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Important Note: Due to the nature of Star Wars the Old Republic the alignment of the Imperial Agent is entirely up to the player. This article assumes a Dark Side Imperial Agent. Stop hand.png


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I am assigning you a rank and designation that suits your new position. You no longer have a name. You will answer only to Cipher Nine.
~ The Keeper to Cipher Nine.

Cipher Nine, also known by the call-sign Nightshrike, was codename for an Intelligence Operative of the Sith Empire.


As a human, Cipher Nine joined the Imperial Intelligence out of patriotism.

As a chiss, Cipher Nine was a part of chiss secret police on planet Csilla and joined the Imperial Intelligence to protect own homeworld and people.

As a Rattataki, Zabrak, or Cathar. Cipher Nine was an alien living on Imperial street. The Imperial Intelligence detected their potential and recruited them as their new agent.

The Imperial Agent's first major operation was on Hutt homeworld Nal Hutta, it's objective was to convince Suudaa Nem'ro to end his neutrality and officially support the Empire.

An anti-imperial movement lead by a man nicknamed the Eagle commtied an assault on Darth Jadus by blowing up his ship. The Eagle spread a message about his attempt to overthrow the Empire because its corrupt and evil. After receiving code name Cipher Nine, the agent had to hunt down and destroy the Eagle's terrorist movement. The Eagle's people were operating on Nar Shaddaa, Balmora, Tatooine and Alderaan. The Eagle was finally found on Nal Hutta, where it was revelated he was just a cover for Darth Jadus, who didn't die, but faked his death.

Darth Jadus tried to take over the Sith Empire and rule by fear. Cipher Nine had option of capturing him, revealing publically his treason or join him.