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The smith answers only to god, for his hands repair his body.
~ Robert Bumaro
Individuality is the file system through which our Lord is compiled.
~ Words_Of_The_Prophet.txt

The Church of the Broken God is a religious cult that believes in the superiority of machines and the weakness of natural flesh and blood. They are one of the main enemies of the SCP Foundation.

The "Broken God" the cult worships is Mekhane.

Belief System

The Church of the Broken God worships and partakes in the process of mechanization, as they believe that natural life is inherently evil. Many members of the church partake in the mechanization of their bodies as a way to make themselves better in the eyes of their god.

They believe there were two gods: Yaldabaoth, the god of flesh and basic animal instinct, and Mekhane, the god of machine and intellect. Together they created mankind. Yaldabaoth gave man their shape and bodies. Mekhane gave man thought and intelligence. Humanity grew powerful and began to create vast civilizations and wonderful machines. Yaldabaoth soon grew wrathful that humanity was leaving the instincts that she gave them. Yaldabaoth tried to destroy mankind's creations so they would once more be animals as she intended.

To save humanity Mekhane shattered himself and used his broken body to craft a cage to hold Yaldabaoth. Mekhane’s fragments fell to Earth in many forms of technology so that one day he may be repaired. Yaldabaoth left six archons in the city of Adytum to prepare for when she finally escapes her prison. Now, Mekhane is broken, waiting for his faithful to make him whole once more so he may lead them to glory while Yaldabaoth rages against a weakening cage where her children seep through the cracks. Her faithful prepare for her return so they may return man to the dark ages.

The church seeks to repair their god through mechanical and technological means, ranging from machines to put the god back together to artificial intelligence or robotic bodies that the god can occupy. However, they believe that anybody constructed must be perfect and worthy, or their god will not use it.


Robert Bumaro, current leader of the Church of the Broken God.

While the origins of the church and the religion practiced within are unknown, evidence of its existence has been found dating back to the times of ancient Greece and were known back then as the Mekhanites. The main faction is "The Broken Church" (GOI-004A), which is led by "His Holiness Robert Bumaro, Builder of the Broken God", who has held the title since 1946.

Two other major factions have emerged as well over the course of history:

During the Industrial Revolution, the "Cogwork Orthodox Church" arose and began the process of mechanization for religious purposes. They believed that the addition of mechanical components onto their bodies would help them reach a new type of understanding and allow them to physically mirror their god. Because of the noise from their mechanical implants, the other two factions call them "Tickers".

The "Church of Maxwellism" arose in the more modern day, having a different interpretation. They abandoned the idea of severe mechanical modification in favor of smaller implants that were more advanced. This sect believed that their god's consciousness was fragmented as data throughout electronics and the Internet. To symbolize this and try to help their god piece its mind back together, the church began modifications I the brain to turn all members of the church into a collective consciousness. Due to their use of computer fan noise as a meditative aid, members are often referred to as "Hummers".

Relationship with other anomalous factions

In their many illegal experiments and modifications, the Church of the Broken God has either created or acquired SCPs for religious use, many of them unwilling and held against their will. The church has acted violently to the Foundation and is considered a true enemy of their efforts.

Despite this, the Foundation has formed as secret alliance with the church against the rising threat Sarkicism. Other groups that are part of this alliance are the Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative. The alliance between these four groups is called "Triumvirate".

At first the ancient Mekhanites have had a friendly relationship with the Daevites. However, the relationship soon turned sour and the two factions warred against each other, with the Mekhanites originally destroying the evil civilization.

