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We are Agito. We are wings of judgment which unfurl in rejection of deceit.
~ Ciella

Ciella is a minor antagonist in Dragalia Lost. She is the Water-themed member of the Agito.

She is voiced by Yuuki Kana in Japanese.


Ciella is a Sylvan with seemingly African in skin tone, with dark ears and long cyan hair. She dresses in white and dark purple and wears a mask that covers her eyes.

Her transformation is that of a harpy. Her hair takes on a more wing-like appearance with the outside of it being white and the inside being a dark blue to cyan gradient, she sports black and cyan wings, white forearms with cyan claws, white bird legs, glowing yellow eyes and what seem to be feathers covering her upper torso in a similar vein to that of a corset.

Powers and Abilities

Her primary weapon is the bow and arrow.

She can fire arrows into the sky to make them land on opponents, shoot ones that rebound off the walls, fire a beam in a clockwise matter or a straight one, camouflage herself and summon a crystal arrow.

Upon becoming a harpy, she retains the rebounding arrows, the crystal arrow, and upwards arrows attacks, can form a shield, can summon an icy meteor, can trigger a tidal wave, can charge at the players, can surround herself with a vortex while having another two swerve around her, can fire two beams in a clockwise manner, and she can still camouflage.



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