Clancee (Full Picture)

Clancee is a nervous snake with a peg leg and one member of Nadakhan's Sky Pirate Crew in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


When Clancee was a young snake, he had to piracy. He went to school at a young age, and he was real-mischievous. Later as he grew, he joined the crew of Misfortune's Keep. When Clouse fled to Cursed Realm and freed Nadakhan, Clancee and the other members of Nadakhan's Crew reached again the service of the Nadakhan. But when Nadakhan return back to his home world, saw that it was about to be destroyed and learns that the Cursed Realm is been destroyed, he receives from his father the Sword of Souls, come back to Ninjago and intends to take over Ninjago and revenge to Ninja. When Sky Pirate Crew captures Nya, Clancee will inaugurate him and Nadakhan. And after that, Clancee speaks his mind to Nadakhan, and Nadakhan expelled Clancee. And when Jay hopes that the Teapot of Tyrahn not be found, Nadakhan carry out his wishes. And when it happened, Clouse was unable to release Nadakhan, and then the Sky Pirate Crew was detained again.



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Clancee (Full Picture)


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