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Cindy Russo

Cindy Russo is the main villainess from "Mr. Santiago," episode 4.07 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

She was played by Gina Torrecilla.

Cindy Russo is the daughter of contractor Bill Russo, who ran his contracting business with his sons. 20 years before the episode's events, Bill was performing his duties for the First Essex Bank, which was set to open. However, one day before the grand opening, the evil Cindy used her access to the bank's blueprints to rob the bank, while her father and brothers were at a softball game in Pittsburgh. Victor Santiago (Amy's father) worked the case, but it remained unsolved.

In the episode, the now-retired Victor asked Jake to help him solve the elusive case, based on Jake's belief that the contractor was behind it (it was written down on Jake's binder about Victor; which he used in an attempt to impress him). Victor agreed with Jake's second belief that the sons pulled the heist, and they went to the Russo home to interrogate them, while Cindy (the actual robber) was preparing Thanksgiving dinner. To Jake's surprise, not only did Benji (one of Cindy's brothers) give an alibi, he revealed that they gave that same alibi to Victor 20 years ago, revealing that Victor tricked Jake after discovering his binder about him.

It was Amy's speech to both her father and Jake about gender equality that led them to the correct conclusion that Cindy robbed the bank. At the end of the episode, Victor revealed to Amy that Cindy's alibi was never checked, and it was also revealed that she eventually confessed to the robbery. Cindy was later arrested (off-screen).

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