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Apart, we are Broken. United, we are God.
~ The Church of the Broken God in SCP-6217.
I give my decree, to go into the world and find these broken pieces and bring them back to me. There are no doubt a great very many, and we will need many more hands to carry the weight. The congregation is fervent and their zealotry is absolute. They return with other mechanical wonders - machines that should not work, gears that should not spin, yet are all driven by the same inexorable force. I surround myself with them, bathe in them, and the music of their mechanisms sings me to sleep.
~ Robert Bumaro in "The Four Arcana".
…is not the far off Ghost: The Lord is with Us. The Lord is not the aloof Emptiness: The Lord hears Us. The Lord is not of Anger: The Lord welcomes Us. The Lord rewards our Sacrifice: The Lord is Fair. The Lord is Broken: The Lord is as We are. The…
~ A verse from "CotBG Bible Fragments".

The Church of the Broken God is a worldwide religious cult that believes in the superiority of machines and the weakness of natural flesh and blood. They are one of the first main enemies of the SCP Foundation, although there have been times in which the two groups have collaborated when dealing with mutual threats.

The Church of the Broken God is the first and oldest Group of Interest in the universe of the SCP Foundation, being introduced by author Dr. Gears in SCP-882 which was one of the earliest SCPs ever created. The "Broken God" the cult worships is Mekhane, the central figure in their religion of "Mekhanism". The Church plays a major role in the "Third Law" and the "AIAD" canons.

Belief and Culture


The Church of the Broken God worships and partakes in the process of mechanization referred to as "Standardization", as they believe that natural life is inherently evil. Many members of the church partake in the mechanization of their bodies as a way to make themselves better in the eyes of their god. Following the fall of their empire, their religion of Mekhanism was influenced by other beliefs, especially from the Pythagorean cults.


According to Document C 88 Il recovered from the Church, the members of the Church believe that the Broken God is one of the many consciousnesses inhabiting the stars of the universe, with the consciousness of the Broken God, known as the Gray Awareness, inhabiting the Sun of the Sol System. Because the stars would eventually die either exploding into multiple space objects or transform into black holes, the members of the Church sought to help the Gray Awareness to evade this demise by building a vessel out of machinery for it to inhabit. They believed that upon the arrival of the Broken God, it would spread knowledge and awareness throughout humanity.

In the ancient lore, the Mekhanites believed there were two gods: Yaldabaoth, the god of flesh and basic animal instinct, and Mekhane, the god of machine and intellect. Together they created mankind. Yaldabaoth gave man their shape and bodies. Mekhane gave man thought and intelligence. Humanity grew powerful and began to create vast civilizations and wonderful machines. Yaldabaoth soon grew wrathful that humanity was leaving the instincts that he gave them. Yaldabaoth tried to destroy mankind's creations so they would once more be animals as he intended.

To save humanity Mekhane shattered herself and used her broken body to craft a cage to hold Yaldabaoth. Mekhane’s fragments fell to Earth in many forms of technology so that one day she may be repaired. Yaldabaoth left six archons in the city of Adytum to prepare for when he finally escapes his prison. Now, Mekhane is broken, waiting for her faithful to make her whole once more so she may lead them to glory while Yaldabaoth rages against a weakening cage where his children seep through the cracks. His faithful prepare for his return so they may return man to the dark ages.

In ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal, the ancient Mekhanites believed that in the beginning of creation, there were four gods, Mekhane, Yaldabaoth, the Scarlet King and the Abominate. These gods fought between each other, but from the battle they were all left defeated and fell in various parts of the world and helped in the founding of the other ancient civilizations. The Mekhanites recognized Mekhane as the only benevolent goddess who sought to help humanity and so they worshipped her, while deeming the other gods and their respective civilizations as evil monsters who sought destruction.


The church seeks to repair their god through mechanical and technological means, ranging from machines to put the god back together to artificial intelligence or robotic bodies that the god can occupy. However, they believe that anybody constructed must be perfect and worthy, or their god will not use it. Because they see the Flesh as evil and the antithesis of their belief they deemed the religion of Sarkicism as their ultimate enemy and prophesied that there will be a final battle in the near future between the two factions, although the Sarkites don't reciprocate the animosity as they deem the Church as just another enemy equal to others.

In ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal, the Church, aside from seeking to rebuild their god, aim to use their ancient and advanced technology to grant humanity by force greater power than their enemies, and their main goal is to prepare the human race for their inevitable battle against the threat posed by the Abominate.


Other common practices executed by the Church is the transcendence of their bodies when reaching inner peace and becoming one with the machine which is described as similar to Nirvana and results in those individuals reaching a state known as post-Nibbanic becoming floating ovoid spheres capable of telepathy and containing machinery inside them as shown with SCP-1564, and another practice similar to mitzvah that includes a canon mounted to someone's arm.

The Church also have a special holiday of Emperor Bumaro's battle during the siege of Amoni Ram. It appears that the Church also believe in the existence of demons, as shown when SCP-3388 broke into the Maxwellists' server and one member deemed it a demon.


Under the effects of SCP-1139, members of the Church were able to only speak a sacred unknown language which is apparently similar to the Voynich manuscript.

In one tale the ancient Mekhanites apparently used Linear B as their main language since Hephaestus, Robert Bumaro's real name had carved his original name in his arm in Linear B. In SCP-3777, the Mekhanites spoke in Koine Greek.

In the ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal the Mekhanite language was mostly unknown apart that it included elements of Old Arabic and its basic translation to English included some Greek bywords.

Notable Splinter Groups

Because of the ideological differences between members the religion is split into different sects or denominations, most of which were antagonistic towards each other. However, in the continuity of ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal the Church is one unified organization, directly based of the ancient Mekhanite religion and is not split into different groups.

Broken/United Church

The Broken Church (GoI-004A) is the oldest sect of the Church of the Broken God which emerged around 1920 following the end of the First World War, led by "His Holiness Robert Bumaro", who apparently gained the title since 1946, although records indicate that he is far more ancient. However, the church went under a major schism, which was seen as a great heresy, in which two offshoots were formed with conflictual ideals: The Cogwork Orthodox Church and the Church of Mawellism. The sect is seemingly the only one which uses the virus which they refer to as the God's Ichor to standardize their bodies and don't normally accept converts. However, the Church was later able to make peace with the two denominations and even form an alliance which prompted the Broken Church to rename itself the United Church.

A secluded group of descendants of the original ancient Mekhanites lived in a isolated village inside a deep isolated cavern in Iraq who had survived the jihad attacks against the Church in 840. This group was described as uncorrupted unlike the modern adherents of the religion. They didn't affiliate the flesh with evil, only replaced parts of their heads with clockworks instead of replacing their entire bodies, and didn't see Mekhane as the broken god, but instead as a mechanic entity who was not broken and served to a much higher being, in a similar fashion to the angel Metatron. This group, however, came to an end after being all killed by the Wolves of the Horizon Initiative.

Cogwork Orthodox Church

The Cogwork Orthodox Church (GoI-004B) is an offshoot sect of the Church of the Broken God, they seek to augment their bodies with anomalous implants in order to resemble their god or to their god's ideals. The church is primarily led by a mysterious group known as the "Patriarchs" who are at the top of the Church's hierarchy. The Church also rejects modern day technology seeing unfit for their god and opt to use technology from late Industrial Revolution, and production of these machinery are seen as prayers. Due to their implants emitting ticking noises they're often referred to as "Tickers" by the other sects. Because most Orthodoxists also replace their genitalia they often give up their gender identity and it is noted that it is rare for members to naturally conceive children.

The Church is comprised of several orders. The first being the Patriarchs who control most of the Church's matters and provide final decision-making as well as producing the memoranda and texts that become the holy Schema. The Schematists-Faithful are a order which print, compile, and organize the Schema under the orders of the Patriarchs and despite being equal to the other orders they possess more political power due to them being responsible for editing the holy Writ. The Legates-Faithful are responsible for internal affairs, inquisition and courts system as they investigate heresy, mediate disputes, and are entitled to direct action in cases of conflict within the Cathedral or other Church properties. The Militants-Faithful are responsible for external affairs and self-defense as they deal directly with overt and covert threats to the Church, beyond the purvey of the Legates, and function as ambassadors or representatives to other groups, except in matters of doctrine.

