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Cinnamon Teal is a minor antagonist from DuckTales. She is a female spy, who acts as the main antagonist of the episode Spies in their Eyes.

She was voiced by Haunani Minn.


Cinnamon is a female spy, working for Victor Loser. She hypnotizes Donald Duck Into stealing a computer link about the US Navy's secret submarine. After Loser betrayed her, she helped Scrooge and the nephews prove Donald's innocence. She is then allowed to leave.

Later on, John D. Rockerduck hires her to help him win a bet. She then hypnotizes Gladstone, so that his luck will help them, and hypnotizes Daisy, so she will give information about the whereabouts of Scrooge. Later on she allies Magica De Spell.


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Cinnamon Teal

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