Chronos is the secondary antagonist in Tales of Xillia 2. He is the great spirit of time and space.

He was voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese version and English Dubbed by Joel McDonold.


Ever since Origin was put in charge in the Soul Purification Process, Chronos developed a hatred toward humans and considered them as inadequate beings that needed to prove their worth. At some point, the three made a pact known as "Origin's Trail", which granted the first human to reach the Land of Canaan any wish he or she desired. At the same time, Chronos granted the Kresnik clan with the power of the Chromatus, but because of the overwhelming reward, Chrono's power was abused, causing a number of catalysts and fractured dimensions to exist.

Chronos was first seen in a fractured dimension trying to prevent Ludger and his group from knowing on how to get to the Land of Cannan; by killing them. He was also responsible for trapping the real Milla Maxwell into an abyss, only to be saved by the other Milla's death. At the Marksburg Harbor, Chronos was intent on them not getting to the Land of Cannan and fought Ludger, Muzet, Milla, and King Gaius while having everyone else trapped. As things seemed bad, Julius pushed himself and Chronos into the ocean. Finally, at the Land of Cannan, Chronos was seen trying to fight off Bisley, only for him to be facing Ludger instead. After his final battle, Chronos was stabbed by Bisley. At the end of the game, Chronos had no choice but to submit to Origin and accept the way humans are.

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