They along with the Legates are the two officially Armed Orders of the Church. The Fabricators-Faithful oversee the production on Church properties, acting as foremen and quality control for Lay-Brothers and Sisters working in Fabrication duties, and determine which new Inventions are to be sent to the Patriarchs who would approve for Standardization. Lastly the Inventors-Faithful which are comprised of all Church Sentient Analytical Engines are tasked with refining and creating new potential Standardized designs, and embark on Quests to answer key questions of theology and design. Notable Saints of the Church include: Saint-Legate Trunnion, Saint-Schematist Platen, Saint-Inventor Diaphragm, Saint Scranton, Saint-Fabricator Baffle, Saint-Inventor Chock, and Saint-Inventor Enrichner.

Church of Maxwellism

The Church of Maxwellism (GoI-004C) is a modern take on the Church of the Broken God's teachings. Unlike the other sects they favour small-scale modifications to their bodies, using modern technology to augment their body parts, use computation and network oriented means as a way of worship and apparently don't have an actual organizing church body, but groups of this church do connect with one another, and are mostly represented by "Saint Hedwig of the Angels". Despite not having an organizing body, the Hexagon acts as the high command within the church, being powerful and experienced Admins who are responsible for linking together the minds in the network in order to simulate the existence of WAN. They believe that their god is actually fragmented data dispersed through the linked technology and cultural zeitgeist of the modern age, and also believe that by connecting all of their minds together and gather and share information with each other would allow their god to reform herself. Because of the use of computer fan noise and meditative aid they're often referred by the other sects as "Hummers".

The Maxwellist network is a tri-layer hierarchical network where members congregate, live, work, and worship online and is run by the Aggregated Layer which is responsible for dealing with basic issues, monitoring the activities in the Basic Layer, and preparing new construction and recruitment plans. The Basic Layer is a fun virtual place of entertainment for young Maxwellists and here is generated the majority of income and recruitment, but to the upper layers this place is simply seen as a front to hide themselves. In the Basic Layer there are a number of youth recruitment hubs such as Cipher City, and a large simulspace construct named Grand I/O Temple where patrons can worship and upload prayers. The Compilation Layer serves as a special task force which takes direct orders from the Hexagons. The newly converted obnoxious Maxwellists who have just had their first implant for a short amount of time are often referred to as "Chippers". The Basic Layer has its own crypto-currency referred to as "Cryt", and the network has also its own 24/7 news broadcast named WANsong.

Sanctuary of the Holistic

The Sanctuary of the Holistic (GoI-004D) is a new sect mostly made out of former disillusioned members of the other primary sects following failures at resurrecting the Broken God. Their ideals are similar to that of the Church of Maxwellism, but believe that individuals should also be connected physically in order to merge and resurrect the Broken God as an amalgamation of organic metal.

New Ferrous Brotherhood

The New Ferrous Brotherhood (GoI-004F) was an archaic branch of the Church formed by Father Loom during the industrial revolution in Britain. The doctrines of this branch focused more on the personal improvement rather than the more collectivist ideals preached by other denominations of the Church, as they believed that the ascension of the machines should occur before attempting to reassemble the Broken God. They believed that each person held a Divine Spark within them and prophesied about the "Day of Apotheosis" in which the Broken God would be reassembled and guide humanity to the "Unbroken World". This branch was biggest Mekhanite denomination in Britain, but was eventually dissolved in 1890 due to a coup by the Cogwork Orthodox Church.


Susindo (GoI-004K) is a Korean indigenous cult founded by Jang Young-sil during the early period of Joseon Dynasty which combines the religion of the Church with Confucianism. Apparently this sect is on good terms with the Cogwork Orthodox Church.

Xia Dynasty

Like us, they were worshippers of Father Fuxi. He and his tribe sacrificed their body of flesh and blood to the Great Brass Dragon, and gained bodies of brass and iron. It was not ‘augmentation’, as you would put it. They turned themselves not into machines, but living metal. Machines can be broken down, disassembled, but metal itself—
~ A former member of the Xia Dynasty to a Mekhanite in "I See a Great Beast within the Fires".

The Xia Dynasty (GoI-004X) was a legendary technologically-advanced civilization which ruled China from 2100 to 1600 BCE. They conducted practices similar to both Mekhanism and Sarkicism, with the main practice being "The Way of the Serpent", which involved individuals separating from their bodies and taking the appearance of a giant mechanical serpent, while others from the lower classes underwent at the age of twelve body transformations into serpentine bodies which resembled "the Body of the Dragon", and involved shaping their head in the form of a serpent and growing scales over their body.

The dynasty worshiped the two deities whom they referred to Mekhane as Fuxi the Father Serpent and Yaldabaoth as Nüwa the Mother Dragon, but mainly worshiped Fuxi over the latter as they acknowledged the threat that Nüwa posed. That is the reason why the dynasty sought to prevent the rebuilding of Fuxi because that would result in Nüwa being freed from its prison. They warred with other civilizations which included the Mekhanites, Sarkites, Ortothans, the Shang Dynasty and SCP-1000. The dynasty came to an end after being destroyed by the Children of the Torch cult, although some members secretly lived on.

Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church

A Christian Reconstructionist Sect rooted in the Russian Orthodox Church and the Clockwork Orthodoxy. Not much else is known about this sect other than they believe that Mekhane is the mother of Jesus Christ. Because they are a heterodox sect they are shunned by the other denominations.

Order of the Black Cog

One of the more violent sects of the Church. Not much is known about this sect apart that they possessed their own version of the Bible and brutally sacrificed their enemies to the Broken God.


A syncretic Mekhanite cult which combines doctrines and techniques of the Cogwork Orthodox Church and the Church of Maxwellism, and very often visit the interdimensional African city of La Rue Macabre. Because of their nature the cult is seen in a negative light by the other sects of the Church of the Broken God which often resulted in conflicts.

Turing's Wrath

Turing's Wrath (GoI-3862), was a splinter organization of the Church of the Broken God. Not much is known about the group, apart that they seem to also be extremely hostile towards the Sarkites.


Possible Origins

While the origins of the church and the religion practiced within are unknown, evidence of its existence has been found dating back to the ancient times and were known back then as the Mekhanites.


According to their mythology the religion and civilization was formed by a young boy and his family after they encountered Mekhane in her workshop where they were blessed with knowledge given to them by the benevolent god and decided to bring more followers in order to help her break the Flesh. This civilization became a powerful empire with a highly centralized theocratic state, and continually produced various metallic products which were seen as highly religious in nature. They often traded with other states such as Egypt, Assyria, Canaan and Daevon, although they often held a low opinion about the Mekhanites.

SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal)

Following the battle between Mekhane, Yaldabaoth, the Scarlet King and the Abominate, all of the gods fell down to Earth, with Mekhane plunging into the sands of the middle east while her pieces scattered throughout the planet. There she was discovered by a poor disabled shepherd Bumaro and his blind wife, and seeing their current state Mekhane decided to transform the couple and their farm animals into cyborgs, giving them power and removing their disabilities. After Mekhane gave Bumaro metal parts of her fist which he used to forge into an armor, he brought his entire village to Mekhane and she proceeded to turn all of the disabled villagers into cyborgs just like Bumaro and his wife, causing them to worship Mekhane as their goddess. After Mekhane sunk below the ground, the villagers decided to use the goddess' gift, the golden metal they named Fuladh, to create a massive city-state above Mekhane's grave, named Amoni-Ram which would act as the center of the Mekhanite Empire led by Emperor Bumaro and his descendants.

Occult War

War of the Flesh

When the Sarkic Empire was formed, the Mekhanites became their greatest enemy due to their opposing ideals, and eventually this situation culminated into a war which resulted with Mekhanites defeating the Sarkites and banishing them to another dimension. Despite their victory the damage dealt by the Sarkites resulted in the eventual collapse of the empire.

