Clara walks a disappointed Snoopy to the vet.

is the main antagonist of the 1972 cartoon film Snoopy: Come Home and the only character to ever sing in that film. She is a mischievous girl who happens to look like Marcie, only she doesn't wear glasses. She is voiced by Linda Ercoli.

Clara is first seen digging in the yard when Snoopy meets her. She then squeezes him by the neck and takes him into her house, asking her mother's permission, thinking Snoopy is a stray. With her permission to keep him, Clara ties him to a fence with a rope. Clara then catches Woodstock, thinking he is lost, and asks for permission to keep him too. She then calls Snoopy (whom she thinks of as a "sheepdog") "Rex" and takes him in for a bath, and then cross-dresses him for a tea party. When she pours a lot of tea, some of it ends up on the tea table and "his" dress. She blames him for his dress being dirty and spanks him. She yells at him for kicking on the door, and stops him from making any phone calls. She scolds him for raising commotion and takes him to the vet, only for him to elude her and she gets attacked by other dogs. As Snoopy tries rescuing Woodstock, Clara comes home continually chasing him around the house with the leash. At one point, she ends up bumping her head in the bedroom dresser when the two animals hide inside one of its drawers. They encounter each other in the bathroom, and as she chases after them, Snoopy pulls the rug cloth on the piano with a fish bowl on it, and then the fish bowl lands over her head, covering up with the fish swimming inside. it is unknown what happened to her afterwards.

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