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The Church Leader is a minor antagonist of the 2015 action-spy-comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. He is the founder/leader of a hate group called the South Glade Mission Church until his death.

He was portrayed by Corey Johnson, who also portrayed Henry Van Statten in Doctor Who.


The Church Leader was infamous for his racist and homophobic views against many people (mostly Jews, black people and homosexuals). Kingsman agent Harry Hart soon learned that the South Glade Mission Church has a connection with notorious global entrepreneur Richmond Valentine (due to many of the attendants using his SIM cards that grant free lifetime cellular and Internet connectivity). Visiting the church during a sermon, Harry is disgusted by the leader's racism and decides to leave, but this gets noticed by a woman, who started spilling out homophobic remarks on him.

However, noticing the incident through a video transceiver, Valentine activates the SIM cards in the church, triggering a signal that causes all of the attendants (including Harry and the Church Leader) to become murderously violent and attack each other. Hart kills a large majority of the church members (including the woman) before being confronted by the Church Leader, who uses an axe to fight back. Noticing Harry in front, the Church Leader tries to hack him with the axe, but Harry uses a spear to impale the Church Leader through his head, killing him instantly.

Despite surviving the slaughter, Harry is left distraught after seeing that everyone in the church is dead. Harry soon learns that Valentine is responsible for the incident just the latter confesses about his true plan to use the SIM cards to exterminate much of humanity for a new world order, and that the event on the South Glade Mission Church was nothing more than a test to see what would happen.


  • The Church Leader and his congregation was based on notorious real life Fundamentalist Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, known for their picketing of funerals and public tragedies to protest against homosexuality.


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