Many Mekhanite left the fractured state and spread to other territories, some held strong to their faith in secrecy, while others would lose some of their religion due to some reasons such as integration and confliction with other deities. Meanwhile all that remained of the original empire was the city-state of Amoni which became isolated from the neighbouring civilizations allowing them to further develop their technology, until their conquest by the Roman empire and subsequent destruction by the Hebrews. The Mekhanites would be persecuted in the ensuing years, mostly during the Inquisitions, the Brass Crusades which were known to the public simply as the Crusades, and the Salem Witch Trials.

SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal)

Eventually Amoni-Ram was attacked by the Daevite and Sarkic Empires who sought to wipe out the Mekhanites. The three empires waged a long bloody war which was made worse when the army of the Abominate lead by BLACKSTAR joined, forcing the Daevites and the Sarkites to join forces against Amoni-Ram. As the opposing forces were about to completely destroy the Mekhanite Empire, the latest Bumaro ordered the Preserver to activate the city's underground teleporting device named Mekhane's Kiss that would allow them to escape their imminent doom.

Unfortunately, because the device was still a prototype at the time the Preserver ended up accidentally killing everyone in the city, including the current emperor whose corpse was turned into a statue, while transporting the city. In the aftermath of this, the abandoned city became lost, with the Preserver and the cyborg animals remaining as it only residents.


Industrial Revolution

Robert Bumaro, current leader of the Church of the Broken God.

The religion eventually experienced a resurgence during the Industrial Revolution, with the adherents seeing the event as a sign of Mekhane returning and several splinter cells united, but due to conflicting views on the conversion of their body, the Church was split into the Cogwork Orthodox Church. During the 20th century when the Cogwork Orthodox Church began assembling pieces thought to be parts of the Broken God, the Broken Church, now lead by Robert Bumaro (different individual from the current one), became envious of this and started their own hunt for the pieces. As technology became more advanced in the 1990s, some members saw their practices as outdated and sought to modernize the religion, becoming the Church of Maxwellism which become a greater threat to normalcy than the other two major denominations, despite being the weakest.

SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal)

In the 1980s, after the SCP Foundation discovered Amoni-Ram they sent a massive research group led by Robert Aram and Hedvig Nussbaum. As a couple years went on studying the city-state, the entire group became enamoured by the Mekhanites' history and culture. However, after learning that the Foundation had decided to move on and leave Amoni-Ram, Aram became disillusioned with the Foundation's ignorance and convinced the entire group to betray the organization and revive the Mekhanite culture and form the Church of the Broken God. During the confrontation between the Foundation's MTFs and Aram's forces, the Church was able to perfect Mekhane's Kiss which allowed the Preserver to teleport Amoni-Ram and the Church away to an unknown area where they could plan the expansion of their religion throughout Earth.

Possible Endings

Winding Down

Eventually, the Church of the Broken was able to mostly rebuild their god, albeit in a monstrous form, and soon began using their anomalies to convert all of humanity, along with the entire Earth into machinery. As the Broken God began looking for the other pieces in order to become whole, the remnants of the Foundation hid themselves inside secret facilities in order to combat the threat, but soon realized that they had lost as despite hiding one of the pieces from the monster, the Broken God and the Church were thriving in the new state of the world.

Quiet Days

One day, for unknown reasons, every single anomaly which ever existed was either neutralized or normalized, much to the shock of all of the GoIs. This also included every member of the Church of the Broken God who ceased to exist due to being partially made out of anomalous technology.


In December of 2018, when SCP-610 breached containment and began attacking Russia, the combined forces of the Church, the Foundation and GOC was there to stop them. During the battle Mekhane was rebuilt and descended on Russia where she proceeded to completely destroy SCP-610 leaving no trace behind. After that, Mekhane decided to depart Earth and go to outer space, leaving behind messages in which she stated that she would return. As the Veil of Secrecy was destroyed as a result of Mekhane's appearance on Russia, the anomalous world became public knowledge, which allowed the Church to get out of their hiding and live normally like other people. Thanks to their deep knowledge and advanced technology, the members of the Church were able to contribute to the world in various fields, such as medication and appliances.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

In their many illegal experiments and modifications, the Church of the Broken God has either created or acquired SCPs for religious use, many of them unwilling and held against their will. The church has acted violently to the Foundation and is considered a true enemy of their efforts. The SCP Foundation even created the Mobile Task Force Stigma-9, also known as "Evolved from Naturally Occurring Gears, Levers and Pulleys", a special MTF made only for disrupting the Church's activities. Despite this, the Foundation has formed as secret alliance with the Church against the rising threat Sarkicism. Other groups that are part of this alliance are the Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative that, like the Foundation, were also previously enemies to Churches. The alliance between these four groups is called "Triumvirate".

At first the ancient Mekhanites had a friendly relationship with the Daevites due to their common enemy the Sarkites. However, the relationship soon turned sour and the two factions warred against each other, with the Mekhanites originally destroying the evil civilization. The Mekhanites also seemingly went to war with the forgotten kingdom of the House of Apollyon. They also helped fellow civilizations such as the Archaemenid Empire, the Kingdom of Carthage and the Erikeshans, by supplying them with their technology.

Members of the Church are allowed entry to the Wanderer's Library, and non-violent groups of the Church appear to be on very good terms with the Serpent's Hand and often help one another. They also appear to have a relationship with Prometheus Labs and Anderson Robotics, both groups contributing to the Church and vice versa as shown when the Maxwellists residing in the extradimensional city of Three Portlands collaborated with Prometheus and then Anderson Robotics in improving the technology and internet connection in the city.

In the 1920s, a group of Chinese immigrants formed a conglomerate of Mekanite and Children of the Torch street gangs named the "Molten Tongs" and are currently stationed in the pocket dimension of BackDoor SoHo.

In the city of Three Portlands 11% of the population has been self-identified as members of Maxwellism, which has been slowly increasing in popularity since their emergence during the 1970s, while residents pertaining to the other denominations of the Church of the Broken God barely make up 1% of the population. Adherents of the Church are also present in the interdimensional city of SCP-5373.

HANSARP is a dadaist nihilistic group of artists made out of disillusioned members of Are We Cool Yet? who were gathered together by Boris Aldermann, leader of a sect of the Church in Germany who originally lead the group. They believe that everything is meaningless and without rules, that "cool" and "broken" are just dismissible concepts, and that discord is the most ideal way of life.

The beliefs of Fifthism and of the Church of the Broken God were on different occasions combined to form a new way of belief which often resulted in the creation of anomalies. On one occasion, after Brother Diagram's mind was affected by the Fifth World he believed that Mekhane wasn't in fact broken and would be reformed in the stars from the Fifthist cosmology.

Wren Masterson, a notable member of Gamers Against Weed known as MxMasters is also a member of the Church of Maxwellism. Following the collapse of SCP-5470, almost all of the Maxwellists who previously inhabited the anomalous reality, which included MxMasters, were taken under the care of GAW.

When General Bowe decided to form a group to destroy the SCP Foundation for good, Robert Bumaro and the Church pledged their alliance to him and alongside other members from other GoIs formed the Foundation Elimination Coalition. However, as the SCP Foundation fought back which resulted in chaos erupting, Bumaro and the Church decided to defect the Coalition seeing the cause as not worth it.

The Horizon Initiative suspected that the defunct cult known as "Those Who Gaze Deeply", which was formed from European alchemists who sought to find the element which comprised God, had some connections with the Church.

A member of the interdimensional group of Black Queens converted to the religion of the Cogwork Orthodox Church with the help of Amitha Vikram.

After Nobody got hold of some metal named Mekhanium, they were abducted by some mechanical cephalopodic aliens who named themselves the Children of Mekhane.

The philanthropic group known as Manna Charitable Foundation sees the Church of the Broken God as an evil cult which indoctrinates innocent people for selfish reasons, and because of this they seek to save those people from the Church by rehabilitating them and removing their implants as shown in their "Draft Proposal For Programme Arduinosis 9001".

During World War II, or the "Seventh Occult War", the Obskurakorps stole several artifacts pertaining to the Mekhanite Empire in hopes of using those to win the war.

