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Ciara Magurie is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera Eastenders. She appeared as a supporting antagonist from January 2018 to February 2018.

She was portrayed by Denise McCormack.


Ciara Maguire first came to the square in January 2018. She turned out to be the ex-wife of drug lord Aidan Maguire and is also the soon-to-be sister-in-law of Mel Healy, who had recently been engaged to Ciara's brother Ray Kelly.

Early on it transpired that Ciara is the mastermind behind the robbery that Aidan planned with his partner-in-crime Phil Mitchell, who along with a team of volunteered armed robbers that included pub landlord Mick Carter; police informant Vincent Hubbard; and fellow accomplice Keagen Taylor on the heist. This was confirmed when she met up with policeman DCI Alsworth at the scene of the crime to cover-up her involvement in the events that followed.

Later on, Ciara confronted Mel to demand the whereabouts of her money - which had disappeared shortly after the heist was successfully completed; Phil's wife Sharon originally had it before Phil's son Ben later ended up in possession with the stolen money and fled the country with it. When Ciara confronts Aidan, they both threaten each other over the money's whereabouts. Aidan's response is to getting Vincent killed shortly after Phil forces him to leave the square in exchange for not informing the police that Aidan had also killed Ben's former boyfriend, Luke Browining, in retribution for beating up Ben back in 2017.

It soon turns out that Mel's son, Hunter, is living with Ciara at her house. Ciara had kept him there without revealing her true nature in order to force Mel to do criminal activities for her. Ciara later summons Sharon upon learning of her involvement in the stolen money, and in response threatens Sharon's son Denny Rickman unless the money is found. Ciara later gives Mel an ultimatum - either she gets the money back or else Hunter will learn the truth about his late villainous father Steve Owen. In the end, Ciara does not receive the demanded money and she leaves the square after revealing to Hunter the truth about his father and that Mel lied about it.

Months later, Ray comes to the square and his illcit activities are exposed by Mel on their wedding day - including some of which Ciara was involved in. This leads to Ray attempting to kill Mel and Hunter, which results in Hunter killing Ray in self-defence to protect Mel. This then leads to the deaths of both Hunter and later Mel respectively in 2019. Since then Ciara has not been mentioned or heard of in Walford.



  • Ciara Maguire has made 9 appearances in her total duration on the show.