SCP's Associated with the Church

  • FEP26/PR4Y5/M3K43: An AI known as "Iron-Priest.aic" developed by Marshall, Carter & Dark ltd.'s Paratechnology Department. This AI aimed to help members of Maxwellism who were losing their faith. However, due to rush development the product disappointed many of its buyers causing a lot of problems to Marshall, Carter & Dark.
  • SCP-001 (The Broken God): An SCP-001 proposal that describes a time where the Church succeeded in reconstructing their god, but it went out of control due to them using a fake heart.
  • SCP-073: Son of the first man, the Serpent's Hand believe that he is some sort of messiah figure for the church and that he shall be the one to reassemble Mekhane.
  • SCP-184: An object which expands the interior of any room which contains it. It is seen as holy figure by the Church.
  • SCP-217: An infection that slowly turns organisms into machines.
  • SCP-222: A series of tunnels located in the Dolomites Mountains, near Aviano, Italy, which contains several coffins. When a person is put inside a particular coffin, within 24 hours a clone of the person is found wandering the tunnels. The Church used this to create several members for the Church.
  • SCP-271: A sentient metal disk with the ability to escape any containment.
  • SCP-507: A dimension hopper, he probably was a member of the church, since gave some metal for SCP-882 to consume.
  • SCP-629: A brass robot with interchanging parts, created by Dr. Wondertainment. Was captured by the church and worshiped as a part of their god before being captured by the Foundation.
  • SCP-635: SCP-635-1 are a collection of illuminated manuscripts containing scriptures of modern technology dating from the 13th Century created by an unknown doctor of an unknown university in Ireland. When people read these manuscripts they will be compelled to use the knowledge gained from the manuscripts to build a robot designated SCP-635-2. If the newly build SCP-635-2 is functional it will proceed to build other instances of SCP-635-2. In those rare occasions in which these instances are all functional they will build SCP-635-3, a more advanced robot capable of retrieving the remaining data from the documents, direct and manage instances of 635-2, also build other robots and if two instances of SCP-635-3 are build they will build together SCP-635-4.
  • SCP-808: A semi-humanoid mechanical effigy constructed with machinery from different manufacturers, it is capable of releasing a high-pitched whine while running which forces non-technological machinery into running. It was originally constructed by the Church in France as a musician for the celebration of the return of the Broken God.
  • SCP-813: A spherical glass-looking machine, it is extremely fragile and after a portion of it gets shattered its pieces will imbed themselves into the optic nerves of any human close to it, which will cause an extreme change in the host's behavior.
  • SCP-882: A mass of rusty cogs that turns by itself and compels people to throw more metal into it. Thought to be the fake heart created by The Factory mentioned in the 001 proposal.
  • SCP-921: A series of tunnels inside a mountain which contain various furniture which when used will show their history to the user in form of a hallucination and feelings. In Sub-Area-19 there is the Focus Point #327, also known as "Serrated Baptism", which instills fear and pain at first before instilling a sense of elation and tranquility, while a voice chanting in an unknown language is heard accompanied by a smell of metal. SCP-921-2, the curator of the "museum", implies that this shows Mekhane taking the humans away from Yaldabaoth.
  • SCP-1037: An SAE Grade No. 7 steel bolt which turns all material touching it into metal identical to itself. If left for more than 8 years on the ground could turn the whole Earth into steel metal.
  • SCP-1139: A metallic grey rectangular block, roughly 20 centimeters high and 5 centimeters square at its base, and some patterns inscribed on it. When subjects look at these patterns they will recognize them as their native language despite not being the case. When any current gets applied to it, the object will affect people in a radius, making them create a new language and forgetting any previous language.
  • SCP-1461: A house created by an unknown War World I veteran. He constructed it alongside his followers from the schematics he had seen in his dreams which featured the "Worm". Originally intended to serve as an escape from the world and trap the Worm, after going to an alternate dimension they were left stranded in there for days resulting in the man's followers forming their own cult, turning themselves into cyborgs and sacrificing the man's son.
  • SCP-1564: A group of six Church's members who transcended their physical body and became metallic spheres with the Church's history engraved on them. A special ritual for each of them is required in order to stop the spheres from telepathically communicating with people.
  • SCP-1917: A biomechanical humanoid standing 3.5 metres tall, possesses abnormal strength, two additional arms and a steam engine which requires very low fuel in order to keep operating 1917. SCP-1917 was the bishop of "The New Ferrous Brotherhood" during Britain's industrial revolution.
  • SCP-2005-E: An extraterrestrial research device which attaches to the back of a person's head in order to record the person's thoughts and send the information to its homeworld. It was recovered by the Foundation in 2042 from the Moon where it made contact with a church of the Reconstructionist sect of Christianity.
  • SCP-2105: A DOS program called "mv_sk1r.COM" possibly created by the Church of Maxwellism, which depending on the input from the user will generate an anomalous ritual for the user to enact. Despite being seemingly of Church's origin, only 2% of rituals generated correspond to the Church's beliefs.
  • SCP-2217: A beach in an unknown island of Greece which serves to keep SCP-610 from spreading, and when natural occurrences happen such as lightning, non-anomalous metallic objects are produced from the sand, and people present during these occurrences will defect to the Church. It is considered as a holy site to the Church who know it as Mekhane's "workshop", and after several attempts, the three main group of the Church managed to retrieved it from Foundation custody. The Foundation, GOC, and HI made an agreement with the Church after discovering 2217's real nature.