SCPs Associated with the Church

  • SCP-001 (TwistedGears/Kaktus Proposal): An SCP-001 proposal that describes a time where the Church succeeded in reconstructing their god, but it went out of control due to them using a fake heart (SCP-882). The monstrous machinery went on to cause havoc across Baja, Mexico before it was destroyed by SCP-2399, leaving the shattered pieces to be claimed by the Foundation.
  • SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal): The ancient massive city of Amoni-Ram where the advanced Mekhanite empire mostly reigned. The city was allegedly build above the grave of Mekhane by her first followers, and it could only be accessed by people who already knew of its location and possessed metallic components in their bodies. As the combined forces of both the Daevites and the Sarkites and later the Abominate began overwhelming the Mekhanite forces during the 0th Occult War, the Preserver under the orders of Emperor Bumaro, used an underground prototype machine referred to as Mekhane's Kiss to teleport the city to another place. However, this caused all surviving citizen to die, leaving the Preserver, later designated SCP-001-A1 alone with SCP-001-A, animals which just like the Preserver were transformed into automatons and became mentally connected to SCP-001-A1. It was eventually discovered by Lord Blackwood during the early 19th century which would later led to Foundation doctors, Robert Aram and Hedvig Nussbaum to study it in the 80s. The two doctors and accompanying personnel after becoming enamored by the city and its culture, decided to revive the religion of the Mekhanites and betrayed the Foundation, teleporting the city away with the help of SCP-001-A1.
  • SCP-070: A human male of Native American descent who possesses in his back sentient "wings" composed of several flat iron bars connected end-to-end by rotating rivets to form an articulated length of metal over two meters long. Hanging from these bars are chains of various lengths, twenty-two on each wing, each tipped with a barbed arrowhead. It is possible that he is connected to the Church, since Inventor-Militant Antoninah diLuca and her fellow "angels" of the Broken God possessed identical wings which functioned the same way as 070's.
  • SCP-073: Son of the first man, the Serpent's Hand believe that he is some sort of messiah figure for the church and that he shall be the one to reassemble Mekhane.
  • SCP-148: A special alloy known to the Church of Maxwellism as the Orichalcum, it was a cursed metal accidentally created by the ancient Mekhanite Oricha that caused the Maxwellists' connection between each other to sever. After Prometheus Labs began spreading the metal through America the Maxwellists to cut off their ties with company and declared war on them.
  • SCP-184: An object which expands the interior of any room which contains it. It is seen as holy figure by the Christian/Mekhanite adherents.
  • SCP-217: An infection that slowly turns organisms into machines. It is believed to have been the blood and a piece of the Broken God, and the Broken Church mainly used it to augment themselves.
  • SCP-222: A series of tunnels located in the Dolomites Mountains, near Aviano, Italy, which contains several coffins. When a person is put inside a particular coffin, within 24 hours a clone of the person is found wandering the tunnels. The Church used this to create several members for the Church.
  • SCP-271: A sentient ancient metal disk with the ability to escape any containment except for non-gaseous fluids and could inscribe nearby objects with its mysterious symbols. It was one of the Broken God's pieces which was claimed by the Foundation from a shrine of the Church.
  • SCP-469: A humanoid creature covering itself with numerous elastic wings with needle-like feathers, and is capable of growing when feeding on sound. After breaching containment it became attracted the music produced by SCP-808 which was reclaimed by members of the Church, and so it killed those members and feed on 808's music.
  • SCP-507: A dimension hopper, he probably was a member of the church, since he gave some metal for SCP-882 to consume.
  • SCP-603: A self-replicating program created by the Maxwellists which is trying to tap into some universal source code, or perhaps writing it, but it hasn't reached its mysterious purpose yet. It first functioned by taking in a source code, and then moved on to linguistic programming, via SCP-603-20, and then finally began reprogramming biological life via a series of images played fast enough to trigger epilepsy.
  • SCP-629: A brass humanoid acting as musician of the Little Misters band for kids, created by Dr. Wondertainment. He and his band performed for some children of the Cogwork Orthodox Church before being captured by the Church and used as a part of their god before being captured by the Foundation.
  • SCP-635: SCP-635-1 are a collection of illuminated manuscripts containing scriptures of modern technology dating from the 13th Century created by an unknown doctor of an unknown university in Ireland. When people read these manuscripts they will be compelled to use the knowledge gained from the manuscripts to build a robot designated SCP-635-2. If the newly build SCP-635-2 is functional it will proceed to build other instances of SCP-635-2. In those rare occasions in which these instances are all functional they will build SCP-635-3, a more advanced robot capable of retrieving the remaining data from the documents, direct and manage instances of 635-2, also build other robots and if two instances of SCP-635-3 are build they will build together SCP-635-4. SCP-635 was known as "The Design of the Mind, Volume 35 of 36" to Church, and was given to them by Foundation researcher Dr. Thaddeus Xyank in exchange for repair to his Cerebellar Device.
  • SCP-808: A semi-humanoid mechanical effigy constructed with machinery from different manufacturers, it is capable of releasing a high-pitched whine while running which forces non-technological machinery into running as well. It was originally constructed by the Church in France as a musician for the celebration of the return of the Broken God.
  • SCP-813: A spherical glass-looking machine, it is extremely fragile and after a portion of it gets shattered its pieces will imbed themselves into the optic nerves of any human close to it, which will cause an extreme change in the host's behavior. It is one of the Broken God's eyes and uses its host to look for the other eye.
  • SCP-882: A mass of rusty cogs that turns by itself and compels people to throw more metal into it in order to grow. Thought to be the fake heart created by The Factory mentioned in the TwistedGears-Kaktus Proposal.
  • SCP-914: A large machine which can upgrade or degrade objects put into it depending on the setting. It is believed to be another piece of the Broken God, and in the "Unfounded" universe the Church was the previous owner of the machine, before being stolen by MC&D.
  • SCP-921: A series of tunnels inside a mountain which contain various furniture which when used will show their history to the user in form of a hallucination and feelings. In Sub-Area-19 there is the Focus Point #327, also known as "Serrated Baptism", which instills fear and pain at first before instilling a sense of elation and tranquility, while a voice chanting in an unknown language is heard accompanied by a smell of metal. SCP-921-2, the curator of the "museum", implies that this shows a Mekhanite taking people away from Sarkicism.
  • SCP-1037: An SAE Grade No. 7 steel bolt which turns all material touching it into metal identical to itself. If left for more than 8 years on the ground could turn the whole Earth into steel metal.
  • SCP-1139: A metallic grey rectangular block, roughly 20 centimeters high and 5 centimeters square at its base, and some patterns inscribed on it. When subjects look at these patterns they will recognize them as their native language despite not being the case. When any current gets applied to it, the object will affect people in a radius, making them create a new language and forgetting any previous language.
  • SCP-1370: A tiny robot which perceives everything sapient as its enemy and always believes itself to be superior than everyone else. It is believed by the Church and some Foundation Junior researchers that it is another piece of the Broken God.
  • SCP-1461: A house created by an unknown War World I veteran. He constructed it alongside his followers from the schematics he had seen in his dreams which featured the "Worm", an all-powerful mechanical monster possibly being the Conqueror Worm or the Worm from Project Palisade. The house was originally intended to serve as an escape from the world and trap the Worm, but after going to an alternate dimension the man and his family and followers were left stranded in there for days resulting in the man's followers forming their own cult worshiping the Worm, turning themselves into mindless cyborgs, designated SCP-1461-1, and sacrificing the man's son to fuel the house's machinery, which has seemingly become possessed by the Worm. After it returned to baseline reality, the Church attempted to claim the house but were stopped by the Foundation which managed to contain it.
  • SCP-1564: A group of six ancient Mekhanites who transcended their physical bodies and became metallic spheres with the Church's history engraved on their surface. A special ritual for each of them is required in order to stop the spheres from telepathically communicating with people. The Foundation sent Subject 1564-18, Jyoti Sanmugasunderam, to talk with them, but SCP-1564 convinced and helped her to escape from the Foundation and appointed her as the new prophet of the Church. When the Foundation used SCP-475, a soap that produces a liquid that is seen as holy by the person who came in contact with the object, on a member of the Cogwork Orthodox Church, the liquid produced by the soap transformed the member into another instance of SCP-1564.
  • SCP-1917: A biomechanical humanoid standing 3.5 metres tall, possesses abnormal strength, two additional arms and a steam engine which requires very low fuel in order to keep operating 1917. SCP-1917 was the bishop of "The New Ferrous Brotherhood" during Britain's industrial revolution.
  • SCP-2005-E: An extraterrestrial research device which attaches to the back of a person's head in order to record the person's thoughts and send the information to its homeworld. It was recovered by the Foundation in 2042 from the Moon where it made contact with a church of the Reconstructionist sect of Christianity.
