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Second Spear, Chuuzubo is a member of the Seven Darkness Spears of the Jakanja and a supporting antagonist in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.


Though working alongside the Gouraigers, Chuuzubo soon found himself at odds with them after he became angry at them for their indifference at the death of his friend, Octonyuudon. Much to his delight, he was later tasked by Tau Zant with ensuring they kill each other as part of his plan to awaken the "it".

However, Chuuzubo fails and later decides to kill the Gouraigers on his own. He is stopped by the Hurricanegers, prompting him to use the forbidden Dark Soul Summoning Ninpou to enlarge himself to become more powerful at the cost of shortening his lifespan.

Taking on both the Gouraigers' Karakuri Giant Gouraijin and the Hurricaneger's Karakuri Giant Senpuujin, Chuuzubo overpowered them both initially, but was killed when they merged together to form Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin and destroyed him.

He was graded A+ by Furabiijo for effort.

He and his fellow Dark Spears were later summoned by the Evil Will to fight the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers one last time in the final episode.

He was later revived by his brother Chubouzu during the events of Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger but was destroyed soon after by Gourai Senpuujin again.


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