Chuck Chambers is the secondary antagonist of the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly.

He is a 10-year old boy that lives in Bushwell Plaza with his dad, older sister, and younger brother. He is a sociopathic boy who pulls many pranks on people. He can also be very violent when he doesn't get his way. Chuck tends to appear in episodes as Spencer's nemesis.

He was portrayed by Ryan Ochoa.


Chuck is similar to Sam. He does not have respect for rules, has incredible physical strength regardless of his size, and enjoys fights. Chuck has a strong dislike of getting grounded by others, his dad in particular, most notably Spencer. Chuck is an antagonist towards Spencer because of the latter's attempts at keeping him in line, and they clash in every episode Chuck appears in. Unlike Sam, Chuck never shows respect for anyone aside from possibly his father. However, that is mostly because he is much younger.

Carly got in the middle of their feud in iTwins. She does not believe Spencer at first since she was tutoring Chuck, but when she saw the video footage of Chuck flipping and slapping Spencer on the Shay's coffee table, she decided to help him trick the boy. Carly didn't show any apprehension about him being in her apartment in his last appearance in iBeat the Heat, however, unlike Spencer. This is most likely because of the heat wave affecting everyone, and that Chuck, while very bratty and disrespectful, was still a child who lacks maturity. 

Chuck has a name similar to a character named Chuck Javers, a character on Zoey 101, who like Chuck, was very strong. He also appeared in, in a 3-Way Random Debate: Cellphones vs BBQ vs Ladies where he attacks Spencer for getting him grounded for 2 weeks. Since Spencer said that Chuck locked him in the basement, then this takes place after iReunite With Missy.

During the heat wave, Chuck does end up briefly making amends with Spencer after Carly tries to get the members of the apartment to get along. However, once the air conditioning gets fixed, he starts tormenting him again. 

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