The Chromites are antagonists in Power Rangers Turbo. They are General Havoc's elite robotic foot soldiers.


According to General Havoc they feel no pain, and with no need to breathe are excellent fighters both on land and underwater. They wield staff-like weapons that could fire blasts of energy. They come in colors of pink, blue, white, green bodies and are seen piloting the Turbo Megazord while it was under Divatox's control, and other vehicles. A special Chromite called Shadow Chromite was modified to create the Shadow Rangers.


Shadow Chromite

Shadow Chromite is a villain of Power Rangers Turbo. Shadow Chromite was the first of the Chromites as Chromite with a personality, an intelligence and an articulacy. He had a Shadow-Morph gun, and had a detonator linked to him. The gun-device had the power to make Shadow Rangers. The Shadow Chromite was a special Chromite who had the ability to steal the Rangers' powers and use them to create Shadow Rangers. His life was linked to a detonator, like most of Divatox's Soldiers. His detonator was in a leaking paint can.

When Shadow Chromite appeared, he shot at the rangers, then the Shadow Rangers appear. The Shadow Rangers captured the then-powerless rangers, ironically with their own powers. After that was around the time Blue/Dustin arrived with Tommy. He tried to morph when Tommy realizes that, the Shadow Rangers were created as they morph. Dustin was then taken as well. Tommy then regroups at the command center. Thinking about the Shadow Rangers, he analyzes that light is their Power Source, and he needs to use Shadows/darkness to defeat them. Morphing at the Command Center away from Shadow Chromite, he then starts to look for the others using Dustin/Blue's Tracking device. He defeats Green, Blue and Yellow Shadow Rangers, by knocking them into shadows. Then Tommy rescued the other Turbo Rangers from the cave, after defeating the Pink Shadow Ranger guard.

They faced Shadow Chromite who, like Shadow Rangers, was made of light. The Turbo Megazord then blocked Shadow Chromite's light source. This made him dissolve and it destroyed the detonator with him.


Combatant Wumpers: Origin

Chromites' Super Sentai counterparts are derived from Combatant Wumpers from Gekisou Sentai Carranger. Combatant Wumpers (in Japanese: 戦闘員ワンパー) are the henchmen/grunts of the Space Bosozoku Bowzock. They can shoot ink or smoke from their octopus-like mouths. They are contained in Deputy Leader Zelmoda's jar, similar to that of aquatic pets. They come in four colors; green, blue, white and pink. White tended to be rarer than others and were often the butt of a quick gag. They are armed with a key-like sword that emits electricity, a laser musket-like pistol, or in rare cases dynamite.


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