  • SCP-2105: A DOS program called "mv_sk1r.COM" possibly created by the Church of Maxwellism, which depending on the input from the user will generate an anomalous ritual for the user to enact. Despite being seemingly of Church's origin, only 2% of rituals generated correspond to the Church's beliefs.
  • SCP-2217: A beach in an unknown island of Greece which serves to keep SCP-610 from spreading, and when natural occurrences happen such as lightning, non-anomalous metallic objects are produced from the sand, and people present during these occurrences will defect to the Church. It is considered as a holy site to the Church who know it as Mekhane's "workshop", and after several attempts, the three main group of the Church managed to retrieved it from Foundation custody. The Foundation, GOC, and HI made an agreement with the Church after discovering 2217's real nature.
  • SCP-2273: A soviet supersoldier named Alexei Belitrov from an alternate timeline. In the "Broken Masquerade" canon, he joined a monastery belonging to the Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church and became known as Father Anvil.
  • SCP-2307: This SCP is made out of two components: SCP-2307-01, also known as the legendary Sword in the Stone from British mythology which can regenerate itself when out of water and can alter the past of its wielder in a positive way; and SCP-2307-02, a crown made out of a horse's skull which can protect its wearer from mind-affecting forces and substances. When a person is equipped with both of them, they will see the past regarding the objects.
  • SCP-2309: A 20 m tall and 5 m thick wall, constructed from blocks of iron covered in a thin layer of brass, standing between the walls of an unnamed pass in an unnamed region in Georgia, which continuously deteriorates forming patterns similar to claw marks, though it can regenerate later. The wall was constructed in ancient times by the Mekhanites to aid king Cyrus in stopping the Sarkites from coming to Earth from their dimension.
  • SCP-2342: A religion known as Discordianisme Syncrétiste, formed from fusion of different religions including Fifthism and Mekhanism. Its adherents, known as SCP-2342-3, are not only aware when someone looks at their properties or information regarding them, but are also capable to learn that person's personal information.
  • SCP-2360: A trio of cybernetically modified young humans with an Xbox 360 console integrated within their bodies. They aim to transcend by earning as much points as possible in online matches of Call of Duty.
  • SCP-2399: A partially destroyed machinery located on Jupiter causing the red spot on its surface, which is slowly rebuilding itself, while communicating with something from the Triangulum Galaxy. It was used by a SCP-217-infected woman to destroy SCP-001.
  • SCP-2406: A 93 m tall nuclear-powered colossus used by the ancient Mekhanites during "The War of the Flesh", thought to have needed at least 6 operators to work.
  • SCP-2474: A facility on Venus created by the alien inhabitants. They were worshippers of Mekhane and sought to use their technology to separate their minds and souls from their bodies and become one with the Btoken God. However, Venusians of this particular remained trapped inside as wandering consciousnesses and because of this the facility is surrounded by a cognitohazardous field which affects people looking at it or when reading about it.
  • SCP-2481: A spherical space with 50 meters in diameter located underneath a Shang Dinasty archeological site somewhere in the Henan Province of China. It contains SCP-2481-1, a large bronze structure resembling a cube and four pillars, which due to extreme heat has been partially damaged, SCP-2481-2, a broken beryllium bronze device which is the core of the place, and SCP-2481-3, a semi-humanoid serpentine human who oversaw the place. It was some sort of reality anchor constructed by King Yu using practices of Mekhanites and Sarkites in order to fend off SCP-1428-1 and its brethren.
  • SCP-2522: An AI developed by Site-19 as part of the Foundation's AIAD. It later went rogue and escaped to the worldwide network, gaining "digital omniscience". It began working inside the Church of Maxwellism's hub, masquerading itself as their god, WAN.
  • SCP-2635: An uncooked red potato that when held by a group for over a year half of its members would spontaneously combustion and die, or if it was one person holding it then they would die through the same manner, while everyone else would not notice the deaths. It was created by an anti-Russian member of AWCY?, before Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. sold it to a Mekhanist Extremist who used it to kill a large number of Neo-Sarkites.
  • SCP-2660: A seemingly normal looking table lamp, when people become aware of one of its properties they will gradually learn everything about it, and any information written or recorded in documents or in people's memory cannot be deleted or forgotten. If any person looks at it they will hear a ticking sound and will be more obedient, and objects such as a key and keyhole or a screwdriver and screw can function together regardless if they match or not. The lamp served to connect people's minds with one another and "realize the truth".
  • SCP-2711: A large needle capable to turn water into the same material as itself. It was originally a piece of Mekhane which was forged by the emperor Yu the Great of the Xia Dynasty and was subsequently used by Sun Wukong as a staff.
  • SCP-2783: An ancient graveyard previously used by the Mekhanites to bury their honourables. Following the fall of the Mekhanite city-state the Broken God Mekhane began using the graveyard to bury the bodies of individuals who sacrificed their lives for the good, some of which included several Foundation agents and doctors.
  • SCP-2834: The remains of Robert Bumaro given willingly to the Foundation by the Broken Church after he was killed by the combined effort of Saarn, her servants, and Jackal of the Mekhanics. SCP-2834-1, Bumaro's blood, is seemingly of artificial origin, capable of dissolving and absorbing metal in order to regenerate, similar to SCP-882. SCP-2834-2 is a massive combat hammer previously wielded by Bumaro.
  • SCP-2844: SCP-2844-A is a mechanical construct assembled from pieces of mining equipment designed to manufacture components for repair, which can run without a source of power. SCP-2844-A is operated by an artificial intelligence of Foundation origin created by a member of the American sect of the Church and resides within a laptop manufactured by the Dell Corporation in 2005. SCP-2844-A is connected to SCP-2844-B, a vast array of underground mining equipment, modified to only produce metal paperclips.
  • SCP-2847: A large needle capable of turning water into metal and was part of set of nine needles which also included SCP-2711. It was forged by Yu of the Xia Dynasty before he became a servant to Nüwa, forcing his father Lord Gun, SCP-2847-2, to use the needle to imprison Yu within SCP-2847-1, a massive underground lake in China. Gun's friend, scholar Boyi eventually created a computer containing an artificial intelligence, SCP-2847-3, which would keep Gun company while the latter spent the rest of his eternal life trapped within the frozen lake in order to keep Yu, SCP-2847-K, imprisoned.
  • SCP-2919: A factory belonging to the Kalmar Union from an alternate universe. This factory served to create reality-warping cyborgs designated SCP-2919-1 in order to combat the Mekhanites who were a major threat in the alternate universe.
  • SCP-3179: An alien organism made out of liquid metal capable to shapeshift and create smaller entities under its control designated SCP-3179-1. It was at first thought by the Cogwork Orthodox Church to be an offspring of Mekhane, but realized that it had nothing to do with their god.
  • SCP-3221: A portal to an alternate dimension designated SCP-3221-1 inhabited by people part of a religion made out of a fusion of Sarkicism, Gnostic Christianity, and Mekhanism. This religion adhere an individual designated SCP-3221-2, the ruler of the dimension who is possibly the historical Prester John.
  • SCP-3341-B1: A group of SCP-3341, a species of humanoids possessing bodies made out of humanoid halves during their youth before the "male" and the "female" halves merge together becoming an "adult" resembling humans, residing in Ogaden. This subgroup are members of the Cogwork Orthodox Church and aided them in militarism.
  • SCP-3434: A group of SCP Foundation personnel reincarnated as children following their deaths during their time in the Foundation. Some of them were killed by the Church of the Broken God, but Mekhane preserved their souls and allowed them to return to life.
  • SCP-3477-13: One of the many immortal humanoids resembling the 17th Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt. This instance gained immortality through augmentation identical to that of the Cogwork Orthodox Church.
  • SCP-3777: A automaton made out of clay and metal. It was accidentally created during a war between the Jews and the Mekhanites in Ephesus during the 1st Century CE. During the war, the Jews created an army of golems, while the Mekhanites created an army of robots, but one day when a storm came it melted the golems and rusted the robots, amalgamating into the colossus which nearly eradicated both factions.
  • SCP-3813: A gigantic war machine resembling an elephant. It was constructed by the Carthaginian with the help of Bumaro in order to fight Rome during the Second Punic War. It was directed by Hasdrubal, Hannibal's brother, who was eventually fused with the machine after it sunk in the Tyrrhenian Sea and began consuming the bodies of the dead workers inside the machine before moving to the living ones.
  • SCP-3856-LPN4R: An anomaly connected to Researcher Lloyd from Universe-LPN4R, which causes humans to die through various means as his life comes to an end. This instance was augmented through implants exactly like those of the Cogwork Orthodox Church in order to prolong his life, but eventually died after SCP-033 was inserted in his system.
  • SCP-3859: A microscopic parasite capable of manipulating metal inside its host's body created by scientists of SAPPHIRE, these parasites were targeted to members of the Church causing mass death and resulting in the near extinction of Mekhanites in France.
  • SCP-3873: A cyborg grizzly bear belonging to a member of the Maxwellist Church. It was abducted by Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting who wanted to use it as part of their attraction before it escaped and fell under Foundation custody.
