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Clarence Beeks is the secondary antagonist of the 1983 satire film Trading Places. He is the inside trader of Randolph and Mortimer Duke.

He was portrayed by the late Paul Gleason, who later portrayed Richard Vernon in The Breakfast Club.


Beeks is first learned about on TV from the heroes Louis Winthorpe III, Billy Ray Valentine, Ophelia, and Winthorpe's former butler Coleman, about transporting a secret report on orange crop forecasts. Clarence Beeks exposed Winthorpe as a thief when the cash is found on him. Winthrope is treated roughly during processing at the police precinct and he is denied entry to the Duke-owned townhome where he resides.

At the end, when Beeks tries to kill the four for scheming to switch the report in his possession with a forgery, they dress him in a gorilla costume and lock him up with an actual gorilla in a cage. He is later shipped off to Africa by sea.

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