Clancy Gray is the main antagonist of the 2018 science fiction thriller film The Darkest Minds.

He was portrayed by Patrick Gibson.


In the far future, a pandemic dubbed IAAN swept across the United States, killing 98% of its children under the age of twenty. Those that survived developed superhuman and psychic abilities. Of those affected by the pandemic was the president of the United States' son Clancy. Under the leadership of his father, Clancy was subjected to experimentation, but a cure for the illness was not found. Sometime afterward, Clancy escapes this imprisonment and adopts the title of the "Slip Kid." He then arrived in East River and made a refuge there. While making the camp appear as a safe refuge for psi children, this was actually a ruse in order to recruit psi children into an army which he could then use to wage war, having already taken over the government.

When Ruby Daly, Liam Stewart, Chubs, and Suzume arrive to the safe haven, Clancy takes an interest in Ruby upon realizing that they were both "oranges." He offers to teach her how to master her telepathy and she agrees. Clancy asks her to teach him how to "forget something" telling her to think about what happened on her tenth birthday. While she was thinking back, she snaps out of the trance when Clancy tries to force himself on her. Shaking him off, Liam attempts to confront Clancy on his rape attempt only for Ruby to tell him they should leave that night.

As they are attempting to leave the refuge, the government arrives, and Clancy has them round up the psi children. He also sends for a few "reds," psi children with pyrokinetic abilities to kill Ruby and her friends. This results in several children getting killed. Clancy fights with Ruby, expressing disappointment that she did not accept his offer of world conquest. Ruby manages to telepathically cause a helicopter to crash into Clancy and escapes with the others. Clancy is last seen rallying an army to fight against Ruby.