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Villain Overview

I want to be strong. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful.
~ Cinder Fall stating her desires.
This is not a tragedy. This was not an accident. This is what happens when you hand over your trust, your safety, your children, to men who claim to be our guardians, but are in reality nothing more than men. Our academies' headmasters wield more power than most armies, and one was audacious enough to control both. They cling to this power in the name of peace, and yet, what do we have here? One nation's attempt at a synthetic army mercilessly torn apart by another's star pupil. What need would Atlas have for a soldier disguised as an innocent little girl? I don't think the Grimm can tell the difference. And what, I ask you, is Ozpin teaching his students? First, a dismemberment, now this? Huntsmen and Huntresses should carry themselves with honor and mercy, yet I have witnessed neither. Perhaps Ozpin felt as though defeating Atlas in the tournament would help people forget his colossal failure to protect Vale when the Grimm invaded its streets. Or perhaps this was his message to the tyrannical dictator that has occupied an unsuspecting kingdom with armed forces. Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue as to who is right and who is wrong, but I know that the existence of peace is fragile, and the leaders of our kingdoms conduct their business with iron gloves. As someone who hails from Mistral, I can assure you the situation there is equally undesirable. Our kingdoms are at the brink of war, yet we, the citizens, are left in the dark. So, I ask you, when the first shots are fired, who do you think you can trust?
~ Cinder giving her speech to all who watched Pyrrha tear Penny apart.
You know, Neo, someone once asked me if I believed in destiny. And I'm happy to say I still do.
~ Cinder musing about killing Pyrrha.
You Atlas elites are all the same! You think hoarding power means you’ll have it forever, but it just makes the rest of us hungrier! And I refuse to starve.
~ Cinder to Winter.

Cinder Fall is the secondary antagonist of the American animated web series RWBY. She was the leader of a now-disbanded group of anarchists seeking to cause chaos in the world of Remnant. Her associates have included her former subordinates Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai, her reluctant temporary partner Neopolitan, the criminal mastermind Roman Torchwick and Adam Taurus, the leader of the Vale sect of the White Fang. She became the Fall Maiden at the end of Volume 3.

At the end of Volume 3, it is revealed that she is a member of an enigmatic organization with malicious goals led by their immortal figurehead Salem.

She is voiced by Jessica Nigri.


Cinder is a fair-skinned woman with ashen-black hair that covers her left eye. She has bright amber eyes and is described to be very young.

Original (Volumes 1-3)

In the Volume 1 finale, "Black and White", she wears lipstick and violet eyeshadow. She wears a dark-red, off-the-shoulders, v-neck mini dress with yellow designs. There is a blue feather-like accessory on her right hip, at the top of an open portion of her dress. The dress ends in an upside-down triangular tail in the back, ending just above the knees.

There is a baseball diamond-shaped keyhole on the dress' upper back at the same height as her chest. The sleeves end in a triangle shape, which are wrapped or tied around her middle finger, with the gold designs of the sleeve taking over at the wrists. Her fingernails are painted dark red.

She wears black shorts underneath her dress, as well as a black choker on her neck. She has a gold loop earring with a black gem dangling from it on her right ear. She has dark, glass, high-heeled shoes and a jeweled anklet on her right leg.

On her upper back, in the keyhole of her dress, she has a black tattoo of what appears to be a pair of high heel shoes placed sole to sole, forming a heart shape inside. Whenever she uses the Dust that is sewn into her dress, the designs on the arms, back and chest glow bright orange. Her eyes and earrings also glow.

It is possible that her appearance is influenced by East Asian culture, as the designs on her dress are styled similarly to traditional Japanese or Chinese patterns.

Her clothes throughout Volumes 1-3 are referred to as Dustweave Vestments in RWBY: Combat Ready, seemingly confirming they have been woven with Dust in them.

Haven Uniform

When undercover at Beacon, Cinder is seen wearing the uniform of Haven Academy, a more conservative dark gray outfit with a long-sleeved collared top and white armband. Unlike most female students, who wear silver knee-high socks, Cinder wears black tights.

Infiltration Outfit

During her infiltration of the Cross Continental Transmit System Tower, Cinder is shown wearing a black infiltration outfit, which she had previously been seen sewing together in "Extracurricular". The outfit consists of a sleeveless jacket, long gloves, stiletto heel boots, a black glass mask and several straps with containers of powdered Dust lined across her pants. The gloves, boots, and pants have black mosaic designs that are infused with Dust, which glows bright orange when in use. When needed, Cinder can instantly transform her infiltration attire into a formal black evening gown that has black glass designs on it.


