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Chromus, also known as "The Tournament Leader", is the final opponent of the online video game Chrome Wars Arena.


Chromus appears to be a huge robot. His head and feet appear to be lightly brown-golden colored, while his body and hands are gray and everything other is dark green colored. Out of Chromus, it appears that he has upgraded rocket launchers on his back. He only can use the rockets once.


Chrome Wars Arena

In Chrome Wars Arena, Chromus appears at the end of the game, as the strongest robot of all, as well as the tournament winner. Once the player enters the battle with Chromus, the players get Chromuses reviews.

As the battle begins, the player either defeats Chromus or gets defeated by Chromus. If the player loses he has to battle him again, but if he wins the players gets a message that tells the player that he/she/it freedom for humans starts.

Powers & Abilities

  • Power - 55
  • Agility - 48
  • Speed - 10
  • Precision - 65
  • Defense - 55
  • Grit - 80
  • Chrome - 75
  • Repairs - 3
  • Special Attack (Rockets) - 1
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