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Villain Overview

Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy!
~ Cioccolata to Secco after recording the pain of his victims on a camera.
Show me your face! Show me your despair! Let me see the look on your face at the moment your hope burns out and your life reaches its end! Show me your despair as you fall!
~ Cioccolata to Giorno Giovanna after nearly killing him.
You see, Giorno Giovanna, I believe there are two cases in which happiness exists. The first is when despair turns into hope, then you become happy. When you caught the heli in your plants, I was just so panicked, I truly felt despair. But, I survived. I used my experience and mental strength to make a comeback and right now I feel happiness because of it... I truly do. [...] And the second situation where you feel happiness is...! When you look down on someone as they fall into despair!
~ Cioccolata to Giorno Giovanna.
As our curiosity continues to grow, so too does the boldness of our keen spirits. And it is that very same inquisitiveness that fuels our cognitive evolution. I yearn to see it... What glorious grimaces will they unveil as they wrestle with the cold jaws of death?
~ Cioccolata

Cioccolata is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. He is a member of Diavolo's elite team Unità Speciale, alongside his servant Secco, and one of the last two Stand Users that Team Bucciarati faces before their confrontation with Diavolo. Cioccolata wields the Stand known as Green Day.

In Japanese, Cioccolata is voiced by Ryuzou Ishino in the PS2 game GioGio's Bizarre Adventure, Naoya Uchida in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, and Atsushi Miyauchi in the anime adaptation. In English, he is voiced by Bill Butts in the anime's dub.



A high school student who was always at the top of his class, Cioccolata volunteered to take care of the elderly at the age of fourteen, a act noble enough for the mayor to give a commendation. Despite this noble guise, this was the perfect breeding ground for Cioccolata's habits, feeding them unclean food and drugs while also abusing his patients psychologically. These torture would usually end with the subject often taking their own lives, with Cioccolata recording their expressions of true despair. After doing this to nine people and securing the material in twenty-five tapes, Cioccolata moved on to become a surgeon, delivering purposeful misdiagnoses to operate them and delivering low does of anesthetic for them to view his deeds. He was eventually caught after killing one of his patients, and despite being fired, the death was considered an accident by the authorities.

At some other point, he manages to acquire his underling and former test subject Secco. Together, they entered Passione, used only as a last resort from Diavolo due to their genocidal, unloyal habits. The anime also reveals that he was the one who cut Sorbet to pieces to give as a warning to La Squadra, an act so frightening that Gelato chose to smother himself with his own gag to save his own life from further torture.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

In the present, Cioccolata and Secco are first mentioned by Diavolo when he tells Doppio that there is no other choice but to turn to them in order to stop Buccelati's Gang at Rome. Diavolo orders Doppio to look after them, knowing that they would cause mayhem and destruction throughout the city. When Bucciarati and the rest strand on Rome, they notice that all of the people around the harbor are either dead or dying because of Cioccolata's stand, Green Day, that inflicts deadly mold on living organisms. Cioccolata himself is observing from a distance in glee while Secco records everything on a videotape. Narancia and Trish are inflicted by the mold but they manage to strand without it spreading any further.

When Bucciarati manages to hijack a car, Cioccolata takes on a helicopter to fly above the city so that he could spread the mold even further which results in mass casualties around Rome. After noticing that Bucciarati is unaffected by the mold, Secco challenges him on a duel while Giorno and Mista decide to take on Cioccolata himself. Giorno uses his Gold Experience to turn Sex Pistols' bullets into vines and manages to reach Cioccolata's helicopter. Cioccolata sneaks up on Giorno by severing himself to pieces and then knocks Giorno off the heli.

Giorno has an ace up his sleeve, as he uses one of the pistols' bullets to hit Cioccolata in the head, mortally wounding him and causing the helicopter to trap on the vines. Cioccolata pretends to be dead, only to use his severed hand to sneak up on Mista and threatening to slit his throat. Fortunately, Giorno had turned the bullet inside Cioccolata's head into a stag beetle which destroys his head and brain from the inside. Giorno then finishes Cioccolata, beating him with Gold Experience within an inch of his life until pieces of his flesh start flying, before knocking him off the roof and into a combustible garbage disposal truck, killing the vile gangster for good.