When attending the Vytal Festival Tournament, she wears gray pants and boots; a beige leather, sleeveless jacket with light-beige details; brown gloves, a sarashi tied around her chest and another around her hips, and a pauldron on her left shoulder. She also wears a belt around her waist, which has multiple brown pouches attached to it. Her fingernails are painted with tan nail polish.

Flashback (Volume 3)

During the events of "Beginning of the End", Cinder had shorter hair. Her previous attire looks similar to her original outfit except her dress has separated sleeves and the dress is held up by straps tied around her neck in a bow. Her heeled shoes are made of a more typical material, rather than glass. She did not have her characteristic tattoo until after she stole a portion of Amber's Maiden powers. Her fingernails are a dark red color.

Post-Timeskip (Volumes 4-5)

After the time skip following the Fall of Beacon, Cinder's appearance went through a drastic change. Her hair is much shorter now but whether she decided to cut it or the majority of it was destroyed during Ruby's attack is questionable. She wears a black mask over her missing left eye, and the scarring from said injury extends into a slight x-shape over the bridge of her nose. She wears a long dark red dress with one long, wide sleeve hiding her left arm. The edges of the collar and the opening for the right arm are gold in color, and the upper chest and left sleeve are decorated with golden designs.

The right side of her dress is open from the hip down with two gold straps made up of interwoven ropes connecting the front half to the back half of her thigh. Under the dress, she appears to wear black pantyhose. On the right hip, the dress has a black rhombus-shaped gem set in a gold metal of the same shape, with feathers of varying shades of blue extending from the bottom of it. On her right arm, she wears a long gray glove, the top of which has a gold metal ring with curvy branching extensions going up to her arm. Her right ear has a new, ring-shaped earring higher up than the dangling black gem earring.

In "Vault of the Spring Maiden", Cinder reveals that her left arm has been replaced with a Shadow Hand.

Mistral Disguise (Volume 6)

After the Battle of Haven, Cinder kills a woman passerby and takes her cloak; a light brown robe worn over a white shirt and pants with a shawl, sash and skirt of a matching dark brown color, black socks and light brown sandals. Her left Grimm arm is wrapped in bandages, and she no longer wears her black mask. Additionally, her model lacks painted fingernails.

Current Outfit (Volume 6-present)

In "Our Way", Cinder wears a new left eyepatch that has straps that run both above and below her right eye. She sports a black tank top and shorts that are mostly covered with a black shoulder cape worn over her left arm, all of them having gold trimmings. Her blue feather accessory is over the right side of her chest. She also has a black and gold band over white bandages, a black band on her right wrist, a glove over her left arm, covering her Shadow Hand, black knee-high laced heeled boots and she also retains her two earrings from her previous attire. She appears to have put blush on her cheeks, as seen in "Out in the Open". Cinder's cape is capable of slinging behind her back to allow for more mobility.

The Shadow Hand replacing her left arm appears to have extended up to her left shoulder, as shown in "The Enemy of Trust". Additionally, it appears the scars in Cinder's arm have gone through change, now having a raw appearance. Following her battle with Winter and Penny, Cinder loses the glove covering her arm, exposing her Shadow Hand.


In her youth, Cinder wore her hair into two messy bunches, whose left side was left a short, dangling bang over her eyebrows. She wore a white shirt with a red apron, black pants and black shoes. Notably, her left index finger and right wrist were covered in bandages.

Cinder was also shown to be noticeably haggard and gaunt looking during her early childhood, this is seen where Cinder was shown to be noticeably thinner, her cheeks more sunken and her eyes having deep black bags underneath them and her having a a tired expression in her face. All clear indicators to her mistreatment within the Children's Home in Mistral and signs that she was being overworked and not fed properly.

Glass Unicorn Uniform

In her late childhood and early teens, Cinder primarily wore a uniform issued to her by her "Step-Mother" as a "employee" for her hotel, The Glass Unicorn. With her wearing a white shirt with grey laces, grey pants and shoes. As seen during her time growing up in the Hotel, Cinder would usually tie her hair into a single bun on the back of her head.

After Cinder killed her abusive step-family and Rhodes, she rips off the shock collar she was wearing while she was working at the Glass Unicorn and has a noticeable scar where it was on her neck.

RWBY Chibi

Main article: Cinder Fall (RWBY Chibi)

Cinder also appears in the non-canon comedy spinoff series. Here, she is an over-the-top cartoonish villain that plots and schemes, but never does anything of consequence. She also appears in two of the many transitions; one, she blows a kiss at the screen, in the other she is chased by Zwei.

RWBY: Amity Arena

Cinder is featured in two units in RWBY: Amity Arena. The first, just named Cinder, rapidly fires high-damage arrows at enemies and has the ability to launch multiple arrows at a time to strike down on specific areas and deal massive damage. The second unit, Flame Cinder, is a Legendary melee unit that can dash through enemies, and constantly generates a flame AOE.

