Cirae-Argoth is the primary antagonist from the 1995 Capstone videogame Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance.

After Illwhyrin's death, her vengeful sister Cirae-Argoth prepares to exact revenge against her killer Grondoval. She prepares an army of demons and treacherous evil humans (consisting of Giryons, Argothonians and Ciraens), then coordinates them to attacks Grondoval's homeland Stazhia.

Grondoval awakens to find his village empty and his beloved Princess Elizabeth and several other countrymen kidnapped. He is told by the golden dragon Ikethsti about Cirae-Argoth's plot and leads Grondoval to the witch's lair.

After battling his way through the cavernous realms, Grondoval reaches Cirae-Argoth's lair. After a battle against the witch, Grondoval slays her and her body decays into a skeleton. However as soon as Grondoval's back is turned, a Cirae-Argoth puts a spell on him and flees into the outside forest. Grondoval then falls unconcious and later finds himself lost in some unknown place.

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