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Chūya Nakahara (中原 中也 Nakahara Chūya) is an executive of the Port Mafia and a recurring antagonist in the anime and manga series Bungou Stray Dogs. He is a direct reference to the Japanese author with the same name.


In general, Chuya comes off as an irritable and arrogant character, especially around Osamu Dazai, his former partner turned enemy and rival. He frequently smirks while in combat and is the type to criticise his opponents during combat.

He dislikes having to bargain or deal with the enemies and would much rather just fight them. This won't, however, keep him from completing the job. Despite his haughty, short-tempered attitude, he has always put the mission before himself.

When it comes to killing, Chuuya has the same mission-first attitude. He isn't particularly homicidal or overly brutal, but he will happily kill or torture if it's his mission. He also has at least some sense of morality as shown when he was openly disgusted by Dazai shooting the corpse of one of his victims repeatedly.

It is also revealed that Chuuya has some insecurity about his looks and has gone to great efforts to make himself look good through his clothing. He is easily provoked by making fun of something he is wearing.

Powers and Alities

  • For The Tainted Sorrow (汚れっちまった悲しみに Yogorecchimatta Kanashimi ni): Chuuya's special ability. It allows him to manipulate gravity. He can change the gravity of anything he touches or manipulate the gravitons in his environment. He can reverse or enhance gravity, allowing him to walk on walls and "fire" bullets at supersonic speed while directly above the enemy on a helicopter.
    • Corruption (汚濁 Ojoku) the "true form" of Chuya's ability. It is activated through these verses:
      "Nanji, in'utsu naru odaku no kyoyō yo," (Oh, Grantors of Dark Disgrace),
      "Aratamete ware o me samasu koto nakare" (Do Not Wake me Again.),
      On activation, this ability empowers his graviton manipulation and gravity manipulation on himself. He has been shown to be able to crush a tank while in this form due to his increased density. He also has the ability to fire pseudo black holes out of himself that swallow everything. Despite its power, this ability is only used when Osamu Dazai is currently aiding him due to the loss of control on activation. Without a power nullifier, Chuya can't deactivate the ability nor control himself.
  • Martial Arts: Chuuya has been described as the best martial artist in the Port Mafia.


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