In the March 2019 update, Cinder seemingly "hacked" the app with her Red Queen program. This update included the Adventure Mode, where players controlled characters in the Battle of Beacon.


What is wrong with you? How can you be so broken inside… to take so many lives, and then come here and rub it in our faces like it's something to be proud of?! All with that damn smile on your face!
~ Jaune to Cinder.

Cinder is ruthless and sadistic, as demonstrated when she delivers a killing blow to a clearly defeated Pyrrha Nikosin "End of the Beginning" and when she throws a spear at a defenseless Weiss Schnee in "The More the Merrier." She is relentlessly driven to gain power and determined to cross any line to obtain it. Cinder demonstrates a cunning that shows in her successful manipulation of events and people throughout the first three volumes. Cinder is also arrogant and ego-maniacal, and as such, relishes in dominance and gloating, displaying shameless pleasure in the misery she has caused others.

She also seems to be ambitious and demanding in the role of a leader, expecting her subordinates to execute exactly as she wishes with what little she gives them. She does not seem to tolerate failure, preferring for her goals to be successful regardless of the situation. Cinder prefers that such problems be solved quickly, is seen to give very direct orders and keeps her subordinates on a strictly need-to-know basis, sharing a similar leadership style to Salem. However, she does display a cunning streak as her allegiance revolves around having Neo kill Ruby so Cinder will not be going against Salem's orders to not kill her. She believes that the power she is after is owed to her, having been promised god-like abilities and the Maidens' powers by Salem.

Usually, she maintains a calm and collected demeanor and is willing to take over a fight if necessary. In the rare occurrence in which she is caught off guard, Cinder's monumental temper surfaces, showing her immense shock and outrage. This is most notable when Jaune Arc nicks the edge of her mask during the battle at Haven Academy. The explosive response to even the slightest attack on her shows Cinder's intolerance of fear, leading her to react poorly when others see her feel it. Cinder seeks to be feared and therefore detests being made to feel fear by both her enemies and her superiors alike. Additionally, Cinder is stated to be jealous of those with natural talents.

After the Fall of Beacon, Cinder is humiliated from her defeat and injury with Ruby atop Beacon Tower. She no longer displays her usual confidence, instead appearing sullen and taking insults from the other members of Salem's Inner Circle without reply due to her inability to speak, thus relying on heavily her subordinates. Because of this, Cinder is shown to have developed a deep desire for vengeance against Ruby. Arthur Watts notes that this desire affects her judgment, proven when she negotiates a deal with Raven Branwen that allows the latter to betray her by stealing the Relic from Haven Academy.

However, Cinder's thirst and desperation for power stems from a life of powerlessness and having nothing. This desperation has led to a fear of failure and a hatred towards the elite class, who have held power from others forever. She apparently detests being called out on her actions, as shown when Raven cites Cinder's choice to take the arm of a Grimm. Cinder retorts angrily, showing she sees herself as being beyond judgment or the moral codes of others. She is incapable of accepting any sort of criticism from others. However in "Taking Control", she is visibly horrified watching Tyrian Callows maniacally massacres a Beowolf in grief of having displeased Salem, showing that even she has limits with absolute violence. It's implied Cinder herself only enjoys the psychological torture she inflicts and dislikes the bloodier brutality of her associates.

Later the full extent of Cinder's desperation for power is shown in her reaction of again being denied the power of a Maiden, as seen in "The Enemy of Trust". During her battle with Penny Polendina and Winter Schnee and upon being overpowered by Fria, Cinder's anger and frustration began to reach its boiling point as she began viciously lashing out at Winter, injuring her badly and nearly killing her, for again deterring her quest for power.

The World of RWBY: The Official Companion states that Cinder chose to hasten Pyrrha's demise by incinerating her body, sparing her a slow death after being shot in the ribcage. This hints that Cinder might possess a small sense of mercy.

As seen during Lil' Miss Malachite's advice for finding potential allies instead of just killing them and later Arthur Watts's angry rant regarding her arrogance and short sightedness, Cinder has shown to have a few traits of humility that allows her to not be completely blinded by her arrogance and narcissism that she is blind to her faults and mistakes. This is seen where Cinder herself was capable of admitting to her mistakes and reevaluate herself in order to improve herself in order to better accomplish her goals.

However despite supposedly learning her "lesson", as seen in "The Final Word", Cinder will still not hesitate to betray and kill her allies without a second thought in order to cover her tracks and satiate her own ego. This is best seen when she betrays and pushes Neo into the void of the dimension created by Ambrosius to get back at her for threatening her and her later trapping Arthur Watts in Atlas Command Center and setting it on fire to kill him. As revealed by her having "taken" Watts's angry rant towards her to heart, Cinder has now shown to become patient enough to wait for a convenient opportunity to kill anyone who crosses her instead of immediately killing them on the spot in order to better take advantage of them, as seen where she set up both Neo and Watt in order to be able to get away with lying to Salem and covering up her actions to avoid punishment.

