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The Tudor Empire, also referred to as the Chuder Empire in the Dark Horse comics' translation, are an antagonist faction in Berserk. They are a powerful empire seeking to conquer Midland.


The Chuder Empire sparked the Hundred-Year War against Midland with the seizing of the Midland fortress Doldrey, hoping to use it as a stronghold to seize control of the entire country. However, a succession crisis left the empire's military unable to reinforce their defense at Doldrey, leaving it open to be retaken by Midland. This allowed the Band of the Hawk to reclaim it and put an end to the war. With the loss at Doldrey, the Chuder Empire was forced to come to the negotiating table and surrender.


  • Gennon - Governor of Doldrey/Commander of the Scorpion Serpent Knights
  • Boscogn - General/Commander of the Purple Rhino Knights
  • Adon Coborlwitz - Commander of the Blue Whale Knights
  • Samson Coborlwitz - Second-In-Command of the Blue Whale Knights
  • Gien - Commander of the Black Ram Iron Lance Knights


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