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Cindy Caine, Cindy, or SINdy, is the scrapped icon for Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear in 2002 because of a suite from the Arthur Miller estate in the suite Miller v. Universal City in 1981, case number ☀650 F.2d 1365. The suite claimed that Universal copied a book made by Miller for The Longest Night, a 1972 movie about kidnapping. Universal lost and rewarded the plaintiff Arthur Miller a lot of money, and as a result, Cindy was scrapped. She is the Caretaker's daughter and shares in his demented whims.

Original Concept

In the original concept for Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear, Cindy would have served as the icon for the event. This event would reflect her twisted desires for death, destruction, and chaos among everything she came into contact with. Among this, she would designate "playthings" to act out her sadistic whims, including Carnage and the Velociraptors. This meant that she would have been technically responsible as the instigator for the chaos within, such as the dinosaur experiments gone horribly wrong and Carnage's mass slaughtering of the Marvel superheroes.

However, a remnant of her influence was still present in the event even after she was scrapped. The ghoulish Treaks and Foons still acted as her grotesque caricatures of mischievous and crude cartoon characters. Additionally, she is implied to have a behind-the-scenes presence due to the Caretaker acting as the icon of the event.

proof section (univerel vs miller)

Later Appearances

Cindy later received an official reappearance in Halloween Horror Nights 16 house ScreamHouse: Resurrection. Within this house, she aided her father and his followers in rounding up new potential victims. She, along with her father, have appeared at Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen's last week-only scare zone titled Shadows of the Past. She also gained a house proper in Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear called The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes. The house told the story of Cindy becoming more and more angry with people who misunderstood her as she became more and more bored of her "playthings". In response, she burned down the titular "orfanage", killing all of its occupants and, akin to her father's mortuary, creating a place wherein the souls of her victims cry out her name in agony. Coincidentally, the house was not particularly popular except with fans of the character. She also appeared at Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear at the Fear Revealed scare zone along with her father, which was actually more of a meet-and-greet area.

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