You'll never hold onto the #1 spot, Not with me on your tail. And if you want these, you're gonna have to take them!
~ Razor refusing to accept defeat to the player, and taunting them shortly before his arrest.

Clarence Callahan, also known as Razor, is the main antagonist in Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

In the beginning of the game, Razor drives a black 2005 Ford Mustang GT with unique flame paint vinyl, before winning the player's BMW M3 GTR.

Razor later becomes the recurring antagonist in Need For Speed: No Limits, currently driving his black 2015 Ford Mustang GT in every Special Event. Implying he either escaped/got out of prison and re-bought a Mustang simialr to his old one. (If this is even canon to the Most Wanted/Carbon storyline.)


As the player came into town, he was working his way up the Blacklist until Razor takes interest in the player's BMW M3 GTR. Razor challenges the player to a race and sabotages the ride by having the oil cap unscrewed so that the M3's engine seizes from lack of oil during the race in order to win the pink slip to his car.

This led to the player being arrested by Cross and the Rockport PD. Using the BMW, Razor rockets to the top of the Blacklist, the fifteen best street racers in Rockport, and the most wanted by the police.

During his way up to the Blacklist, Razor contacts the player the most throughout the game, telling him things like the player meeting Rog in prison, sarcastically thanking the player for the BMW, and assuming that the player is working for the police, along with threatening the player repeatedly.

In the end, the Player defeats Razor but before reclaiming the BMW, Razor tries to prevent the Player from doing so until Mia takes him down and reveals herself as an undercover police officer for the Rockport PD. Razor and the other 14 Blacklist Racers are arrested by Cross and his men.


Razor is a bossy, spiteful, and manipulative scammer. His arrogance as Blacklist de facto leader is seen in the first scene, when Razor makes his first appearance. He argues with Ronnie before mocking the Player. He tells Mia that he can smoke the Player when she says that she knows his ride does not have a chance against him. In the race, knowing that he can be defeated by Player, he sabotages his car and wins the pink slip for the BMW. He is mean to the Player every time he has the occasion, and goes so far even mockingly calling him "sweetheart". He is also very dangerous, as he immobilized a total of 225 police vehicles and damaged 450 of those vehicles. He is also slippery, resisting police attacks until game's ending.

In addition, Razor's hubris of believing that by winning the race, even if he had to cheat, he would be more respected and recognized by the other racers, and would thus allow him to win Mia's heart. It can be implied that Razor considers women to be inferior to him, as he often calls the people he bullies "sweetheart", and even tried to demonstrate his dominance over Mia by denying her words regarding his loss, but he ironically got wrestled to the ground and arrested by Mia, who even refused to kiss him. Nevertheless, the player's loss only motivated them to get higher on the Blacklist, and would result with Razor's pride and errors in his ways becoming his downfall.


In the first scene, Razor appears with a black T-shirt, as well as some bracelets and tattoos on his arms. His overall physical appearance has short brown hair, dark eyes, and tattoos on his shoulder and above his chest. Additionally, he sometimes wears a either black or white tank top, included with a black jacket and jeans. (Such as in the last race against him when you win your BMW pink slip back.)


"First I'm gonna take your ride, then I'll take your girl. Get ready for that!" -

"When he's through with you, I never wanna see your face again."

"Thank you for the ride. I knew you weren't blacklist material."

"Hey where's your punk money now?"

"She's mine now, and I'm gonna ride her like you never could."

"Hey Mia! Sweetheart. The winner circle's over here!"

"Bus stop's that way champ!"

"It's your pal Razor. Heard you're back in I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Maybe I should call you sweetheart now huh? *chuckles* Glad to hear you're a sucker for punishment. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the ride. Be seeing ya." - A Phone Call you receive from him.

"Huh, well well well, looks like the hero boy's moving up in the world huh? Don't get too excited punk you still ain't rollin' my streets, and if I have anything to say about it, you never will." - A Phone Call you receive from him.

"Hey you know who this is. Yeah, I know that Rog guy, he's watching your back. It's a little weird if you ask me. *chuckles* But again, who am I to judge? Maybe you guys met in jail. Be seein' ya." - A Phone Call you receive from him.

"Hey sweetheart it's Razor. You're really pushing up against it. You smoked a lot of drivers that had nothing to do with what happened to you. Now I know you want me. But here's something I gotta tell you. Most of those guys are willing to do anything it takes to make you pay. You should remember that, when you're rolling in Rockport." -A Phone Call you receive from him.

"Hey you know who this is. Seems that the races in the boroughs are getting busted before they ever start. I mean the cops are all over the place! Now the last person to go through there was you. Let's just say I'm not the only one who's noticed, you better watch your back!" - A phone call you receive from him in the game.

"Hey you know who this is so shut your mouth and open your ears, now you're either helping the cops, or you know someone who is. I mean I don't care. Let's just see how you like it when the tables are turned." - A phone call you receive from him.

"I know what you're game is punk, you're selling us out big surprise! I don't know how, but you are, and for that you're gonna pay! You ain't ever gonna get to the top! Never! You can count on that, you're gonna burn!" - A phone call you receive from him in the game.

"It's time! Bring yourself, and that pathetic ride of yours to the location on the map! Don't make me wait!" - A phone call you receive when you finally get the opportunity to defeat him at last.



  • Razor is the one Blacklist racer who contacts the player the most throughout the game. He even goes so far to mock call the player 'sweetheart' as a taunt in later calls.
  • Razor's theme music for his biography video is a short instrumental cover of Styles of Beyond and Celldweller's song "Shapeshifter".
  • As revealed by Ronnie, Razor was Blacklist #15 in the beginning.
  • Razor seems to have a crush on Mia Townsend, a RPD undercover agent and one of the Player's allies, and is often trying to pull Mia away from the Player's side. 
    • However, Mia never seems to show any interest of Razor throughout the story, even after the Player loss to him.
    • Ironically, Razor ended up getting arrested by Mia in the finale of the game, even failing an attempt to kiss her after he claimed that they could have had "a real good thing."
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