Based on her upbringing shown in "Midnight", Cinder's current personality and desperation for power stems from the abuse she suffered as a child. Where she faced constant bullying, starvation and abuse from the other children from the home she was raised in and her later being abused even further after being adopted by her step-family, who treated her as nothing more than a servant and abused her even further regularly.

Despite no longer being under them, Cinder still retains several psychological scars from their abuse. This is seen in Cinder's behavior, where she had apparently unconsciously adopted the cruel traits of her past abusers into her own personality. Though the electrocution she got from the collar also had an affect on her, making Cinder disdainful of physical torture and being very efficient in killing.

Due to her abusive childhood, Cinder has shown to possess a docile, fearful and submissive side to her personality when dealing with someone who is superior to her. This side of her was most pronounced in her childhood and later after returning to Salem's side after redeeming herself of her past failures. Despite this ultimately, Cinder's lust for power caused her to disobey Salem's order regardless of the consequences when she decided to go to Amity Communications Tower. In "Amity", Cinder is shown to be a hypocrite, claiming to Penny she serves no one, yet still serves Salem despite not always following her orders, psychologically projecting herself onto Penny.

As seen during her childhood, Cinder had a more positive and vulnerable side to her personality. This is was partially due to the positive influence of her mentor Rhodes, who attempted to guide Cinder to a better path in life as a Huntress. This is seen where after being talked down by Rhodes about her wanting revenge at her step-family, Cinder backed down from hurting them and expressed her true desire of simply wanting to be free and be strong enough to look after herself without relying on them any longer. With Rhodes's influence, Cinder instead choose to focus on becoming a Huntress instead and become old enough to leave. This would later not come to pass after she kills her step-family due to them finally taking their abuse too far.

This showed that initially, Cinder herself had hesitation at the prospect of killing and she herself was only resorting to it due to seeing it as her only way out. This was seen after Cinder had killed her step-family, where Cinder herself was noticeably broken and repulsed by her own actions and did not actively enjoy or take pleasure in having taken their lives.

Cinder was also shown to have developed a genuine friendship and bond with Rhodes, as seen where she truly cared for him due to being the first person in her life to treat her with kindness instead of cruelty, with Cinder and Rhodes having developed a mutual trust in each other. She later felt deeply betrayed after Rhodes made his stance clear that he would take her in for killing her step-family, causing her to enter into a rage for him betraying her trust. Later after Cinder successfully killed him, she would shed a single tear of sadness for her mentor.

Powers and Abilities

Cinder is a highly skilled combatant in both unarmed combat and swordsmanship, being able to out-duel both Winter Schnee and Penny Polendina simultaneously in their battle in "The Enemy of Trust", and later casually fend off the entirety of Team RWBY with casual ease in "Worthy".

She is also a capable markswoman, launching three arrows at once with great accuracy and pragmatically exploiting any advantage whenever possible, such as launching an arrow in Amber's back just as the latter was about to kill Emerald. Cinder has shown to be quite stealthy as well, having sneaked around a guard to easily knock him out and escaping Ruby when the latter encounters her on her mission and fights her. She is also quite adept at piloting, able to fly a Bullhead during one of Glynda's attacks.

Cinder is adept at Aura-based blocking techniques, easily capable of blocking bullets from Crescent Rose.

She can make extensive use of raw Dust without difficulty. Her primary technique at the time of their battle was a highly forceful blast of fiery projectiles. It was later revealed by the presence of her tattoo that Cinder had obtained half the Fall Maiden power prior to this confrontation, although the Maidens were not added as a story element until after Volume 2 and thus were not a canon aspect of the show at the time. Cinder is capable of weaving Dust into her clothes, as shown in "Extracurricular".​​​​ Additionally, the arrows used when firing Midnight are made using Dust.

Cinder's physical strength is shown being well above average in "End of the Beginning" and "The Enemy of Trust", where she knocks Pyrrha away by jabbing her in the stomach with her elbow and physically overpowering both Penny and Winter with ease.

As shown in "Midnight" she has a high pain-tolerance, due to her years in the Glass Unicorn.


During the first three Volumes, Cinder was shown to primarily utilize her twin short swords, Midnight, as her weapon of choice. She showcased immense swordsmanship skill in using a dual bladed fighting style and was shown to be skilled enough to overpower the previous Fall Maiden, Amber and fight off Ruby Rose, a prodigy scythe wielder, with ease.