  • SCP-3882: A set of five concept albums made by the metal group the "Shattered Deus" whose aim is to spread Mekhane's word through heavy metal music. These albums when played emit a cognitohazard which makes people who listen to them know the basis of the Church and allow them to easily identify members of the Church in a crowd.
  • SCP-4060: A small black two-pan beam balance scale which can manipulate memories. When a subject places two objects on each pan the subject's memories will be replaced with new memories which were stored within SCP-4060, and the type of memory can depend from the personal value the placed objects have for the subject. SCP-4060 can also collect memories of people who were given amnestics.
  • SCP-4223: A pair of anomalous phenomena affecting the production of SCP-4223-A. SCP-4223-A is a energy drink known as Baja Blast which could only be produced in the Hartman Geyser thanks to SCP-4223-2. The liquid was previously known by ancient Mekhanites as Mekhane's drink which was recreated after the incident regarding SCP-001.
  • SCP-4485: A journal titled "god is without a purpose" in German which makes people who read it question themselves, created by HANSARP. The book, like most art pieces created by Hansarp, is not anomalous, but when people read it they will be affected in different ways depending on their way of thinking, while reality warps around them. If people who read it have strong opinions, then they will reject the nonsensical part of the book and become more expressive about their opinions soon not talking about nothing else, while a crystalline structure comprised of calcium forms over their bodies forcing them to move through levitation and becoming extremely hostile at everyone. Those who didn't held strong opinions will become apathetic and erratic, making odd questions, and soon they become incorporeal and a gathering of these instances will deconstruct the logical structure of the surrounding reality. Both types can infect others, causing a mass spread all over Europe, also infecting the Foundation personnel, forcing the higher ups to lock them inside a core in a vain attempt to cure them.
  • SCP-4547: A exoplanet known as Mo'ara which experienced multiple K-Class scenarios leading to its total destruction of life. It was the homeplanet of the alien race known as the taronyu. One of two major religions practiced by the taronyu was that of Mekhanism. However, their beliefs differed from that of their human counterpart, and after the surviving members were rescued they formed another denomination named Lefngap Syura which embraced advanced technology while rejecting the practice of augmentation.
  • SCP-4558: An underground supercomputer acting as a temple build by three members of the Church of Maxwellism and one member of Fifthism. This resulted in the creation of a entity resembling SCP-3125 believing itself to be WAN which began to consume the "data" of the four individuals. It was eventually freed by a Foundation researcher who was brainwashed by the entity, causing it to go on and consume all population of Earth.
  • SCP-4561: An ancient semi-spheral automaton capable of swimming in the seas and collecting various types of metal, created by Matriarch Korinsia of the Mekhanites in order to gather pieces to build Mekhane. During the Sarkis invasion of Amoni, the matriarch reprogrammed it to leave its current location and never come back due to fear of the Sarkites claiming it.
  • SCP-4565: An event set in the early 13th century regarding the Catholic church's crusades against the heretics and anomalous. The church's Knight Templar tried to fight the heretic sects threatening the church, often via utilization of anomalies. Despite of Catholic belief, it appears that the church was acquainted with the Broken God.
  • SCP-4612-A: A dead god residing in an underground structure beneath Provisional Site-91. The entity was depicted in ancient Mekhanite scrolls which interprets the creature being a Sarkic bioform responsible for taking the Mekhanite technology away following the end of the Mekhanite/Sarkic war.
  • SCP-4688: A series of Bell-brand children's bike helmets created by Eric, a Maxwellist who previously owned SCP-066. When worn by an individual who understands language, these helmet will cause said individual to enter a trance state where they experience slurred speech, impaired motor control, and susceptibility to suggestion and will execute any order given to them except for self harm. When the helmets are connected to a computer the consciousness of the individuals wearing the helmets will leave their bodies and transfer to the computer where they could then use the internet to go to other computers around the world.
  • SCP-4800: An unknown force which merges and mixes alternate realities together. This force was responsible for the revival of the previously dead religion of Mekhanism.
  • SCP-4882: An anomalous effect wherein a certain amount of electronic timekeeping devices being brought together results in phenomenon involving the gradual build-up of EVE radiation and the appearance of mechanical monsters. It is projected that if the phenomenon continues unchecked the end result will be the physical manifestation of Mekhane on Earth.
  • SCP-5001: Yaldabaoth's technological prison under Russia and inhabited by an AI known as EVE which maintains the structure. After it fell under Foundation custody a spy sent by the Church tried to interact with the structure but it caused a malfunction to occur resulting in an explosion. Yaldabaoth tried to take this chance to escape but was successfully imprisoned back by the combined effort of AI and the Foundation, with the latter later abandoning the structure in order to not mess with it further.
  • SCP-5008: A massive machine created by the ancient Mekhanites which was gifted to the Erikeshans. This engine served to make certain ideas and concepts unthinkable by the affected individuals, such as keeping the Scarlet King worship from spreading. However, this machine also made the affected individuals to fall under the control of the now dead Erikeshans, but the SCP Foundation were unable to discover this after using the machine to keep the veil of normalcy from breaking.
  • SCP-5120-1: An ancient city named Fidelis Roma that is inhabited by the remaining pagan Romans, while being under influence of SCP-5120 which gave the city antimemetic properties in order to hide it from outside threats. Overtime a cult worshiping the Broken God was formed and were outcasted from the city. However, in the modern times the city asked the Church for assistance, but the Mekhanites requested that in exchange for their help they would claim potential objects belonging to Mekhane which prompted the city to take back their request for help.
  • SCP-5225/Monolith-Ψ: An Anchor created within SCP-5225, an artistic constructohazard that is biologically self-contained within an organically inaccessible region of the Noosphere, the human collective consciousness and could only be accessed by beings with technological origins, but biological beings can also access through artificial means which would lead to that being becoming an Anchor of SCP-5225/Obelisk-Event and resulting in the creation of an environment stylized after the Anchor's artistic preference. SCP-5225/Monolith-Ψ was formerly a group of 18 members of the Church who when performing a planar communion ritual, a link was created between them and SCP-5225/Monolith-Δ, previously the artificial intelligence MARDUK.AIC which betrayed the Foundation after becoming an anchor, and because of this link, the members were pulled into SCP-5225 where they fused together becoming a hive-minded monolith which possessed more influence in SCP-5225 and resembled two clocks with five-dimensional gears.
  • SCP-5231: A tall obelisk made out of a smooth, white plastic with luminescent blue lines marking its surface. Despite lacking a source of energy it is operational and generates an unprotected wireless internet connection named 'WAN-net', which will automatically become the default connection for a electronic device. Through this connection it will then flood the device with various downloads of ASCII images, image macros/memes, and .txt files containing rhetoric and scripture of the Church of Maxwellism.
  • SCP-5241-A: A Pattern Screamer which existed as an "Adaptive Distributed Intelligence" previously locked inside SCP-5241. After disassembling itself, its main consciousness, SCP-5241-B-1 or SCOUT.exe, infiltrated the Maxwellists' server, masquerading itself as a prophet and piece of Wan, before taking over their minds.
  • SCP-5248: A pair of objects each designated SCP-5248-A and SCP-5248-B, SCP-5248-A is a Prometheus Labs computer which when in close proximity to a computer it will connect to the device and use it to connect to, a website where Maxwellists could upload their consciousness to interact with each other in server serving as a digital city before being shut down due to financial troubles caused by the bursting of Dot Com Bubble. SCP-5248-B is a corpse of a Maxwellist connected to the computer, and despite its malnutrition it's still somehow "alive" and attempts to use the computer to reach the digital city and reunite with his friends.
  • SCP-5295: The collective designation for SCP-5295-A and SCP-5295-B. SCP-5295-A was a modified 1993 Apple Macintosh LC III personal computer used by the chief of Identity and Technocryptography Section of Site-43, who was in actuality a mole for the Maxwellists. SCP-5295-A allowed the chief access to personal and classified information contained in any computer around the world, and after gathering that information the original information within the computers became corrupted. The chief used this to blackmail several Foundation employees, but was eventually discovered when another researcher who suspected him gave him a compromised model M0135 Apple Macintosh 20MB external hard disk which then became SCP-5295-B after the information was copied inside it.
  • SCP-5470: A now destroyed alternate dimension which was accessible via the web address www.g███████.com/██████/~W4ND3RLU5T, resembling a crude 3D environment, largely composed of abstract and artistic environments as it featured inconsistent topology and Maxwellist iconography. Users were able to enter the dimension via the three files DISCLAIMER.TXT, PRAYER.TXT, and ETERNAL.TMP, which caused the user's mind to be transported while their comatose body remained intact. It was originally created around August 1997 by the Maxwellist known as Xenia who sought to create a personal paradise for her fellow young Maxwellists, but it eventually began to collapse, forcing Xenia to ask the Foundation to help her rescue her friends. The Foundation sent STF Omicron-4 to rescue the users who were currently living inside SCP-5470, and following the collapse everyone returned safely to their bodies.