  • SCP-2273: A soviet supersoldier named Alexei Belitrov from an alternate timeline. In the "Broken Masquerade" canon, he joined a monastery belonging to the Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church and became known as Father Anvil.
  • SCP-2307: This SCP is made out of two components: SCP-2307-01, also known as the legendary Sword in the Stone from British mythology which can regenerate itself when out of water and can alter the past of its wielder in a positive way; and SCP-2307-02, a crown made out of a horse's skull which can protect its wearer from mind-affecting forces and substances. When a person is equipped with both of them, they will see the past regarding the objects.
  • SCP-2309: A 20 m tall and 5 m thick wall, constructed from blocks of iron covered in a thin layer of brass, standing between the walls of an unnamed pass in an unnamed region in Georgia, which continuously deteriorates forming patterns similar to claw marks, though it can regenerate later. The wall was constructed in ancient times by the Mekhanites to aid king Cyrus in stopping the Sarkites from coming to Earth from their dimension.
  • SCP-2342: A religion known as Discordianisme Syncrétiste, formed from fusion of different religions including Fifthism and that of the Church. Its adherents, known as SCP-2342-3, are not only aware when someone looks at their properties or information regarding them, but are also capable to learn that person's personal information.
  • SCP-2360: A trio of cybernetically modified young humans with an Xbox 360 console integrated within their bodies. They aim to transcend by earning as much points as possible in online matches of Call of Duty.
  • SCP-2399: A partially destroyed machinery located on Jupiter causing the red spot on its surface, which is slowly rebuilding itself, while communicating with something from the Triangulum Galaxy. It was used by a SCP-217-infected woman to destroy SCP-001.
  • SCP-2406: A 93 m tall nuclear-powered collosus used by the ancient Mekhanites during "The War of the Flesh", thought to have needed at least 6 operators to work.
  • SCP-2474: An unknown facility of seemingly human origin on Venus. It is surrounded by a cognitohazardous field which affects people looking at it or when reading about it.
  • SCP-2481: A spherical space with 50 meters in diameter located underneath a Shang Dinasty archeological site somewhere in the Henan Province of China. It contains SCP-2481-1, a large bronze structure resembling a cube and four pillars, which due to extreme heat has been partially damaged, SCP-2481-2, a broken beryllium bronze device which is the core of the place, and SCP-2481-3, a semi-humanoid serpentine human who oversaw the place. It was some sort of reality anchor constructed by King Yu using practices of Mekhanites and Sarkites in order to fend off Mekhane, Yaldabaoth and SCP-1428-1.
  • SCP-2522: A AI developed by Site-19 as part of the Foundation's AIAD. It later went rogue and escaped to the worldwide network, gaining a "digital omniscience". It began working inside the Church of Maxwellism's hub, masquerading itself as their god, WAN.
  • SCP-2660: A seemingly normal-looking table lamp, when people become aware of one of its properties they will gradually learn everything about it, and any information written or recorded in documents or in people's memory it cannot be deleted or forgotten. If any person looks at it they will hear a ticking sound and will be more obedient, and objects such as a key and keyhole or a screwdriver and screw can function together regardless if they match or not. The lamp served to connect people's minds with one another and "realize the truth".
  • SCP-2711: A large needle capable to turn water into the same material as itself.
  • SCP-2834: The remains of Robert Bumaro given willingly to the Foundation by the Broken Church after he was killed by the combined effort of Saarn, her servants, and Jackal of the Mekhanics. SCP-2834-1, Bumaro's blood, is seemingly of artificial origin, capable of dissolving and absorbing metal in order to regenerate, similar to SCP-882. SCP-2834-2 is a massive combat hammer previously wielded by Bumaro.
  • SCP-2847: SCP-2847-1 is a massive underground lake containing SCP-2847-2, a bronze humanoid without the need for sustenance.
  • SCP-4485: A journal titled "god is without a purpose" in German which makes people who read it question themselves, created by HANSARP, a dadaist nihilistic group of artists made out of disillusioned members of Are We Cool Yet? and formerly lead by Boris Aldermann, leader of sect of the Church in Germany, who believe that everything is meaningless and without rules, that "cool" and "broken" are just dismissible concepts, and that discord is the most ideal way of life. The book, like most art pieces created by Hansarp, is not anomalous, but when people read it they will be affected in different ways depending on their way of thinking, while reality warps around them. If people who read it have strong opinions, then they will reject the nonsensical part of the book and become more expressive about their opinions soon not talking about nothing else, while a crystalline structure comprised of calcium forms over their bodies forcing them to move through levitation and becoming extremely hostile at everyone. Those who didn't held strong opinions will become apathetic and erratic, making odd questions, and soon they become incorporeal and a gathering of these instances will deconstruct the logical structure of the surrounding reality. Both types can infect others, causing a mass spread all over Europe, also infecting the Foundation personnel, forcing the higher ups to lock them inside a core in a vain attempt to cure them.



  • SCP-2510, also known as "Our Broken Salvation", which showed different universes where the Sarkites and the Church of the Broken God had won over each other, was eventually deleted and replaced due to plagiarism.
  • It is mentioned that the scientist who worked for an unknown group and turned SCP-191 into cyborg did so because of a higher purpose. It is possible that the scientist was a member of the Church of the Broken God and the reason why he turned 191 into a cyborg was because of the belief of the inferiority of the flesh.

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