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This is the Church of the Red Harvest. We serve until the end. That is the terms of our agreement.
~ SCP-2133-10, also known as Aristarkh, explaining the Church of the Red Harvest.

The Church of the Red Harvest is a Proto-Sarkite order existing in a remote village in the Northern Urals, and a minor antagonistic force in the universe of the SCP Foundation.


It is possibly the oldest Sarkic order in existence, having existed for an extremely long time in a remote Russian village (designated SCP-2133). They were discovered in 1936 by GRU Division "P" after they investigated a disease outbreak in the area and became aware of the strange practices of the cult. These practices included amputating tumors and gangrenous limbs and fashioning fetishes out of them, which were hung in the church from metal hooks, and inbreeding.

The inhabitants of SCP-2133 possess a strange immunity to many diseases, including cholera and bubonic plague. This is not down to medicine, as the people's lifestyle is reminiscent of Russian peasants in the fourteenth century. They also possess the ability to rise from the dead, appearing in the fields as babies whenever they die and being brought up into the Sarkic faith once again.

The old church that the order operates out of is protected by SCP-2133-2. SCP-2133-2 is a species of creature closely related to humanity (implied to be GRU agents killed and reconfigured by the Church) that will attack and kill Foundation personnel if they try to enter the building.

The Church is led by the Karcist Alka, a mysterious woman who has only been witnessed by one non-cultist who was implicitly killed due to the Foundation losing contact with him when he saw her. According to cult members, Foundation personnel who enter the village are only alive so long as Alka lets them live. They appear to view her as second only to Ion in importance to the Sarkic faith.

Despite their worship of Ion, the Church is no longer a threat due to the SCP Foundation having invaded and subdued the village and taken most followers of the Church of the Red Harvest into custody.


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