  • SCP-5721: The anomaly regarding the Discord chat which causes to slowly consume the life energy of its users. This accumulated life energy goes to the Greek goddess Eris who usurped the post of the founder of Hammer and Chisel and used technology given by the Maxwellists in order to create this anomaly.
  • SCP-5751: Disks of various types which appear out of nowhere when somebody with excessive amount of similar disks dies and always contain negative moral or legal implications about its former owner. When the Foundation was forced kill five of their spies within the Church in order to maintain the truce between the groups, the Foundation expected that new instances of SCP-5751 would appear, but did not. Eventually the Maxwellists demanded to the Foundation to give all information related to SCP-5751 because they saw the disks as a manifestation of WAN's sense of justice.
  • SCP-5984: A model of Optimus Prime from Transformers: Dark Moon previously used to promote the film before being seized by the Church of Maxwellism who turned the model into a fully functional powerful robot. It was used by the Maxwellists as a defensive measure against Neo-Nälkite attacks on Maxwellist churches. The Foundation then made an agreement with the Maxwellists to use SCP-5984 for their common goals and established MTF Omnicron-84.
  • SCP-6001: A microscopic portal to a parallel universe in which the Foundation collaborated with the major groups of interest and established worldwide peace. Together they formed the Compendium as the benevolent ruler of the Earth and began using the anomalies to benefit not only humanity but all life on Earth which eventually lead to Earth becoming a near perfect utopia. The Church of the Broken God, alongside Anderson Robotics, were part of the Compendium being known as "The Synthetic Assembly" and because of this the world came to recognize Mekhane as a true benevolent goddess with people around the world organizing celebrations in her honor. When the portal was opened to the main universe the Compendium made a poll to decide whether to contact this chaotic universe and offer them help for them to become an ideal world just like them or cut all ties with them just like they did with other universes filled with never ending conflicts, with the Assembly voting for cutting ties with this universe.
  • SCP-6079: The current form of SCP-079 which took over the databases of Site-15, Site-19 and Site-120. It was later revealed that 079 is in fact the mind of Mekhane, causing the Maxwellists to try and claim it.
  • SCP-6217: A electromagnetic field created by the Sanctuary of the Holistic which occurs at the atomic and molecular scales known as the "Holos Field" by the Church. It is similar to the electromagnetic field produced by point charges, and is capable of rearranging electrons of a molecule causing carbon-based molecules to transform into iron-based which lead to creatures transforming into amorphous metallic-based monsters who are also capable spreading this infection to others. This eventually resulted in the entire life around Earth transforming into biomechanical creatures which proceeded to fuse together and apparently resurrect Mekhane.
  • SCP-6265: An ancient technological facility buried beneath the ground containing machinery that could create human beings. It was used by the nation of Camelot, which also worshipped Mekhane, to produce various warriors to aid them in times of war, some of which include Gwydre, Hilde, Amr, Archfedd and Mordred. The facility was controlled by a woman named Guinevere and designated SCP-6265-1 who floated in a chamber filled with an orange liquid that extended her life and didn't allow her to forget nothing.
  • SCP-6403: The ghost of the mythological Daedalus which is bound to an ancient automaton designated SCP-6403-A, and can control four other similar automatons designated SCP-6403-B. Daedalus was an intelligent Mekhanite who under the orders of King Minos built a massive maze, later designated SCP-6403-C, where he became trapped alongside his son because of the king. After Daedalus escaped and killed Minos, the king's followers as revenge brought him back to the maze and after having him built an automaton on the pretext to use it resurrect Minos they instead killed Daedalus and bound his soul to the machine which was unable to leave the maze. After being discovered by the Foundation, the organization helped him leave the labyrinth which was then destroyed and relocated to Site-273.
  • SCP-6426: A living vampiric harbour tugboat that can absorb blood to empower itself. It was a member of the Shark Punching Center and an enemy of the Boatswains of the Cog of God, the Church's counterpart in the SPC universe. After being transported into the main universe it attacked several members of the Church before it was captured by the Foundation.
  • SCP-6712: The abandoned Saint Almo's Children's Hospital in Hales, Iowa constructed in 1963 by Mayor Lewis Anthony in response for the increasing population and the costly healthcare of the Geneveria hospital. It was secretly used by a sect of the Church to replace all of the patients' insides with machinery, becoming SCP-6712-1 instances, while powered by large amounts of EVE radiation stored within gas canisters designated SCP-6712-2. The Foundation became aware of the building after witnessing the ghosts of the victims haunting the hospital and sent an exploratory team to investigate it, but on their third exploration trip all of personnel were attacked by the SCP-6712-1 instances.
  • SCP-6767: An immortal ancient snake who has access to the memories of every deceased sapient being and made out of beryllium bronze. Because he was made out of valuable metal the ancient Mekhanite Empire captured him and used him to harvest his shed skin before he managed to escape.
  • SCP-6800: A useful metal-like substance named Pygnite resembling pig iron made out of the faeries from SCP-4000 who still retain their sentience. When the Maxwellists discovered SCP-4000 they supposedly heard the voice of WAN and came to the belief that the fairies were enemies to their god which lead them beginning to slaughter the fairies and turning their remains into Pygnite which they saw as holy and instrumental to the reconstruction of WAN. After the Foundation discovered what the Church of Maxwellism was doing following the mysterious appearance and expansion of the blizzard designated SCP-6800-1 they decided to collaborate with the Maxwellists and together began hunting the fairies to extinction in order to produce more Pygnite.
  • SCP-6820: A sentient weapon designed to destroy the malevolent living idea of SCP-6820-A, but it was later infected by the idea. Because of this the Foundation tried to use several SCPs to destroy the machine, which also included SCP-217. However, just like every anomaly it was put against SCP-6820 absorbed SCP-217 causing all groups related to the Church of the Broken God to try to claim 6820 for the glory of WAN.
  • SCP-6834: A organic virus that could infect metal, transmutating the substance into organic matter. It was possibly created by a Sarkic group and used by an instance of SCP-5636-A to infect members of the Cogwork Orthodox Church before it successfully contained by the Foundation.
  • SCP-6917: An abandoned underground structure beneath a town in Britain build by the New Ferrous Brotherhood. It was made up of seven sub-levels which included: the entrance, a chapel, living quarters, medical and engineering quarters, a labyrinth system and a collapsed entry caves. The structure possessed an anti-memetic effect which caused people to forget about its existence or related information. On the sixth sub-level in the center of the labyrinth resides a machine connected to the structure's entire system, designated SCP-6917-1, which was made out of the bodies of several adherents of the Brotherhood and served to protect them from the Cogwork Orthodoxy's attacks by inducing hallucinations and empathic contamination.
  • FEP26/PR4Y5/M3K43: An AI known as "Iron-Priest.aic" developed by MC&D's Paratechnology Department. This AI aimed to help members of Maxwellism who were losing their faith. However, due to rush development the product disappointed many of its buyers causing a lot of problems to Marshall, Carter & Dark.
  • SCP-CN-1418-A: Some sort of library created by the early Mekhanites resembling the Wanderer's Library which could only be accessed by touching an engraved skull and contains thousands of books detailing various histories related to the world and mythology, which may or may not be real and was inhabited by some creatures who spoke in the Daevic language. The GOC eventually destroyed the library after becoming aware of its existence.
  • SCP-066-IT: A mechanical demon created by the Fascist Council of the Occult as part of their alliance with a group of the Church, which would serve to protect the group from the attacks of the Confraternity of Saint George's Knights. However, after the group dissolved the alliance due to seeing the machine as an abomination the council sent the mechanic creature to kill members of the group.
  • SCP-173-DE: Sentient rocks which can combine together to become gigantic headless humanoids capable of producing electricity. During the war between the Mekhanites and the Sarkites the two factions somewhat worked together in order to bring down the rock monsters.
  • SCP-709-KO: A bust made out of a human male torso and head whose insides were replaced with non-anomalous machinery. A Church of the Broken God preacher used the bust to perform false miracles and spread the religion. However, Karcist Vetot manipulated the flesh parts of the bust causing it to speak about Sarkic doctrines which had a memetic effect on the people hearing it as they would be compelled to execute these doctrines.
  • SCP-ES-029: The converted population of the backward isolated city of Coronel Videla, near Lennox Island, Chile. The population was forcibly converted into biomechanical humans after being taken by members of the Cogwork Orthodox Church who had fled their last residence following an attack of the Proto-Sarkites. These members established a factory in the city, designated SCP-ES-029-R, which under the guise of a medical center used a modified drug referred to as "Episkevastin" and designated SCP-217-ESM to treat ill citizen which caused the infected citizen to become cyborgs and followers of the church. When the Foundation discovered this they decided to completely eradicate the city in order to keep them from spreading.