The subconscious. That's what Stands are meant to reflect. They're supposed to mirror the user's minds. If there's even a trace of guilt in their hearts, the user may subconsciously stop themselves at some point. But this cazzone, he revels in carnage. It's all he lives for! His Stand is cruelty incarnate! What a heartless monster! There's no breaks on that freak train!
~ Giorno on Cioccolatta.
It is rare for me to feel disgust... but, Cioccolata, in particular, is the worst of the worst...
~ Diavolo on Cioccolata.

Cioccolata is a psychotic sadist of the worst kind, who delights in the pain and suffering he brings to other people. Originally a doctor, Cioccolata used his patients as subjects for his cruel experiments. Purposefully diagnosing healthy patients as sick, Cioccolata freely operated on them and sometimes reduced their anesthetics so that they would regain consciousness in the midst of an operation, just so he could witness their anguished expressions. Before becoming a doctor, Cioccolata volunteered in aged care at the age of fourteen and out of sick curiosity, deliberately poisoned elderly patients with spoiled food and using wrong medicines, to the point where most of them committed suicide. Cioccolata then developed a habit of recording the pain of his victims on a videotape so that he could watch them on a later date. To Cioccolata, there exists only one kind of happiness: to look down on those who are about to fall into despair. According to Diavolo, Cioccolata is also very intelligent, and was constantly on the top of his class during his youth and seemingly has a very high IQ. He was eventually fired from his hospital due to an "accident" that claimed a patient's life and that is when he joined Passione and became a Stand user in the first place.

Powers and Abilities

Green Day

As long as it's living, then Cioccolata's Green Day... will kill it... always...
~ Secco

Cioccolata's stand, Green Day, has many similarities with Fugo's Purple Haze, but instead of toxins, it has the ability to destroy the flesh of living organisms using a freshly produced mold. The said mold causes the victim tremendous pain and agony as their body falls apart slowly. This power has a drawback however, since the mold can only spread further when the user moves to a higher altitude than the victim. The higher the altitude, the faster the spread. Things that are not living have an immunity to this power as the mold cannot be produced on lifeless subjects. Cioccolata can also use the mold on himself, which doesn't kill him but allows him to amputate himself one limb at a time and then close all of the blood vessels to prevent bleeding, meaning that he can also reanimate his limbs while in pieces by having the mold connect all the nerves. Unlike Purple Haze, which inflicts the virus within a ten meter radius, Green Day has a seemingly infinite range, as the mold can spread from one corpse to another. This makes its ability very dangerous in largely populated areas, causing massive amounts of carnage and destruction in a cataclysmic fashion.


Cioccolata: But...but you said... that if I just stayed still that I-I would still m-make it out of this alive...
Giorno Giovanna: Oh, give me a break. If you really thought I was being serious, then you're the worthless fool. I don't spare pieces of s***!
Cioccolata: RAH! What did you just call me?!
~ Cioccolata, before receiving a seven-page beatdown from Giorno Giovanna, and his last words.


  • Cioccolata is in fact so deranged and repulsive that everyone in the organization despises him. Even Diavolo refers to him and Secco as scum and feels disgusted with himself for asking for their assistance. This, however, seems more like a pragmatic reason as Diavolo hates Cioccolata because of his chaotic nature which is bound to get him unwanted attention, yet he still dispatches him upon Bucciarati's crew despite the mass civilian casualties.
  • Cioccolata's name is a feminine form for the word "cioccolato", which is Italian for "chocolate".
    • Oddly, his name was switched to the more correct Cioccolato partway through the original Weekly Shonen Jump publication, though this name change is ignored in most media.
  • Cioccolata suffers the longest beatdown in the entire series which lasts for seven pages in total (thirty seconds in the anime), surpassing even Steely Dan, whose beating lasted three pages (roughly twenty seconds in the anime).
    • The volume release of Cioccolata's beatdown had two extra pages added to it that were not present in the original release of it in Weekly Shonen Jump.
  • Cioccolata is considered by many to be the darkest and most evil villain in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, due to his excessively sadistic personality, history and actions. He is the only character aside from Kars and Dio Brando to attempt to cause deaths in the millions as he attempts to kill everyone in Rome, in contrast to similarly vile villains such as J. Geil and Angelo, who only caused deaths in the dozens.
  • Green Day's lower body is never shown in the original manga. The PS2 game adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, gave it a slug-like foot, whereas the anime adaptation gave it regular human feet.

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