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The unnamed circus trainer is a minor antagonist in Avatar: The Last Airbender, appearing as the main antagonist of the episode "Appa's Lost Days". He is the trainer of a Fire Nation circus who often abuses the animals, including the sky bison Appa.

He was voiced by Dwight Schultz.


The circus trainer works in a Fire Nation circus, employed by Shuzumu, as trainer for the newest exotic animals. Appa, after being stolen from Avatar Aang, ends up in a Fire Nation circus, and is left in the circus trainer's care. The trainer introduced himself by mocking the creature's wild behavior and explained that he would "break" him in training, and quickly begun using ruthless tactics to get the bison under his control by using a fire whip, ending up with bison developing a fear of Fire. During Appa's first show, the bison defied him, forcing the trainer to use fire. Appa eventually breaks free after Appa caught fire as he flew through a burning hoop. Out of frustration, Appa throws the trainer out of the circus' tent, where he most likely fell to his death. Albeit the ski bison escaped, the trainer left serious trauma upon Appa.


The Circus Trainer seems to be a very ruthless and even sadistic individual, taking great pleasure in breaking the spirit of the the animals under his care. He also seems to be very short-tempered, as when he heard Appa burp behind his back, the trainer demonstrated anger by lighting a fire in front of the bison's cage.


  • The Trainer is employed in the same circus that Ty Lee used to work at.


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