telepaths, the Talosians released Pike and the other Enterprise crew members, conditioning Pike to act as their eyes and ears in the Empire and provided an early warning should the Empire turn their attentions towards Talos IV. In addition to their mental link, they also gave Pike the ability to maintain his illusion of youth even as his age and drinking habit began to catch up with him.

Pike retained command until the early 2260s when James T. Kirk killed Pike via the Tantalus Field after stealing the device from an alien laboratory. Kirk also assassinated Number One, clearing the way for him to assume command of the Enterprise and for Spock to be his first officer. Learning of the Talosian manipulation of Pike, Kirk then attacked and destroyed the Talosian race.

When the prime universe version of James T. Kirk visited the mirror universe in 2267, he learned that his mirror counterpart had become Captain of the Enterprise after assassinating Pike.

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