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The smith answers only to god, for his hands repair his body.
~ Robert Bumaro
Individuality is the file system through which our Lord is compiled.
~ Words_Of_The_Prophet.txt

The Church of the Broken God is a religious cult that believes in the superiority of machines and the weakness of natural flesh and blood. They are one of the main enemies of the SCP Foundation.

Belief System

The Church of the Broken God worships and partakes in the process of mechanization, as they believe that natural life is inherently evil. Many members of the church partake in the mechanization of their bodies as a way to make themselves better in the eyes of their god.

The church believes that their god is "broken"; either its consciousness or its physical form is shattered and, because of this separation, inert. The church seeks to repair their god through mechanical and technological means, ranging from machines to put the god back together to artificial intelligence or robotic bodies that the god can occupy. However, they believe that anybody constructed must be perfect and worthy, or their god will not use it.



Robert Bumaro, current leader of the Church of the Broken God.

While the origins of the church and the religion practiced within are unknown, evidence of its existence has been found dating back to the times of ancient Greece and were known back then as the Mekhanites. The main faction is "The Broken Church" (GOI-004A), which is led by "His Holiness Robert Bumaro, Builder of the Broken God", who has held the title since 1946.

Two other major factions have emerged as well over the course of history:

During the Industrial Revolution, the "Cogwork Orthodox Church" arose and began the process of mechanization for religious purposes. They believed that the addition of mechanical components onto their bodies would help them reach a new type of understanding and allow them to physically mirror their god. Because of the noise from their mechanical implants, others sometimes called them "Tickers".

The "Church of Maxwellism" arose in the more modern day, having a different interpretation. They abandoned the idea of severe mechanical modification in favor of smaller implants that were more advanced. This sect believed that their god's consciousness was fragmented as data throughout electronics and the Internet. To symbolize this and try to help their god piece its mind back together, the church began modifications I the brain to turn all members of the church into a collective consciousness. Due to their use of computer fan noise as a meditative aid, members are often referred to as "Hummers".

Involvement with the SCP Foundation

In their many illegal experiments and modifications, the Church of the Broken God has either created or acquired SCPs for religious use, many of them unwilling and held against their will. The church has acted violently to the Foundation and is considered a true enemy of their efforts.

SCP's Associated with the Church

  • SCP-271: A sentient metal disk with the ability to escape any containment.
  • SCP-2847: SCP-2847-1 is a massive underground lake containing SCP-2847-2, a bronze humanoid without the need for sustenance.
  • SCP-629: A brass robot with interchanging parts, created by Dr. Wondertainment. Was captured by the church and worshiped as a part of their god before being captured by the Foundation.

Despite this, the Foundation is ready to form an alliance with the church in case Sarkicism becomes a global threat.


​(Note: All names originate from the SCP-Wiki, either from SCP-Files, Stories or other documents)

Highest Leadership

  • "MEKHANE" aka the Broken God
  • Robert Bumaro

Other Members

  • Jorge Castillo
  • Dolorous Randall
  • Vasily Aglayev
  • Marcus Sparks
  • Alexei Belitrov



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