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The Cinnamini Monster is a minor antagonist in Chowder, serving as the main antagonist of his self titled episode "The Cinnamini Monster".


The Cinnamini Monster is a quadrupedal creature vaguely resembling an elephant. It is covered in blue fur and has long ears. It cannot speak, but it communicates through sighing noises.


The Cinnamini Monster is an incredibly, desperately lonely creature, willing to do anything for companionship, even if it means resorting to kidnapping to do so. The photos hanging around his house show that he's been lonely for a very long time.

It first meets Chowder as he and Mung Daal venture into the forest searching for Cinnamini, a spice with the power to shrink whatever it is sprinkled on. Chowder is careless when gathering it, and gets shrunk, at which point the monster abducts him. Initially scared, Chowder soon realizes that the monster is simply lonely, and wants to play a board game with him. Chowder shrinks Mung Daal as well so they can play together. After the monster wins, Chowder and Mung attempt to leave, only for the monster to hold up a rule saying that they're not allowed to leave his house unless they beat the monster at one of his board games. To complicate matters, the monster is a giant cheater, switching to another game the moment he starts to lose.

Chowder shrinks Schnitzel and Truffles as well to help them, and after many hours, they manage to defeat the monster. Despite losing fair and square, the monster still refuses to let them leave. He locks the door, swallows the key, and presents them with another board game. The episode ends on a photograph of the five, showing the monster finally happy for the first time in his life.

Despite the heroes seemingly being trapped forever, C.H. Greenblatt said on his Tumblr page that they escaped by killing the monster, cutting open his belly, and reaching into his stomach to get the key.