Midnight itself can combine together to form into a bow, allowing Cinder to make long range attacks by firing arrows at her target. With Cinder having showcased to be a highly skilled archer, as seen where she showcased enough skill in being able to aim and fire three arrows simultaneously with precision.

Later after abandoning Midnight and becoming the Fall Maiden, Cinder used her magic to conjure weapons. Cinder has shown to wield a variety of differently shaped blades with ease and adapted to her new weapons without difficulty.

Cinder has also shown some skill in using polearm weapons, with her having been shown to use at least two different spears as projectiles.

As seen with the arrows and blades created by her, Cinder can make her projectile weapons explode with her magic, with the explosions being shown to possess considerable power in order to bombard her targets.

As seen in "Midnight", Cinder's sword skills were taught to her by Rhodes, because of this, her fighting style greatly resembles his own.


Cinder's Semblance, Scorching Caress, allows Cinder to super-heat objects and manipulate their shape. She can use it to generate explosions by super-heating the ground, as well as melt dirt and dust into glass.

The most notable instance of Cinder's Semblance is during her fight with Pyrrha Nikos, in which she disintegrates her opponent with Scorching Caress.

So far Cinder has been seen using her Semblance to create various glass-based weapons from dirt during combat, as seen during her battles against Ozpin and Amber, where she formed glass projectiles by kicking and melting dirt and particles into the air to reshape into spikes.

It is revealed in "Midnight" that Cinder's Semblance was awakened due to the abuse from her step-family.

Shadow Hand

During the Fall of Beacon, Cinder becomes injured by Ruby's Silver Eyes. Her left arm is replaced with a Grimm limb known as a "Shadow Hand". It's implied that the arm itself possesses some sort of sentience, as Salem instructed her to make her new limb respect and fear her. The arm is capable of stretching out somewhat of a long distance, and has been shown to be capable of extracting the Maiden powers as seen in her fight with Raven.

The arm is capable of regrowing after being cut out with no permanent damage, as seen during "The Enemy of Trust", after it was cut off by Winter Schnee. However, it can be noted that the process itself is exceptionally painful, as seen when it caused Cinder to scream in agony as it regenerates itself.

As of Volume 7, Cinder's Shadow Arm seems to have slowly begun progressing in covering her entire body, as the Grimm flesh has now reached all the way to Cinder's shoulder while previously the arm only halted in her elbow.

Despite being attached to Cinder, the Shadow Hand possesses a connection to Salem. This is seen in "Midnight", where she uses it to induce pain on Cinder for her disobedience. It is also seen in "The Final Word". Upon reforming, the Shadow Hand acted up, signaling Cinder of her master's return.

Maiden Powers

After initially acquiring only half of the Fall Maiden's powers, Cinder had only displayed fire-based magic. Whether this was due to her own preference for this element, familiarity with it due to her Semblance, or due to only obtaining half of the power is unknown. But upon obtaining the remaining portion from Amber, Cinder's powers were magnified, now being able to display even greater fire-based magic than before without the need of Dust or her Semblance and creating gigantic fire blasts with ease.

Cinder has also displayed power over other elements she has not used before she acquired the full Fall Maiden powers. Examples include conjuring a small blast of ice to freeze Raven Branwen solid and the power of wind to levitate herself and fly at high speeds. Furthermore, Cinder also used the power of earth to create a giant flaming molten rock sword out of thin air. Her skill over fire allows her to conjure her glass based weapons without the need of Dust or her Semblance.

She also has displayed the power to manipulate and affect the behavior of Grimm, having been able to influence the actions of a gigantic Wyvern through her Maiden Powers. As the Fall Maiden, she is the only one that can access the chamber of the Relic of Choice.

Since her arrival in Atlas, Cinder is shown to have improved in her capabilities, being able to summon weapons that explode at will. She is also capable of breathing fire. However, she is not a fully realized Maiden yet, as she could not face Fria in a fight, and she was eventually overpowered in her duel with Raven as well.

During her battles in Atlas, Cinder demonstrated the ability to use fire to fly by creating blasts underneath her feet and in the palm of her hands to act as thrusters. Cinder's mobility and maneuverability in flight was shown during her aerial battles against Winter Schnee and Penny Polendina, where she was able to out maneuver the both of them and defeat them.

In "Worthy", she creates a vortex of fire similar to the one Fria made out of ice. She also showcased her ability to breathe a long jet of fire in "The Final Word", something more akin to a Grimm than a Human.


Following an unexpected defeat during the Fall of Beacon at the hands of Ruby, Salem reveals that upon acquiring the powers of a Maiden, Cinder gained a crippling weakness to the powers of the Silver Eyes, most likely due to her usage of a Grimm glove. After getting a Shadow Hand grafted into her body, its innately soulless status prevents Cinder from protecting it with her Aura, leaving it vulnerable to other weapons and Silver Eyes. Upon her first exposure to the Silver Eyes, Cinder was greatly weakened and significantly injured.

