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She's my age! Did she tell you that? How would you feel if your father married someone who was your age!? (Elle: You, however, had time to hide the gun! Didn't you Chutney? After you shot your father!) I didn't mean to shoot him! I thought it was you walking through the door!
~ Chutney admitting her crime after being pressured by Elle while pointing at Brooke.

Chutney Windham is one of the two main antagonists (along with Professor Callahan) of the 2001 comedy film Legally Blonde.

She was the daughter of Hayworth Windham and his ex-wife Mrs. Windham Vandermark and the stepdaughter to his young new wife Brooke. Despising her new stepmother for being the same age as her, Chutney plotted to murder her. However, Chutney accidentally murdered her father by mistake and made it look that Brooke had killed him, forcing Brooke to hire Professor Callahan and his students, including Elle Woods, to defend her so she can avoid prison.

She was portrayed by Linda Cardellini, who also played Marcie Fleach in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and as one of the disguises of the Shape Shifter in Gravity Falls.



Chutney was enraged by her father's marriage to Brooke Taylor, who was the same age as her and believed her to be a gold digger. Wanting to get rid of her, Chutney waited for Brooke to return home one day with a gun, prepared to shoot her. But instead, she ended up shooting her own father when he walked in instead. A shocked Chutney then came up with a new plan: frame Brooke for her father's murder, with pool boy Enrique Salvatore as her aid.

Legally Blonde

Chutney's claims to have walked in on Brooke standing over Mr. Windham's body (when she was really just discovering his corpse herself) stood up initially in court, and she and Enrique also conspired to claim Brooke was having an affair with him. However, those claims were proven false by Elle Woods (the movie's protagonist) when she deduced that Enrique was actually homosexual, which was confirmed when he accidentally admitted to having a boyfriend under cross examination.

Chutney's official villainous reveal was when she was questioned on the stand by Elle herself. When asked about her actions on the day her father was killed, Chutney claimed to have gotten a perm, went home, taken a shower, and then went downstairs to find Brooke and her father's body. Elle, using her knowledge of hair products, determined that Chutney was lying about taking a shower, as the water would've ruined her perm as they have to stay dry for 24 hours. Now cornered, Chutney began to break down and, when accused by Elle of shooting her father, the villainess loudly confessed to her crime before shouting that she had actually intended to kill Brooke instead. Chutney was promptly arrested for her father's murder, attempted murder against Brooke, incrimination and committing perjury.

A deleted scene following the trial, showed her mother, Mrs. Windham Vandermark trying to hire Elle to be Chutney's lawyer, to which Elle lies to her that they'll keep in touch, likely because she knows she can’t represent Chutney because she framed her former client and because she has to testify against her because she's the one who exposed Chutney for being the accidental murderer.