I've... seen... this painting... A long time ago...
~ Clarisse after entering her old house.
A big, warm room... Soft carpet... A family portrait... The two of them smiled... And gently... patted my head...
~ Clarisse remembering her family.

Clarisse (クライネ, Kleine) is a supporting antagonist in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, the remake of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. She appears in the Assassins side plot exclusive to that remake. One of Eremiya's assassins, Clarisse works closely with her "sister" Reese and Legion.

Clarisse is voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara in Japanese and Cassandra Lee Morris in English.


Clarisse is a young woman with long blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a black leather breastplate over a black shirt and purple miniskirt. She also wears long black fingerless gloves and red and black armored boots over white stockings.


Likely due to her harsh upbringing at Eremiya's hands, Clarisse believes that the strong deserve to rule over the weak. She enjoys her designated assassinations and takes sadistic pleasure in killing her targets. Clarisse also harshly mistreats her fellow orphans including Reese, who tries to act like a big sister to her.

However, Clarisse is deeply loyal to Eremiya. Some of her cruel actions were driven by a desire for her foster mother's praise.



Clarisse's past is mostly shrouded in mystery, though she was born from a noble family. When the Soothsire bandits decided to plunder their house, they killed everyone except young Clarisse. Soon afterwards, she was discovered and raised by Eremiya. However, it is hinted that Eremiya and Gharnef are orchestrated the Soothsayer attack on Clarisse's family, as they thought she showed great potential as an assassin. Under Eremiya's care, Clarisse was subjected to the same brutal training as Reese, Legion and many other children, all molded to become Eremiya's obedient and disposable puppets.

Shortly after the War of Shadows, Eremiya led Clarisse, Reese, and Legion on a mission to eliminate the remnants of the Soothsire bandits, a group been decimated by the Archanean League during the war. The purpose of this mission was to determine if Eremiya's group was strong enough to serve Gharnef. The two observe their pawns successfully route the bandits, and determine that they will prove useful in Gharnef's plans to come. Once the mission was finished, Clarisse and Reese found themselves inside the bandit hideout, which turned out to be Clarisse's childhood home. She found an old painting of her family and briefly remembered her parents.

Shortly before the beginning of the War of Heroes, Eremiya's group plotted to assassinate Prince Marth; Reese would pose as a knight in training named Katarina and earn Marth's trust, after which she would drug the guards and guide Clarisse and Legion straight to the prince. This mission ultimately ended in failure.

War of Heroes

When Gharnef plans to resurrect Medeus using four noble maidens pure of heart, Eremiya's group kidnaps Macedon Princess Maria and cleric Lena for use in the ritual. Later, a squad led by Clarisse cornered Wrys; his killing was to begin the elimination of the former Archanean League. However, the Altean army interrupted the murder and Clarisse fled the ensuing battle. When a different attempt on Marth's life resulted in the death of one of Legion's clones, Clarisse commented on his failure, though Legion stated that the clone was his brother, and they were all Legion. Clarisse questioned if the Legion she was talking to was the true Legion; he did not know, but declared that next time, all Legions would fight to kill Marth.

Unfortunately, an attempt to kill League member Horace led to the death of the real Legion. Eremiya ordered Reese to execute his surviving clones, as they were rendered useless without the original. Reese balked, leading Clarisse to mock her for her weakness and carry out the task herself. Afterwards, Clarisse was tasked with leading an ambush on Marth's army in the middle of a raging blizzard. She was spotted by Athena, who alerted the rest of the army, and was grievously wounded in the fight with Marth's forces.

In the battle's aftermath, Reese carried Clarisse back to Eremiya, which touched Clarisse. Reese begged Eremiya to treat Clarisse's injuries, but Eremiya ordered Reese to let Clarisse die for her failure. Clarisse resigned herself to her fate, but was deeply hurt at being abandoned by the woman that raised her. Ultimately, Clarisse asked Reese stay by her side as she lay dying.

Other Media

Fire Emblem Heroes

Clarisse was made available to players on June 28, 2017 as a Grand Hero Battle. Her outfit is based on her design from New Mystery of the Emblem.


You filth. You really think you can survive against me?
~ Clarisse when battling the Soothsire bandits.
Wait... what? Where did you lot come from!?
~ Clarisse as Marth's army interrupts her murder of Wrys.
Tsk! This is bad... To think I'd run from the likes of you... I'll remember this!
~ Clarisse fleeing from the battle for Wrys.
You want to escape from this darkness? I'm afraid I won't let you. You won't see the sunlight ever again.
~ Clarisse battling Marth's army in the blizzard
How... how dare you... I'll... I'll kill... anybody in my way... Just watch me... I'll kill... I'll kill you all!
~ Clarisse as she is heavily wounded in the blizzard.



  • Clarisse is the first Archanean female boss in Fire Emblem unable to be recruited (though Fire Emblem Gaiden's Marla and Hestia predate Clarisse, they hail from Valentia).
  • Clarisse and Katarina's Japanese names are derived from the Mozart's Serenade No. 13, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
  • In addition to voicing Clarisse, Cassandra Lee Morris also provides the English voices of Fire Emblem heroes Julia and Sothis.

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