I am Freakshow; Ringmaster of the Circus Gothica, where your nightmares come to life!
~ Freakshow of the Circus Gothica.
Cross over to the dark side!
~ Freakshow saying the [in]famous motto of the Circus Gothica.

The Circus Gothika is an evil circus group run by their villainous ringmaster Freakshow and an antagonistic faction in the Danny Phantom series. They first appeared in the episode "Control Freaks" alongside their ringmaster and leader Freak Show and his sidekick Lydia.


Freakshow first appeared in the episode "Control Freaks", where he opens a circus called the Circus Gothica in Amity Park. The performers in the circus are actually ghosts that are on a crime spree, held under Freakshow's command by a special scepter which is his very own prized possession and main weapon. It is so powerful that even a picture of the staff makes a ghost weak and willing to do the bearer's bidding.

Danny Fenton accidentally catches sight of the staff when he sees an ad for the Circus Gothica and ends up in Freakshow's command, stealing money for him and becoming a performer in his circus. He is saved by his friend Sam Manson, who manages to return him to the hero he truly is. Danny subsequently rescues Sam, destroying the staff in the process. Following the staff's destruction, Danny and most of the formerly controlled ghosts (except Lydia, the tattoo ghost lady) confront Freakshow, trapping him in his own stolen goods until the police can arrest him.


Circus Gothica; where the clowns never smile.
~ Freakshow about the Circus Gothica featuring it's less smily and more creepy clowns among it's scary attractions and frightening performers.
Circus Gothica; come and get your freak on, with real freaks.
~ Freakshow about the Circus Gothica featuring real "freaks" and strange monstrosities among it's unusual and frightening attractions.
Prepare to be disturbed and appalled by a small sample of the bizarre world of CIRCUS GOTHICA!!!
~ Freakshow presenting the Circus Gothica to all guests and victims of all ages.



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