Season's greetings, fuckwad!
~ Claire's most famous quote

Claire Howell is a major antagonist from the prison TV series Oz. She is a corrupt, sadistic correctional officer who physically and sexually abuses the prisoners in her charge in the titular prison.

She is portrayed by Kristen Rhodes.


A sexual predator serving as a guard in the eponymous prison, she abuses all the men in her orbit, prisoners and guards alike, as human sex toys who exist for her to dominate. She first has a relationship with Tim McManus, the Emerald City unit manager, that ends with her filing a sexual harassment charge against him after he breaks off the affair. With the inmates, she is extremely aggressive and has sex with many of them throughout her tenure as a guard. Some of these inmates include Ryan O'Reily, Chris Keller, Miguel Alvarez, Carlos Martinez, and in deleted scenes Chico Guerra. She also tries unsuccessfully to have sex with inmates Cyril O'Reily and Omar White. To please O'Reily, she murders inmate Nikolai Stanislofsky, a crime she gets away with.

In the series' final episode, she learns that she is pregnant by one of the prisoners she has been abusing. A devout Catholic, she refuses to have an abortion, and resolves to control her sadistic impulses so she can be a good mother to the child.

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