The Chritchellites are the main antagonists of "Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites" of Samurai Jack first season.

They were all voiced by Tom Kenny.


At some point, the Chritchellites tried to invade the Woolies' land and claim it as their own. While the Woolies fought bravely they were easily overcome because of the Chritchellites advanced technology. They then decided to make the Woolies their slaves putting them collars to keep them under their control.

Later, Jack came to the land and met the Chritchellites and while they treated him with respect they showed otherwise towards the enslaved Woolies whom Jack later found out about their backstory with the Chritchellites. Upon learning about the Chritchellites' evil intentions, Jack decided to release all the Woolies from the control by destroying the device that kept the collars working on the Woolies. The Chritchellites were easily defeated by the Woolies thanks to Jack's help and had no choice other than retreat and never come back again.


  • They made a cameo in Season 5 when the Woolies told Ashi about their meeting with Jack and how he released them from the Chritchellites.
  • One Chritchellite appears near the end of the opening sequence of Seasons 1-4.


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