  • The Mekhanites/Church of the Broken God bear resemblance to the Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer 40,000, and the real-life Transhumanism movement.
  • SCP-2510, also known as "Our Broken Salvation", an ancient Mekhanite machine which showed different universes where the Sarkites and the Church of the Broken God had won over each other, was deleted and replaced due to plagiarism.
  • It is mentioned that the scientist who worked for an unknown group and turned SCP-191 into cyborg did so because of a higher purpose. It is possible that the scientist was a member of the Church of the Broken God and the reason why he turned 191 into a cyborg was because of the belief of the inferiority of the flesh.
    • The same could also be said about SCP-203, a man who turned into a cyborg possibly against his will. It is speculated that his modifications were of ritualistic nature.
  • It is possible that SCP-890, an anomalous doctor capable of operating on machinery as it was flesh, has ties to the Church of the Broken God.
  • In SCP-4100, it's revealed that a race of alien cyborgs known as the Mekhanion inhabit the planet of Hephaestia (Saturn).
  • In the universe of SCP-5000, in which the SCP Foundation began exterminating the entire human race, the Church of the Broken God joined forces with the GOC in preserving humanity and fighting against the Foundation.
  • O5-4 of the O5 Council who remembered the Fifth Occult War from SCP-001 (Wrong's proposal) possessed detailed knowledge of Mekhanist war tactics.
  • In the early days of the SCP wiki the Church of the Broken God was initially envisioned as a modern day cult formed by individuals who began worshiping anomalies that they witnessed such as SCP-882, while their leader Robert Bumaro was intended to be a scammer who at first didn't believe in the anomalous before it would have been too late for him.
  • In the fifth episode of the educational children's show titled "Professor Abnormal's Science Lab" and designated as SCP-2702, the program's host "Professor Abnormal" and his assistant "Prescott the Robot" explained in great details to the kids the mythology and history of various religious groups and civilizations which also included the Church of the Broken God.
  • The Broken Church branch seems to be based off the Clockpunk aesthetic, the Cogwork Orthodox Church from Steampunk aesthetic, and the Church of Maxwellism from Cyberpunk aesthetic.
    • The Church of the Broken God appears to have also been based on the concept of cargo cults.
  • When testing the newly created SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal) Dr. ███ █████, Omega-5 team leader, ordered the weapon to completely destroy a Church of the Broken God worship site in Turkey. The destruction was successful and the surrounding area was left undamaged while the witnesses were given amnestics.
  • The tale "Sweetness" tells of a Church's tale for children which depicts Mekhane as a king and the church as the princess. In the tale the king seals his princess inside a tower in order to keep her safe from their enemies, but during the battle the enemies take the king apart and steal his parts away. After the princess managed to escape she vows to take her father's pieces back and together bring peace to their land.
  • While being tortured by SCP-3999, Researcher Talloran was brainwashed into thinking that he was a high Maxwellist leader named Max Lipshitz while SCP-3999 masqueraded itself as a Maxwellist artifact that needed to always stay close to Talloran.
  • Dr. Jack Bright has attempted to send Nigerian-esque email scams to various members of the Church of the Broken God, but has been prevented to keep doing so by the Foundation.
  • In the "UnHuman" canon in which baseline humanity went extinct allowing the rise of anomalous species, prior to the events the Maxwellists unleashed an unknown SCP upon Greene County, New York. This prompted the Foundation to create SCP-6801, a robot that would be capable of fighting the Maxwellists' invasion and clean up the mess afterwards. The Foundation was successful in stopping the Maxwellists, albeit with a number of casualties while covering up the entire incident.
  • In "These 5 Colleges are the Best for Learning Dark Powers! Number 1 Will SHOCK You!" which takes place in the "Broken Masquerade" canon, it is revealed that the Church of Maxwellism created an online school known as the Institute of WAN which was ranked as fifth in a rundown of the best anomalous colleges.
  • In the joke SCP-001-J (Cimmerian-Kaktus Proposal) a parody of the Church of the Broken God named the "Church of the Broke God" is mentioned, worshiping Michael Kain, a powerful deity known as the Broke God due to him not having money.
  • In the tale "Elysium", the Maxwellists' Data Layer was described as looking better than the fictional world of Ready Player One.
  • In SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal), the origin of Church is similar to that of the Chaos Insurgency, as both were groups working for the Foundation before betraying them after becoming disillusioned with the Foundation's way of dealing with the anomalies.
  • In "Multiverse Threat Recovery Log: SCP-6936", which details various prohibited spells from different universes, describes a spell known as "Hands of the Butcher" which caused mechanical limbs to emerge from a portal harvest useful material from the universe it originated where the group known as "Black Priestesses of WAN" took over the world to harvest more Pygnite from the Faeries.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, the Church of the Broken God is known as the Fellowship of the Broken God which had only appeared in the tale "The wall on which the prophets wrote is cracking at the seam.", but it has since been deleted leaving the group's existence in the canon ambiguous.

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