Other than this, Cinder has also shown that she could also be defeated by far more experienced Maidens, as was the case with both Raven and Fria.


How very disappointing, Roman.
~ Cinder, commenting on Roman Torchwick's failure in a recent operation.
We have big plans for you, Roman... All we ask is... a little cooperation.
~ Cinder, ordering Roman to continue working with the White Fang.
You'll know what you need when you need to know.
~ Cinder, deflecting Roman's question regarding Cinder's group "grand master plan".
Don't think... obey.
~ Cinder, to Emerald Sustrai
We're proceeding to phase two.
~ Cinder, regarding her plan's progress.
People assume that she's fated for victory, when she's really taking fate into her own hands.
~ Cinder on Pyrrha Nikos' fighting prowess.
It's not about overpowering an enemy. It's about taking away what power they have. And we will, in time.
~ Cinder, to Emerald.
They'd be scratching their heads long after we finished what we came here for.
~ Cinder, to Mercury Black.
Enjoy the rest of the night. After all, it is a party.
~ Cinder, to Mercury.
All in all, I call today a success.
~ Cinder, regarding the Grimm invasion to Vale.
Even if you know how the story ends, that doesn't make it any less fun to watch.
~ Cinder on foregone conclusions.
You will question everything you know.
~ Cinder to Emerald.
The Huntsman severed the connection before it was complete... Yes. It's... an emptiness. It burns. Like hunger. I like it... Yes. I will claim what is ours... Thank you.
~ Cinder's half of a conversation with an unknown person.
~ Cinder, admiring the havoc unfolding below.
It's horrendous.
~ Cinder, sardonically relishing in the chaos she has wrought.
Do not miss what happens next.
~ Cinder, just before the arrival of the Grimm Dragon.
This whole time... Right beneath our feet...
~ Cinder to Ozpin.
She was right about you... Such arrogance...
~ Cinder to Ozpin.
Shhh... This is your home now.
~ Cinder, to the Wyvern attacking Beacon
It's unfortunate you were promised a power that was never truly yours. But take comfort in knowing that I will use it in ways you would never had imagined.
~ Cinder, to Pyrrha Nikos.
~ Cinder, on Ruby's activation of her silver eyes.
I don't understand. Working with bandits? Keeping Ruby alive? What's the point? We're strong enough to take what we want by force.
~ Cinder, to Salem.
So this is the long-lost Spring Maiden. Prove it
~ Cinder, to Raven and Vernal.
Raven, I won't underestimate you, so please don't insult my intelligence. There is a slim chance you and your Maiden could escape here today. But if you know our master as well as you claim to, then you know you could never truly escape her. But we come bearing an olive branch.
~ Cinder to Raven.
If you come with us to Haven, we'll leave you, your tribe and your little secret to live out the rest of your days squabbling in the wilderness. We just need the Relic.
~ Cinder, to Raven.
Fly back home and tinker with your machines. And tell Salem she'll get what she wants and more.
~ Cinder to Arthur, while striking the deal with Raven.
Hello boys and girls
~ Cinder arrives at Haven
Aww, don't take it personally, little bird. Your sister was a recent addition. The lion on the other hand… Entrance into the Vytal Festival was a real treat, but Leonardo’s been sending Salem all sorts of information for a very, very long time. Isn't that right, professor?
~ Cinder, to Qrow.
Who are you again?
~ Cinder cruelly forgets Jaune Arc and the pain she caused him.
I'm starting to remember you, you’re the dense one that can't tell when he's out of his league.
~ Cinder mocking Jaune.
Are you going to let her die too?
~ Cinder to Jaune, after Weiss cries out in pain.
Did you think you actually had a chance against me?! YOU?!
~ Cinder livid at Jaune wounding her pride.
You’re just a failure with a death wish.
~ Cinder, to Jaune.
Are you nervous, girl? The first Maiden in - why, I'm not sure anyone knows how many years - is about to open a vault. I would say it's quite an exciting time. Don't you feel honored?
~ Cinder, to Vernal.
It's nothing personal, dear. You’re just not worthy of such power. But I am...
~ Cinder, to Vernal.
So I will take… what is mine…
~ Cinder to Vernal.
Vernal was a decoy this whole time. The last Spring Maiden must have trusted you a great deal before she died. I bet that was a mistake.
~ Cinder to Raven before they fight.
Look who's talking.
~ Cinder to Raven, after Raven says Cinder became a monster for power.
Shut up!
~ Cinder before Raven sends her into an abyss.
I'm looking for these travellers.
~ Cinder, to Lil' Miss Malachite about Teams RWBY and JNR.
Do you have my information?
~ Cinder, to Lil' Miss.
Wait… Neo?
~ Cinder, when confronting Neo.
Hmph, nice trick. You've gotten stronger… So have I.
~ Cinder, to Neo.
I don't have time for your misplaced blame, girl. I didn't kill your boss. If you want revenge, take it up with "Little Red".
~ Cinder, to Neo.
You're not the only one with a grudge against Ruby!
~ Cinder, during her fight with Neo.
Listen! We both want that girl dead. So quit wasting your time fighting me and let's discuss how we kill her together.
~ Cinder, to Neo.
Now you understand. I've got to get the Relic before it can be secured in Atlas. It's the only way that Salem… It's the only way we can accomplish our goal.
~ Cinder, to Neo.
You're not the only one who wants Ruby dead. But unfortunately, Salem does not feel the same way…
~ Cinder, to Neo.
I've been… instructed not to kill her… But you… You have no such orders. You can do as you please.
~ Cinder, to Neo.
Help me get to Atlas, help me find her… and the rest is up to you.
~ Cinder, striking a deal with Neo.
It should get us to Solitas. After that, you might want to try materializing yourself some snow boots.
~ Cinder, to Neo about her airship.
You know, Neo, someone once asked me if I believed in destiny. And I'm happy to say I still do.
