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Nobody messes with my kid.
~ Chuck Greene, before attacking Frank.

Charles "Chuck" Greene is the protagonist of the 2010 video game Dead Rising 2 and the deuteragonist of the Dead Rising series. He is a TIR competitor and champion competing for money to buy his daughter Katey a drug named zombrex, which would keep her from turning into a zombie .

In the what-if scenario of Off the Record. Chuck failed to get zombrex to Katey within the required 24 hours in time, leading her to become a zombie. This drives Chuck to insanity, becoming a psychopath hell bent on protecting a doll lookalike of Katey (unable to accept she was dead) and getting zombrex no matter the cost. He replaces his TIR rival Leon Bell as a boss fight.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

At the start of the side-mission "People Like Us", Frank West gets a call from Stacey that someone was riding a yellow motorcycle around Fortune City, leaving the former to investigate who would be riding a motorcycle in a zombie outbreak..

Frank finds the yellow motorbike and attempts to take it, only for Chuck to appear and tell him to back away. Frank apologizes and Chuck accepts, apologizing himself for thinking Frank was one of those "crazies" due to the outbreak proving people couldn't be trusted anymore. Chuck grabs the head of an approaching zombie, lecturing Frank on how zombies were easy, even fun to kill while stroking the zombies cheek before ripping the head off. He then goes to say that people were the real threat, as things such as the current outbreak makes people witness their loved ones die, causing them to snap and turn violent, like himself and Frank.

Chuck rants that instead of joining together against the zombies, Humanity simply turns on one another, stating that he had his daughter to protect and would not allow anyone to harm her. Frank attempts to reason with him, saying that Chuck and his daughter could go to the safehouse. This causes Chuck to to grab him by the shoulders and emphasise that Katey needed zombrex every 24 hours, talking to the Katey doll strapped to his back. Chuck then takes a swig of his whiskey and rhetorically asks Frank if he knew what happened to people who failed to take their zombrex on time, before stating that he wouldn't let that happen to Katey and that they still had time to get her some more of the drug, making Frank realize what had happened: the real Katey had failed to take her zombrex, turning her undead and subsequently causing Chuck to snap, becoming an alcoholic living in denial.

Frank makes another attempt to reason with Chuck, reaching out to his arm only to accidentally grab the Katey doll's leg, enraging Chuck who attacks West, accusing him of being one of those "Nutbars" who wanted to hurt Katey and steal their zombrex. He kicks Frank away and gets on his bike and says "nobody puts a hand on my little girl". 

After Frank defeats him, Chuck crashes his bike and he is sent to the ground. Chuck frantically calls to the Katey doll, finding it in pieces due to the crash. He crawls his way over to the head of the doll and picks it up, saying that she was okay, safe and that her being safe was all that mattered. He cradles the head to his chest, sadly stating "I can't imagine what I would do if anything were ever to happen you." before presumably dying. With Frank muttering "That guy was a few screws short of a workbench". As he finds and picks up Chuck's trailer keys, he turns around to where Chuck was laying moments ago to find he'd vanished (confirmed by the writers to have survived and run away). Frank then remarks, "Okay, this place is nuts."



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