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Cilla Battersby-Brown is the deceitful and troublesome mother of Fiz Stape and Chesney Brown and the second wife of Les Battersby, who appeared as a recurring anti-villain on Coronation Street, first appearing in 2003 and departing as a regular in 2007, before then returning in 2014 for a guest appearance.

She was portrayed by Wendi Peters.

Villainous acts

  • Attempting to con Rita Sullivan out of her money.
  • Setting up a sham wedding in order to defraud the neighbours out of presents, as well as stealing flowers from Tracy Barlow's florist for the wedding and then carrying out the ceremony in a chapel - which Cilla and Les had broken into without permission.
  • Stealing Blanche Hunt's scooter on multiple occasions, and using it to carry out theft at the shops.
  • Failing to look after Chesney, and then proceeded him to abandon him so she could run off to Las Vegas for a new life.
  • Trying to use her family to cheat in a competition in South Africa, resulting in them being disqualified and Cilla being declared as the worst mother ever, although she seems to take this title with pride.

In the years following her departure, Cilla's behaviour appears to have been toned down. When diagnosed with an illness in 2014, she returned briefly in order to try and make amends, although Chesney rebuffed her claims as he wasn't willing to forget about her past misdeeds, and that she only came back for something. Cilla left again with daughter Fiz in tow, who agreed to look after her mother. Fiz would continue seeing Cilla several times, although would always return as her mother was still unbearable to deal with, hinting that Cilla has changed very little.


  • Despite her narcissistic deeds, Cilla mostly acted as comic relief similar to her boyfriend-turned-husband Les Battersby.