~ Cinder, to Neo about believing in destiny.
Huh. You're back early. Tell me you found what we've been looking for.
~ Cinder, to Neo after she returned from the Schnee Manor.
You said the farm boy has the Lamp? Find him, take it.
~ Cinder, to Neo.
Ironwood's been hiding the Winter Maiden for years. Tonight I'm going to find her.
~ Cinder, to Neo.
Still afraid, I see. Now show me where you've been hiding her…
~ Cinder, while observing Winter Schnee.
Hmm. Both of Ironwood's puppets. Lucky me.
~ Cinder, confronting Winter and Penny in Fria's room.
It was, unfortunately, temporary. Now step aside, or there won't be anything left to salvage this time. What do you think of that?'
~ Cinder, to Penny.
You Atlas elites are all the same! You think hoarding power means you'll have it forever, but it just makes the rest of us hungrier. And I refuse to starve.
~ Cinder, to Winter during their fight.
I have come too far to be stopped by some toy!
~ An enraged Cinder to Penny.
The Relic of Knowledge. I took it right from under Ironwood's nose.
~ Cinder, presenting the Relic of Knowledge to Salem.
And according to radio chatter, that same general and his forces outsmarted you. A shame Watts never made it back.
~ Cinder, to Tyrian.
Polendina's creation interfered with the transfer of the Winter Maiden power… but now I know she has it. And once I return to Atlas, it won’t take long to finish what I started. That power will be mine.
~ Cinder, to Tyrian and Salem before being shot down by the latter.
Without you, I am nothing.
~ Cinder, to Salem.
Your grace, I- What… is that?
~ Cinder, to Salem about the Hound.
We’re just sitting and waiting. Without the Maiden power, the vault means nothing. Let me claim it for you.
~ Cinder, to Salem.
Yes… yes, of course. Without you, I am nothing.
~ Cinder repeats her mantra to Salem.
I want to see if anything is still going on at Amity Colosseum. Salem doesn’t know those children like I do. They wouldn’t just abandon their misguided attempt to save the world.
~ Cinder, about to depart with Neo.
And where do you think you're going?
~ Cinder, confronting Penny again at Amity Tower.
I was hoping your friends would be here. But it looks like they left you to do all the work. You're just a tool to be used!
~ Cinder, taunting Penny.
I don’t serve anyone. And you wouldn’t either, if you weren't built that way.
~ Cinder to Penny.
Without you, I am nothing.
~ Cinder to the Madame, the origin of her mantra.
You’re right. Without you I am nothing. But because of you, I am everything.
~ Cinder's resolve.
I won’t have to run now.
~ A broken Cinder to Rhodes
You know, this may be the first time I've ever been happy to see you.
~ Cinder, breaking Watts out of prison.
It's my turn to ask for something.
~ Cinder, to Watts.
Plan? The plan hasn't changed. I'm going to rip the Maiden power out of Penny Polendina, because you're going to bring her to me. (Watts: I beg your pardon?) You said in your message that you have control over Penny.
~ Cinder, misinterpreting Watts.
What do you mean, "she'll destroy herself"? How am I supposed to take her power if she's dead?!
~ Cinder, to Watts.
You think you're so clever, don't you, Arthur? (Watts: Salem sent you to bring me back-) Salem isn't here right now, but I think we can still come up with a plan while she's pulling herself together. First, I'm going to watch you plummet to an unremarkable end. And then I'm going to burn a path directly to the Vault where I will wait to tear that magical puppet to pieces. And take… what is mine.
~ Cinder, explaining her goal before being brutally berated by Watts.
I… know I haven't upheld my end of the bargain. I'm… sorry. I will get you Ruby Rose. Today. But to do that, I need to ask the Lamp a question.
~ Cinder, attempting to reason with Neo.
What have Ruby and her teammates planned?
~ Cinder, asking Jinn her final question.
You tore this kingdom apart with nothing but your intellect. How about we finish what you started?
~ Cinder, to Watts after learning of the heroes' plan.
You deserve this, Arthur. We'll be back.
~ Cinder, farewelling a content Watts in Central Command.
Your little friend Oscar was right. But the easy part ends here. "How'd she know about that?"
~ Cinder, intercepting and taunting Team RWBY in the pocket dimension.
I knew your plan would be bold, but I never could've predicted all of this. At least not without a little help from Jinn. I suppose I have all of you to thank for one last lesson: Sometimes, if you want to win… you simply can't do it alone.
~ Cinder, to Team RWBY before Neo moves in to strike Ruby.
(Penny: Why didn't you just learn your lesson?!) Oh, Penny… I did.
~ Cinder, to Penny.
(Penny: I'm right here! I'm the one you want.) I want it all.
~ Cinder, before dashing toward Penny and Weiss.
You [Neo] should've never threatened me. And you… [Ruby] should have never been born.
~ Cinder, betraying Neo and dropping both her and Ruby into the void.
It figures that a Schnee would be the last one standing - letting all her friends die first.
~ Cinder, to a lone Weiss.
She's back…
~ Cinder, sensing Salem's return through her Shadow Hand.
Where did it go?!
~ Cinder, angrily to Jaune before Winter arrives as the new Winter Maiden.
I… I failed you again, Master. They used the Staff to save thousands. Before our allies fell, Neopolitan… killed Ruby. And before Ruby and her teammates fell, they used the Lamp's final question. I-I couldn't stop them. I couldn't even stop the Maiden from escaping without putting the Relics in jeopardy. I'm… I'm sorry.
~ Cinder, lying to Salem about recent events before presenting her with the Relics of Knowledge and Creation.
I merely added more flames to the fires of Atlas.
~ Cinder, responding to Salem asking her what she created with the Staff.
And that's checkmate.
~ Cinder, to a wounded Ironwood before flying away with Salem.


