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Clara Von Gluckfberg is a supporting antagonist in the 2017 sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. She is an ex-girlfriend of Charlie Hesketh who secretly works for Poppy Adams of the Golden Circle.

She was portrayed by Poppy Delevingne.


Prior to the events of the film, Clara and Charlie used to date each other until they broke up for unknown reasons. Eventually, they joined the Golden Circle following Richmond Valentine's death. Clara first appeared when she attended a musical concert, which is also attended by Eggsy and Agent Whiskey, who have gotten hold of Clara's true allegiance with the Golden Circle. To that end, the two agents decided to implant an tracker inside Clara's vagina. Though Whiskey failed in this attempt, Eggsy managed to accomplish this by going to Clara's tent under the pseudonym 'River' and having sex with her.

With the tracker in place, Eggsy and Whiskey watch as Clara starts to develop blue rashes after taking some drugs. Feeling sick, Clara calls in Charlie, who instructs her to head over to Italy to get the antidote. The call was intercepted by Eggsy's superior Merlin, thus revealing the location of the antidote to the agents.

Per Charlie's instructions, Clara traveled to the Antidote Factory in Italy and drank the antidote, but was surprised when Eggsy arrived along with his old partner Harry. Realizing now that the agents bugged Clara to lead them to the factory, Charlie pursued the agents after they stole a vial of the remedy. As Charlie leaves the factory in a helicopter, Clara begs him not to tell Poppy that she led the Kingsman agents to the factory, to which he promises not to. However, Charlie betrays Clara by escaping on the chopper and exploding the factory, ultimately killing her.


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