  • Cinder alludes to Cinderella from the fairy tale of the same name.
    • In the Volume 1 cast commentary, it is mentioned that the shoes she wears with her red dress are made of glass. This is supported by the "clink" noises they make in "Ruby Rose". This references the fact that Cinderella wore glass shoes to the ball.
    • Cinder's ability to manipulate glass may be a reference to Cinderella's signature glass shoes.
    • Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross made a joke that they "originally wanted to call her Cinder Ella", using the Spanish word "ella" (pronounced "eya"), meaning "she".
    • Her emblem, which is tattooed on her back, appears to be a pair of high-heel slippers placed sole to sole, making a heart in the empty space between them.
    • In the episode "Dance Dance Infiltration", Mercury tells her that she should return to the dance by midnight, and she manages to make it back just before midnight. On her way back, she transforms her stealth outfit into a black dress and ditches her glass masquerade mask. This references how Cinderella needed to leave the ball by midnight, as that was when the spell that created her outfit and carriage would wear off.
  • While Maiden powers allow her to use every elemental power, she chooses to specialize in fire.
    • In an unused idea, Cinder would have used her Maiden powers against Winter Schnee and Penny Polendina by bringing back destroyed AK-200s to life and puppeteering them as a joke about how she viewed the two as "Ironwood's Puppets".
  • The first part of her name alludes to a partially or mostly burned piece of coal or wood, represented in her fire abilities. Her surname alludes to Fall, the North American name for one of the four calendar seasons, which brings to mind amber and brown colors.
A Fall Maiden, with a name so appropriate; she must have chosen it herself.
~ Raven mocking Cinder
  • Cinder's appearance changes throughout the series to seemingly reflect her character: while she begins the series as beautiful, she later becomes scarred, disfigured, and has parts of her body replaced with those of Grimm, reflecting her true monstrous nature.
  • Her ability to manipulate Dust woven into clothing may be a possible reference to her voice actress's career as a cosplayer and model (in regards to the production of costumes).
  • Her official image song is "The Truth", played during the Volume 8 episode "Midnight" as a young Cinder does chores in the Glass Unicorn. Before then, her unofficial theme was "Sacrifice", which can be heard during the end credits of the Volume 2 finale "Breach".
  • In the Japanese dub, Cinder is voiced by Yūko Kaida, who also voiced Jessica Bailey.

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